Blob, The (1958)

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Guns used in The Blob'.

The Blob (1958)


12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun

Dr. Hallen (Alden "Stephen" Chase) retrieves a 12 gauge shotgun from his office wall to shoot at the blob with, to no effect.

Dr. Hallen shoots at the blob.
The shotgun is tucked under Hallen's arm as he tries to phone for help.
Lieutenant Dave (Earl Rowe) examines the shotgun after it is found in Hallen's office in a later scene.

Various Unidentified Rifles

Lieutenant Dave (Earl Rowe) and Sergeant Jim Bert (John Benson) both use rifles during the climax of the film. They are not fired onscreen and seen only fleetingly in brief scenes.

Dave stands with the "kids" holding his rifle.
Another shot of Dave with his rifle.
Dave's rifle is seen as he rushes into the movie theater.
Jim's rifle has a different-looking barrel.
Jim takes aim.


The cops - Dave, Jim and Ritchie (George Karas) - have holstered, wood-handled revolvers of some kind but these are never taken out and used.

Dave's revolver grip is seen briefly in his holster as he gets up from his desk.

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