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The following weapons were used in Season 8 of the television series The Blacklist:



Beretta 84FS

A Beretta 84FS is seen with the Colonel (Bob Hiltermann) in "The Wellstone Agency" (No. 127).

Beretta 84FS - .380 ACP
The Colonel with his pistol out in "The Wellstone Agency" (No. 127).

Browning Hi-Power

The Browning Hi-Power returns to the season as the preferred pistol of Raymond Reddington (James Spader).

Browning Hi-Power - 9x19mm
Reddington aims his sidearm at Katarina at the end of "Katarina Rostova: Conclusion" (No. 3).
Reddington gets mundane and uses his sidearm to turn off a radio in "The Cyranoid" (No. 35).
The Hi-Power fired at armed men in "Dr. Laken Perillos" (No. 70).
The Hi-Power's slide locked back in "Ivan Stepanov" (No. 5).

Glock 17

The Glock 17 is a recurring pistol in the season.

Glock 17 - 9x19mm
Neville Townsend (Reg Rogers) fires his Glock at Reddington in "Ivan Stepanov" (No. 5).
Rogue FBI agent Elizabeth Keen takes out one of Townsend's men masquerading as a Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia (MPDDC) officer in "Balthazar "Bino" Baker" (No. 129).

Glock 19

The Glock 19 is seen mostly with FBI agents.

Glock 19 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm
Closeup of the Glock 19 taken by Liz in "Roanoke" (No. 139).
Liz using Ressler's sidearm.
Morgan (Genson Blimline) aims his sidearm at Ressler in "Katarina Rostova: Conclusion" (No. 3).
The fake Elizabeth Keen (Mara Davi) uses Ressler's Glock on him in "The Cyranoid" (No. 35).
A Mabahith agent with the Glock 19 in "Captain Kidd" (No. 96).
Keen has a Glock 19 and a Model 7290 flashbang in "Ivan Stepanov" (No. 5).
Aram Mojtabai (Amir Arison) aims his Glock at Liz in "The Protean" (No. 36).
Townsend uses his sidearm aimed at Red in "Nachalo".

Glock 26

A suppressed Glock 26 is seen in "Anne" with one of Neville Townsend's men disguised as an electrician. Reddington later takes it.

Glock 26 with AWC suppressor - 9x19mm
The suppressed Glock 26 inside the bag in "Anne".

IMI Jericho 941 R

An Jericho 941 R is seen in "Elizabeth Keen" (No. 1) with one of Reddington's men. It's also seen with Vandyke (Lukas Hassel), one of Townsend's men.

Jericho 941 with stainless slide - 9x19mm
The stainless Jericho R in "Elizabeth Keen" (No. 1).
Vandyke with the Jericho R in "Balthazar "Bino" Baker" (No. 129).
Vandyke with his sidearm out in "Godwin Page" (No. 141).
In "Konets", the Jericho 941 R is aimed at Liz's direction after he shoots her.

Kahr K9

A Kahr K9 with wooden grips is seen with an underground surgeon (Yan Xi) in "Balthazar "Bino" Baker" (No. 129).

Kahr K9 with stainless steel finish and wood grips - 9x19mm
The K9 with the surgeon in "Balthazar "Bino" Baker" (No. 129).

Kimber Custom TLE II

A Kimber Custom TLE II with a suppressor is used by the British assassin the Protean (Elan Zafir) in "The Protean" (No. 36).

Kimber Custom TLE II (Suppressor Ready) - .45 ACP.
The suppressed Kimber aimed at Jennifer Reddington in "The Protean" (No. 36).

SIG-Sauer P226R

A SIG-Sauer P226R with a stainless slide is used by Dembe Zuma (Hisham Tawfiq).

SIG-Sauer P226R (Two-Tone) - 9x19mm
Dembe with his P226R out in "Katarina Rostova: Conclusion" (No. 3).
Dembe checking a staircase in "16 Ounces".
The P226R used by Dembe in "The Cyranoid" (No. 35)".
A good shot of the two tone P226R in "Dr. Laken Perillos" (No. 70).
Liz fires Dembe's sidearm in "Nachalo" at Townsend.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is seen in the season with FBI agent Elizabeth Keen aka Masha Rostova (Megan Boone) as her preferred sidearm before she became rogue later on. FBI Agent Alina Park (Laura Sohn) uses it too as her sidearm.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Semiautomatic Pistol - 9x19mm
Liz surrenders her sidearm in "Katarina Rostova: Conclusion" (No. 3).
Alina opens fire during an ambush in "The Cyranoid" (No. 35).
Reddington spots a familiar weapon at the end of "Anne".
Liz readies the M&P Shield at the end of "Misere".
The M&P Shield grabbed by the Protean at the end of "The Protean" (No. 36).
In the last scene of "Konets", Liz confronts Red with her Shield aimed at him.

Walther PP

Katarina Rostova (Laila Robbins) uses a Walther PP in "Katarina Rostova: Conclusion" (No. 3).

Walther PP, other side - .32 ACP
Katarina takes out a Walther PP in "Katarina Rostova: Conclusion" (No. 3).

Unknown Pistol

An unknown pistol is used in "The Cyranoid" (No. 35) witht the fake Keen.

The gun used in "The Cyranoid" (No. 35) by the fake Keen.


Smith & Wesson Model 19

A Smith & Wesson Model 19 is seen with Reddington near the end of "The Cyranoid" (No. 35).

Smith & Wesson Model 19 Snub Nose (right side).
Reddington shows off the revolver in "The Cyranoid" (No. 35).

Smith & Wesson Model 36

A Smith & Wesson Model 36 is seen in flashbacks throughout "Misere".

Smith & Wesson Pre-Model 36 "Chief's Special" - .38 Special
Closeup of the Model 36 in "Misere".
The young Liz firing her first shot.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5K

The Heckler & Koch MP5K is sometimes seen with various characters.

Heckler & Koch MP5K - 9x19mm
An armed man fires his MP5K at Alina in "The Cyranoid" (No. 35).

IWI Uzi Pro

An IWI Uzi Pro is seen with Townsend's men, disguised as MPDDC officers in "Balthazar "Bino" Baker" (No. 129).

IWI Uzi Pro - 9x19mm
The fake MPDDC officer aims his Uzi Pro at a wounded Ressler in "Balthazar "Bino" Baker" (No. 129).


The PTR 9CT with full-auto sear pack and SBT5A brace is seen occasionally with various characters.

PTR 9CT pistol with SBT5A stabilizing brace - 9x19mm
A masked man approaches Dembe in "Dr. Laken Perillos" (No. 70).


A SIG-Sauer MPX with a folding stock is seen with the fake Roanoke (Michael Braun) in "Roanoke" (No. 139).

SIG-Sauer MPX SBR Gen 2 with 4.5" barrel - 9x19mm
Side view of the MPX in "Roanoke" (No. 139).
The MPX fired at US Marshals.

Assault Rifles


What seems to be an AKMSU with bakelite mags are used by Reddington's forces operating in Latvia in "Nachalo".

One of Reddington's men engages Townsend's forces in "Nachalo".
A slight view of the folding stock.

Colt LE Carbine

The Colt LE Carbine is seen with FBI SWAT teams as their main weapon. In "Anne", it's seen inside the Cottonwood Falls Police Station. Reddington's forces use them as their primary weapon.

Colt LE6920 SOCOM with 20-round magazine, RIS handguard, and Matech rear sight - 5.56x45mm
FBI SWAT teams with the LE Carbine in "Roanoke" (No. 139).
The LE carbine used by a FBI SWAT operator in "Dr. Laken Perillos" (No. 70).
A FBI SWAT operator detains a Mabahith agent near the end of "Captain Kidd" (No. 96).
Lois Williams (Kathryn Erbe) with the LE carbine in "Anne".
Reddington opens fire at Townsend's men from inside the Cottonwood Falls station.
A FBI SWAT operator secures the Cottonwood Falls station.
One of Reddington's men clears a path in "Ivan Stepanov" (No. 5).
Reddington's men prep to breach the Post Office in "Godwin Page" (No. 141).


The IMI Galil MAR is used in "Anne" with Townsend's men when they raid the Cottonwood Falls Police Station. It's used as a recurring weapon.

IMI Galil MAR - 5.56x45mm NATO
The MAR fired at the building in "Anne". Note foregrip.
The MAR fired at Reddington in "Ivan Stepanov" (No. 5).
Townsend's men with the MAR in the middle of "Balthazar "Bino" Baker" (No. 129).




Remington Model 870

The Remington Model 870 is seen with American law enforcement agencies.

Remington 870 - 12 gauge.
Lois with the shotgun in "Anne".
Another shot of the shotgun's barrel.

Sniper Rifles

Barrett M82A1M

The Barrett M82A1M is used by Townsend's men in "Ivan Stepanov" (No. 5).

Barrett M82A1M - .50 BMG
The M82A1M aimed at an armored truck in "Ivan Stepanov" (No. 5).
Good shot of the M82A1M's railed upper receiver.


Model 7290 flashbang grenade

The Model 7290 flashbang grenade is seen with Keen in "Ivan Stepanov" (No. 5).

Model 7290 flashbang grenade
The actual Elizabeth Keen has a Glock 19 and a Model 7290 flashbang in "Ivan Stepanov" (No. 5).

Model 7290M Mini Bang

The Model 7290M Mini Bang is seen in "Godwin Page" (No. 141) with Townsend's men.

CTS Model 7290M Mini Bang
The Mini Bang being prepped in "Godwin Page" (No. 141).


Cottonwood Falls Police Station Small Arms Locker


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