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Ace Attorney (April 2, 2016 - Present). The Japanese title of the show is 逆転裁判 その「真実」、異議あり, which means Turnabout Trial: I Object to That 'Truth'! in English.

The following weapons were used in the anime series Ace Attorney:


Nambu Model 60

A Nambu Model 60 is seen with Reiji Mitsurugi when he's arrested by police at the start of "Turnabout Goodbyes: 1st Trial". It's used in various flashback scenes in "Turnabout Goodbyes: 2nd Trial", "Turnabout Goodbyes: 3rd Trial" and "Turnabout Goodbyes: 4th Trial". It's properly identified as such as Naruhodo during Mitsurugi's trial in "Turnabout Goodbyes: Last Trial".

Airsoft Marushin made replica. Note unloaded chamber.
The Model 60 picked up by Reiji at the start of "Turnabout Goodbyes: 1st Trial".
Closeup of the revolver being fired.
The revolver's barrel with the image of Reiji while he was being discussed as a murder suspect.
A closeup of the Model 60 being fired in "Turnabout Goodbyes: 2nd Trial" when Naruhodo asks the court on the details on ballistics testing.
Naruhodo visualizes the seized revolver in an evidence bag in the middle of "Turnabout Goodbyes: 3rd Trial".
A full shot of the Model 60 in the suspect's hand.
The revolver held by the murder suspect in "Turnabout Goodbyes: 4th Trial".
The weapon identified as the New Nambu Model 60 in "Turnabout Goodbyes: Last Trial".

Norinco Type 54

A stainless steel Norinco Type 54 is seen in the shoulder holster of Dr. Tetsuo Kirisaki when he visits the Kurain Temple in "Reunion and Turnabout: 1st Trial". It's later used in "Reunion and Turnabout: 2nd Trial" and in "Reunion and Turnabout: Last Trial" as evidence against Mayoi Ayasato after she was arrested as the prime suspect in Dr. Kirisaki's death.

Norinco Type 54 Model 213 with Silver finish - 9mm
Dr. Kirisaki shows off his holstered Type 54 in "Reunion and Turnabout: 1st Trial".
The Type 54 fired by "Mayoi" after the end of a seance ceremony.
A flashback sequence shows the Type 54's hammer in "Reunion and Turnabout: 2nd Trial".
The seized pistol used as evidence during a court session.
A flashback sequence of the pistol fired while Detective Itonokogiri explains the concept of gunpowder residue.
A flashback sequence of Dr. Kirisaki handling the pistol back in Kurain Temple.
"Mayoi" with the Type 54 with the picture Natsumi present to the court.
Closeup of the Type 54's bore in "Reunion and Turnabout: Last Trial".
In this shot, the pistol's slide is moving back to its original position after it was fired.
Kimiko plants Mayoi's fingerprints on the Type 54's grip.

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