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The Adventures of Superman (1952-1958)

The following weapons were used in the television series The Adventures of Superman:


Smith & Wesson Model M&P

A Smith & Wesson Model M&P is the revolver seen fired at the beginning of the each episode of the series when the narrator states "Faster than a speeding bullet". This also is a frequent pistol seen in the series.

Smith & Wesson Model M&P Revolver - .38 Special
Closeup of the revolver as seen in the opening credits of each episode.
A criminal holds the revolver in "The Case of the Talkative Dummy" (S1E03).
Jimmy Olsen (Jack Larson) holds the revolver in "Night of Terror" (S1E06).
Inspector Henderson (Robert Shayne) holds his revolver in "Night of Terror" (S1E06).

Winchester Model 1894

A Winchester Model 1894 is another weapon seen in the series.

Winchester Model 1894 - .30-30 Winchester
The rifle is seen above in "The Haunted Lighthouse" (S1E02).

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