Bonnie and Clyde Italian Style (Bonnie e Clyde all'italiana)

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Bonnie and Clyde Italian Style
(Bonnie e Clyde all'italiana)
DVD Cover
Country ITA.jpg Italy
Directed by Steno
Release Date 1982
Language Italian
Studio Faso Film
Main Cast
Character Actor
Leo Gavazzi Paolo Villaggio
Rosetta Foschini - aka Giada Ornella Muti
The Captain Jean Sorel
Marsigliese Ferdinando Murolo

Bonnie and Clyde Italian Style (original title: Bonnie e Clyde all'italiana) is a 1982 Italian comedy film directed by Steno and starring Paolo Villaggio and Ornella Muti.

The following weapons can be seen in Bonnie and Clyde Italian Style (Bonnie e Clyde all'italiana):


Beretta M951

The bank robber (top left) and the captain (Jean Sorel - bottom left) use Beretta M951 pistols.

Beretta M951 - 9x19mm
Jean Sorel-Beretta M951.jpg

Colt Python

Giada (Ornella Muti) disarms the captain (Jean Sorel) of his Colt Python revolver.

Colt Python Snub Nose with 2.5" barrel - .357 Magnum
Ornella Muti-Python.jpg

Beretta M12

Several characters in the film are seen with a Beretta M12 submachine gun.

Beretta PM12S - 9x19mm.
One of the robbers is armed with a submachine gun.
Leo (Paolo Villaggio) and Giada (Ornella Muti) try to rob the mail car by using a submachine guns.
Paolo Villaggio-Beretta M12.jpg
Ornella Muti-Beretta M12.jpg

FNA-B 43

The special squad of Carabinieri led by the captain are equipped with FNA-B 43 submachine guns.

FNA-B 43 - 9x19mm.
Jean Sorel-BCIS.jpg

MK 2 Hand Grenade

Leo (Paolo Vilaggio) tries to use a MK 2 Hand Grenade to stop the car with the money.

MK 2 Hand Grenade
Paolo Villaggio-MK2.jpg

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