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The following weapons are used in the video game 007: Everything or Nothing:

007: Everything or Nothing (2004)



At first, James Bond's sidearm was seen as original Walther P99 in the first-draft development of the game. But, when the game was delayed for release, they need to put some fixes in it, and it was presumed that the P99 was actually customized with a Walther P99 and Smith & Wesson SW99 as the final release show. Bond's P99 is represented as having the frame and trigger assembly of a first-generation Walther P99 and the slide and barrel of a Smith & Wesson SW99. Bond's P99 is considered to be accurate and quick to shoot

See discussion for more details.

A Walther P99- 9mm
A Smith & Wesson SW99 - 9mm
Pre-release screenshot of the game revealed that James Bond had original Walther P99 as his sidearm.
Bond holding his customized P99 -or "Hybrid-P99" as other call it- while Q and Miss Nagai are giving him his gadgets.

Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle is the most powerful pistol in the game. It is slower than the P99, but is stronger and as accurate.

Desert Eagle with stainless steel finish .50 AE

Heckler & Koch MP5K

The Heckler & Koch MP5K is one of the submachine guns that are used in this game. It has a small magazine but is quite strong. It can stop a person with one shot, and bring him down with the next.

Heckler & Koch MP5K 9x19mm
Bond is firing an MP5K to the enemies.
Bond wields an MP5K in a pre-release development screenshot.


The SIG SG552 is one of the assault rifles in the game. It is stronger than the AK-74 and has a slower rate of fire but it also has a larger magazine.

SIG SG 552 5.56x45mm
Bond is wielding a SIG SG552 while taking cover.


Called the AK-74, the AKM is (muzzle brake removed) is the second most powerful rifle in the game. It has a faster rate of fire and can bring down enemies with one shot (depending one where you hit), but has a smaller magazine than the SIG SG 552.

AKM 7.62x39mm

SVD Dragunov

The sniper rifle in the game is a fully black SVD Dragunov. Depending on where you hit, it is the most powerful rifle in the game. But since a lot of the game consists of close-quarters shooting, you barely get to use the SVD.

SVD Dragunov sniper rifle 7.6x54mm R

Franchi SPAS 12

The Franchi SPAS 12 (folding stock removed) is the sole shotgun in the game. When in close combat, you can take out a person with one shot.

Franchi SPAS-12 12 Gauge with optional screw-on choke
Bond is firing a SPAS-12 shotgun to the enemies.

The Golden Gun

The Golden Gun makes an appearance in every Bond game aside Tomorrow Never Dies and Quantum of Solace. This is the 2nd most powerful gun in the game.

Golden Gun

The Platinum Gun

This is the gun which surpasses the Golden Gun. It is stronger and has a faster rate of fire. This shoots explosives.

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