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The Annihilator 2000 - America's Premiere Survival Home and Travel Total Security Unit. This weapon has a cd player, phone, microwave, and much more. Available only at Beverly Hills Survival Boutique!.

As seen in the 1994 film Beverly Hills Cop III, the Annihilator 2000 is by no means a normal weapon. This weapons platform is seen being hawked by Serge (Bronson Pinchot) when he becomes a 'boutique arms dealer', it is a completely fictional 'Comedy' weapon that incorporates a series of incongruous features into one unwieldy package. The weapon is seen being fired in a promotional video within the film by the "Annihilator Girl" (Julie Strain) when the fake M16 on the prop is replaced with a live firing version.


Title Actor Character Notation Date
Beverly Hills Cop III Eddie Murphy Axel Foley 1994
Beverly Hills Cop III Models 1994

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