American Sniper

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American Sniper
American Sniper.jpg
Theatrical Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Clint Eastwood
Release Date 2014
Studio Warner Brothers Pictures
Village Roadshow Pictures
Distributor Warner Brothers Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Chris Kyle Bradley Cooper
Taya Ranae Kyle Sienna Miller
Colonel Jones Chance Kelly
'D' / Dandridge Cory Hardrict
'Squirrel' / Case Eric Ladin
Marc Lee Luke Grimes
Ranger One Owain Yeoman
Mustafa Sammy Sheik
Dauber Kevin Lacz
Biggles Jake McDorman

American Sniper is a 2014 biographical war film directed by Clint Eastwood. Based on Chris Kyle's autobiography American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History, the film stars Bradley Cooper as Kyle and Sienna Miller as his wife Taya Ranae Kyle.

The following weapons were used in the film American Sniper:


Sniper Rifles

McMillan TAC-338A

Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) uses a McMillan TAC-338A rifle as one of his main weapons. The weapon is fitted with a Leupold Mark 4. The rifle is also similar in appearance to the TAC-338 rifle that Kyle used in real life.

McMillan TAC-338A sniper rifle with Harris bipod, Leupold Mark 4 scope, and AN/PVS-22 Universal Night Sight - .338 Lapua Magnum
Kyle taking aim with the rifle.
Right side of the rifle.
Kyle sets up his McMillan rifle.
"Aim small, miss small". Kyle sets up his shot.
Kyle disengages the safety.
Closeup of the trigger.
Closeup of the barrel.
Here we get a good look of the engraved marks on the rifle.

Remington Mk 13 Mod 0

During his first tour in Iraq, Kyle uses a Remington Mk 13 Mod 0, based off the Remington Model 700, chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum. The weapon is fitted with a McMillan A2 stock, Nightforce NXS scope, harris bipod, MIRS night vision rail, and Knight's Armament M110 suppressor.

Remington Mk 13 Mod 5 with bolt open, Harris bipod and KAC M110 suppressor - .300 Winchester Magnum. The Mod 0 differed in that it was built in a McMillan A2 stock as shown in the film.
Screen-used stunt Mk 13 Mod 0 as used in the film. Image from Prop Store of London.
Screen-used stunt Mk 13 Mod 0 as used in the film. Image from Prop Store of London.
Kyle's weapons hanging on the wall with the Mk 13 on the very top.
Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) takes aim with what appears to be an Mk 13 rifle, based off the Remington Model 700, chambered in 300 Winchester Magnum.
Closeup of the KAC suppressor.
Kyle takes aim with his suppressed Mk 13.
The trigger of the Mk 13.
Kyle with the Mk 13 sniper rifle.
A view with the reticle of the Mk 13 scope.
Kyle with the Mk 13 sniper rifle.

M24A1 Sniper Weapon System

The US Delta Sniper (Joel Lambert) accompanying Kyle in his fourth tour has a M24A1 Sniper Weapon System.

M24 sniper rifle - 7.62x51mm NATO
The US Delta sniper with the M24 SWS.
Here we can see the stock part of the Delta's M24.


A Marine Recon Scout Sniper (Tony Nevada) that accompanies Kyle on a mission in Iraq is seen firing a M40A3 Sniper Rifle while engaging insurgents in Sadr City.

M40A3 sniper rifle with Harris bipod - 7.62x51mm NATO
A Scout Sniper with his M40A3 slung to the right of Kyle.
The Scout Sniper with his M40A3.
The Marine Scout Sniper aiming the M40A3.

Knight's Armament SR-25

Both Kyle and Dauber (Kevin Lacz) are seen armed with tan-painted Knight's Armament SR-25 sniper rifles.

Knight's Armament SR-25 with Harris bipod - 7.62x51mm NATO
Dauber prepares his SR-25 rifle as Kyle finishes up.
Kyle with the SR-25 on his sniping perch.
Kyle with his SR-25 at the ready as he prepares to clear a house. Notice the suppressor strapped to the front of his vest via zip-ties.
Kyle is armed with the SR25 while clearing a house.
Kyle holds his SR25 during an interrogation.
Dauber with a SR-25 rifle.
Dauber sets up his position with a SR-25 as overwatch.
A view through the SR-25 reticle.
Dauber's SR25 with a AN/PEQ-15 on the right side.

Mk 12 Mod 1 Special Purpose Rifle

Kyle uses a Mk 12 Mod 1 Special Purpose Rifle with a tan paint scheme, Harris bipod, Crane stock, Leupold Mark 4 scope, and suppressor while training to be a sniper. Other SEALs are also seen using the rifles in Iraq.

Mark 12 Mod 1 SPR with suppressor, 30-round magazine, Harris bipod, and Leupold Mark 4 scope - 5.56x45mm.
Screen used stunt SEAL Team 3 Mk 12 Mod 1 SPR from American Sniper. Image from Prop Store of London.
Screen used stunt SEAL Team 3 Mk 12 Mod 1. Image from Prop Store of London.
A behind the scenes image of Bradley Cooper as Kyle with the rifle.
Kyle on the Mk 12 Mod 1 rifle.
Kyle with two other SEAL training with the Mk 12 Mod 1 rifle.
Kyle with the Mk 12 Mod 1 rifle with the suppressor.
The reticle of the scope on Kyle's Mk 12 Mod 1.
The SEAL snipers here have Mk 12 rifles.
The SEAL snipers in the middle and very left have Mk 12 rifles.
The SEAL on the left has a Mk 12 rifle.

FPK/PSL Sniper Rifle

Mustafa (Sammy Sheik) uses a bipod-equipped FPK / PSL Sniper Rifle.

Romanian FPK/PSL sniper rifle - 7.62x54mm R
Mustafa aims the FPK/PSL sniper rifle.
Mustafa and his FPK/PSL rifle.
The reticle of the PSO-1 sight.
Mustafa with the FPK/PSL sniper rifle.
Mustafa with FPK/PSL rifle. This is an continuity error as he was seen assembling a Dragunov rifle earlier.
Mustafa aiming with his FPK/PSL rifle.

SVD Dragunov

Mustafa uses an SVD Dragunov throughout the film.

SVD Dragunov sniper rifle - 7.62x54mm R
Mustafa assembling his SVD rifle.
Mustafa attaching the SVD top cover onto the receiver.
Attaching the scope onto the Dragunov.
Mustafa locks a magazine into the Dragunov with its distinctive magazine grooves.
Mustafa with the now complete Dragunov.
Mustafa adjusts his Dragunov.
The trigger group of the Dragunov.
The flash hider of the Dragunov.

Tabuk Sniper Rifle

An Iraqi Tabuk Sniper Rifle is seen in a cache of weapons and depicted on a bounty poster for Chris Kyle. The Tabuk rifles seen in the film are American-made copies built by the Two Rivers Arms Company for Independent Studio Services, the film's armorer.

Iraqi Tabuk sniper rifle with cleaning rod removed and Zrak scope - 7.62x39mm
The rifle is seen in the weapons cache.
Kyle's bounty poster with a Tabuk on it.

Remington Model 700

A young Chris Kyle (Cole Konis) and his father (Ben Reed) are seen hunting using a Remington Model 700. Chris later takes his son out hunting with Remington 700s as well.

Remington Model 700 - .308 Winchester
A young Chris Kyle (Cole Konis) takes aim with the Remington 700.
Kyle and his father (Ben Reed) with the Remington 700 rifle.
Kyle with a Remington 700 rifle slung on his right shoulder.

Remington 700PSS

Kyle uses a Remington 700PSS during sniping training at the SEALs boot camp. It is painted to resemble the the M40A1 sniper rifle.

Remington 700PSS with Leupold Mark 4 scope and Harris bipod - .300 Win Mag
Kyle with the R700 PSS rifle.
Kyle and a fellow SEAL training with the R700 PSS rifle.
Kyle trains with the R700 PSS rifle.

GAP Gladius (Remington 700 action)

A Remington 700 in a Gladius stock is the rifle used by a wounded veteran as Kyle takes some of them out to a range to shoot targets.

GAP Gladius
A veteran aiming the Remington rifle with Gladius stock.
The veteran with the Remington as another spots in the background.
The veteran and Kyle with the Remington 700.

Rifles and Carbines


U.S. Marines in Iraq can been seen using M16A4 rifles as their standard weapons. Another Marine carries an M16A4 fitted with an EOTech sight, AN/PEQ-2 IR designator, stock-mounted magazine pouch, and an M203 grenade launcher. During Kyle's fourth tour, a Recon Marine (Brett Edwards) that accompanies him on a mission is also armed with an M16A4, but with an ACOG sight, AN/PEQ-15 IR designator, and an M203 grenade launcher.

M16A4 with carry handle attached and standard A2 handguards - 5.56x45mm
Marines on patrol armed with the M16A4.
Another Marine carries an M16A4 fitted with an EOTech sight and M203 grenade launcher.
The Marine in the middle has a M16A4 with a carry handle sight.
The Marines among the three SEAL snipers have M16A4s.
A Marine shown on television is armed with a M16A4 with an ACOG sight.
The Marines behind Marc have M16A4s, each with different variations of attachments.
Marines with their M16A4s after firing on a suicide car bomb.
Two Marines with their M16A4 rifles carrying a wounded marine. The one on the right has a M203 launcher attached
Chris's brother Jeff (Keir O'Donnell) with his M16A4 rifle as he prepares to leave Iraq.
A Recon Marine with a M16A4 with an ACOG sight and an underslung M203.

MK 18 Mod 0 CQB

Kyle and many of the SEALs use tan-painted Mk 18 Mod 0 CQB carbines with various accessories ranging from suppressors, AN/PEQ-2 & AN/PEQ-15 IR designators, Crane stocks, LMT rear sights, Aimpoint CompM2 red dot sights, and EOTech holographic sights.

Mk. 18 Mod 0 with LMT rear sight, RIS foregrip, and Crane stock - 5.56x45mm
Screen used stunt MK 18 Mod 0 CQB (Kyle's) from American Sniper. Image from Prop Store of London.
Screen used stunt MK 18 Mod 0 (Kyle's). Image from Prop Store of London.
Production still of Bradley Cooper with a Mk 18 Mod 0 CQB carbine.
Kyle's weapons on the wall with his suppressed MK 18 on the bottom.
Kyle on the very right with his MK 18 carbine.
Kyle in front with his suppressed MK 18.
Kyle comes under fire while carrying the carbine with an a suppressor, aimpoint, and a AN/PEQ-2 attached.
Kyle preparing to breach a room with his carbine.
The SEAL on the right with a MK 18 carbine.
Kyle and other SEALs armed with the carbine.
Kyle prepares to lay down supprssion with his MK 18 carbine. Note the new AN/PEQ-15 attachment and The Punisher logo on the mag that Kyle adopted.
Kyle and Dandridge clear a roof top with their MK 18 carbines.
Dandridge (Cory Hardrict) with his suppressed MK 18 Mod 0 with a AN/PEQ-15 and an Eotech sight.

M4A1 Carbine

U.S. Army soldiers and some of the SEALs use M4A1 carbines with various attachments, including the M203 grenade launcher.

Colt M4A1 Carbine with M68 Aimpoint reflex optic, Knight's Armament RAS railed handguard and vertical forward grip - 5.56x45mm
Marc Lee with his tan M4A1.
Marc Lee behind Chris Kyle with his tan M4A1.
A SEAL in front with a M4A1.
A SEAL with his M4A1 with a M203.
A SEAL lays down suppressive fire with his M4A1.
US Army soldiers with their M4A1s.
Ranger One (Owain Yeoman) aims his M4A1 with an underbarrel M203.

PMCs AR-15

A private military contractors is seen using what appears to be a AR-15 series with a 16" barrel and optical sights.

Daniel Defense M4 V5 with Magpul PMAG magazine and KAC vertical foregrip - 5.56x45mm NATO
A pair of PMCs with AR-15 variants.

Colt Model 653

A private military contractor is seen using what appears to be a Colt Model 653 with a 16" barrel and RIS handguard.

Colt Model 653 "M16A1 Carbine" modified with a 16" barrel - 5.56x45mm
A PMC with his 653. Note the longer barrel.
A PMC with his 653. Here we can see the A1 carry handle.

Mk 14 Mod 0

Marc Lee (Luke Grimes) carries what appears to be a suppressed Mk. 14 Mod 0 while on patrol.

Mk 14 Mod 0 EBR with a Harris bipod and RIS foregrip - 7.62x51mm NATO
Marc Lee with the Mk 14 rifle on the way to Fallujah.
Marc Lee patrolling among a Marine patrol with his suppressed Mk 14 rifle.


A US Navy honor guard detail performs a rifle volley with M1A rifles during a funeral.

Springfield Armory M1A with synthetic stock - 7.62x51mm NATO
A Navy honor guard fires their M1A rifles during a military funeral.
A Navy honor guard resting their M1A rifles when the volley is finished.


Many Iraqi insurgents use AKMS rifles. Several can also be seen in a hidden weapons cache as mentioned below.

AKMS - 7.62x39mm
The extremist on the far left and second to the right has an AKMS rifle.
The insurgent on the right has a AKMS.
An insurgent runs behind the firing insurgent with an AKMS.
The "Butcher" with an AKMS.
The insurgent on the left has an AKMS.


Iraqi insurgents also use AKM rifles.

AKM - 7.62x39mm
An insurgent running with an AK rifle while Kyle watches from afar with his rifle.
The center extremist, far right, and the one second to left has an AKM rifle.
The insurgent on the left has a AKM.
An insurgent fires his AKM on the SEALs.
An insurgent on the right blind-fires his AKM.
Two insurgents with their AKMs.
Two insurgents firing their AKMs.
An insurgent fires his AKM.

Zastava M70AB2

A few insurgents are seen with Zastava M70AB2 rifles.

Zastava M70AB2 folding stock rifle - 7.62x39mm
An insurgent raises his M70AB2. Note that the stock end is not folded out.
An insurgent getting out of his vehicle with his M70AB2.

Zastava M70B1

An insurgent is seen firing a Zastava M70B1 during the battle in Sadr City.

Zastava M70B1 fixed stock rifle - 7.62x39mm
Insurgents with Zastava M70B1s storm a roof.

Machine Guns

Mk 48 Mod 0

A Mk 48 Mod 0 fitted with an ACOG scope, AN/PEQ-15 IR designator and cloth ammo bag is carried by the Navy SEAL nicknamed "Biggles" (Jake McDorman). Marc Lee (Luke Grimes) also carries around a Mk 48 machine gun with a retractable stock in certain missions.

Mk 48 Mod 0 light machine gun - 7.62x51mm NATO
Screen used stunt Mk 48 Mod 0 from American Sniper. Image from Prop Store of London.
Screen used stunt Mk 48 Mod 0. Note that the AN/PEQ-15 is seemingly knocked loose, possibly from the weapon being dropped. Image from Prop Store of London.
"Biggles" (Jake McDorman) with a Mk 48 Mod 0 resting to the right.
Marc Lee with the Mk 48.
"Biggles" aiming his Mk 48 Mod 0.
"Biggles" carrying a Mk 48 Mod 0.
Marc Lee clearing rooms with his Mk 48 Mod 0.
An army soldier fires on insurgents with his Mk 48 Mod 0.

M249 SAW

A Marine Corps automatic rifleman can be seen carrying an M249 SAW when a fireteam is conducting a building-clearing operation.

M249 SAW 5.56x45mm
The second Marine from the right can be seen armed with an M249 SAW as his fireteam makes entry on a building.
The one lone Marine crouching on the bottom right has a M249 SAW.


M240 GPMGs are mounted on the SEAL Humvees and MRAPs.

M240B with newer style lower handguard (designed to attach RIS rails via hex nut) - 7.62x51mm NATO.
A Marine on the mounted M240 as the convoy gets caught in an ambush.
A SEAL mounts a M240 on a HMMWV.
In the background, an M240 mounted in the Humvee.
A US soldier mounts a HMMWV M240 as a sniper look outs.

Browning M2HB

Browning M2HB heavy machine guns are mounted on M113 armored personnel carriers and M1A1 Abrams tanks in the film.

Browning M2HB - .50 BMG
Browning M2HB heavy machine gun mounted on an M1A1 Abrams tank as Kyle and his spotter look on.
The M2 Machine gun on an M1A1 Abrams tank as Marines keep a look out.
A M2 machine gun on a M113 armored personnel carrier.
Another view of the M2 on the M113.


When Kyle begins his second tour in Iraq, an M60D is seen mounted as a doorgun on the side of a UH-1N Marine Huey helicopter.

M60D - 7.62x51mm NATO
An M60D is seen mounted as a doorgun on the side of a UH-1N Marine Huey helicopter.

M197 Vulcan

When two USMC AH-1W Super Cobra helicopters are seen flying escort for a UH-1N Huey during Kyle's second tour, the ubiquitous M197 Vulcan is visible in the nose. During a firefight, a USMC AH-1W Super Cobra can be seen firing into an insurgent position.

General Dynamics M197 Vulcan - 20x102mm
A USMC AH-1W Super Cobra flies escort for the Huey.
A USMC AH-1W Super Cobra can be seen firing into an insurgent position, the chopper's ubiquitous M197 Vulcan visible in the nose.


Springfield TRP Operator

Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) briefly carries a Springfield TRP during his first tour, visible in a thigh rig and a leather belt holster. He later switches to a SIG pistol (from his second tour on), which should be a .45 ACP SIG-Sauer P220 (according to Kyle's autobiography and Independent Studio Services, which provided the arsenal for the movie –Recoil Magazine Issue 18, USA), but might be a P226 on some shots.

Springfield Armory TRP Operator - .45 ACP
Kyle's Springfield TRP in his drop leg holster on the right leg.
Kyle and Marc have Springfield TRP Operators in their holsters.

SIG-Sauer P226

Most of the SEALs in the film carry the SIG-Sauer P226 as their sidearm. Both Navy SEAL Lt. Martens (Sam Jaeger) and Dauber (Kevin Lacz) are seen carrying their SIG-Sauer P226 pistols tucked into their plate carriers.

SIG-Sauer P226 - 9x19mm
Kyle with his P226 in his belt holster. Although, according to his book, he should have a P220 instead.
Dauber (Kevin Lacz) with the P226 tucked in his plate carrier. Kevin Lacz was a SEAL who was a close friend of the real Chris Kyle and served with him in Iraq. In fact, "Dauber" is the nickname Kyle gave him.
Kyle with his P226 on the right and the magazines on the left.
On the right, Dauber (Kevin Lacz) with a SIG-Sauer P226 pistol tucked in his plate carrier.
A SIG-Sauer P226 pistol is seen in the vest of Navy SEAL Lt. Martens (Sam Jaeger) as he stands next to Colonel Jones (Chance Kelly).

Beretta 92FS

Ranger One (Owain Yeoman) and a Delta sniper in Kyle's fourth tour both have a Beretta 92FS in their holsters.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
Screen-used stunt (airsoft, made by KWC) Beretta 92FS (Ranger One's) from American Sniper. Image from Prop Store of London.
The Delta sniper on the right has a Beretta 92FS pistol in his holster. While Ranger One, on the left, also carries a 92FS, it isn't seen in the film.

Single Action Army

Kyle in the end of the film is seen with an ivory gripped Single Action Army.

Colt Single Action Army w/ 5.5" barrel - .45 Long Colt
Kyle with his ivory grip revolver as the screen shows an infamous date.
Kyle with his Single Action Army.
Kyle with his SAA during a moment with his wife Taya (Sienna Miller).

Tokarev TT-33

A Tokarev TT-33 is seen on the table beside the Dragunov. Mustafa grabs it for a sidearm.

Tokarev TT-33 - 7.62x25mm
The Tokarev TT-33 on the table.


Benelli M1 Super 90 (Short Barrel)

During the film's opening, a Marine on patrol appears to be armed with the short barrel variant of the Benelli M1 Super 90 with a pistol grip, short barrel and Surefire forend.

Benelli M1 Super 90 short barrel - 12 gauge
A Marine patrolling with his shotgun at the film's opening.


M203 Grenade Launcher

Marines in Iraq can be seen with an M203 grenade launcher mounted on his M16A4 rifle.

M203 grenade launcher 40mm mounted on M16A4 5.56x45mm with ACOG scope
A Marine carrying an M16A4 with an underbarrel M203 grenade launcher
A Marine Recon with a M16A4 and an underslung M203.

M203A1 Grenade Launcher

Some of the SEALs and US Army Delta in the film have M203A1 grenade launchers mounted to their M4A1 carbines.

Knight's Armament Company M203A1 - 40x46mm
Another SEAL named Tony (Reynaldo A. Gallegos) is armed with an underbarrel M203A1 on his M4A1.
Ranger One (Owain Yeoman) with his M4A1 with a underbarrel M203.


A young boy is seen picking up a RPG-7. RPG-7s are also used by numerous insurgents.

RPG-7 - 40mm
An insurgent aims the RPG-7 at a building.
An insurgent aims the RPG at a M113.
An insurgent aims the RPG as Kyle watches.
The young boy holds the RPG.


RKG-3 Anti-Tank Grenade

An Iraqi woman is seen handing a RKG-3 anti-tank grenade to a child.

RKG-3 anti-tank grenade
Kyle observes an Iraqi woman who is handing a RKG-3 anti-tank grenade to a child.
A primed RKG grenade thrown in the air.

M67 Hand Grenade

A M67 hand grenade is used by the SEALs during a breach. Another is used during Kyle's fourth tour.

M67 fragmentation grenade
A SEAL throws a grenade into an insurgent hideout.

AN/M8 Smoke Grenade

Kyle uses an AN/M8 smoke grenade to provide cover while under sniper fire.

AN/M8 smoke grenade
Screen-used stunt AN/M8 smoke grenade (Marc Lee's; with a foam magazine) from American Sniper. Image from Prop Store of London.
Kyle with his black and white smoke grenade.


Daisy Red Ryder

Kyle uses a lever action Daisy Red Ryder air rifle to plink at targets in a stand booth during a date.

Daisy Red Ryder.
Kyle aiming the rifle.
Kyle with the rifle.

Jezail Musket

A Jezail musket is seen mounted on a wall during a questioning session in Kyle's first tour in Iraq.

Ottoman musket
The musket on the wall.

Weapons Cache

A cache of weapons including rifles and grenades are found hidden in a floor. The weapons include several AKMS rifles, at least one Tabuk sniper rifle, several F-1 hand grenades, an RGD-5 hand grenade, a PROM-1 anti-personnel mine, two RPG-7 launchers, and several RKG-3 anti-tank grenades.

Several explosives and rifles are found in the weapons cache.


On a brochure about the U.S. Navy SEALs, one SEAL can be seen with a Heckler & Koch MP5.

A U.S. Navy recruiter in 1999 shows a brochure with some SEALs on it. The SEAL on the front right is holding a MP5.
Chris in 1999 holding the brochure with the SEALs on it.

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