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Winchester Model 1873 carbine - 1st generation rifle - 44-40 Winchester
The 1873 "Short Rifle" model with octagon barrel
Model 1873 carbine with 20" barrel. Manufactured 1881. 44/40 WCF
Deluxe Winchester Model 1873 with engraving
A Mare's Leg cut down from a Winchester Model 1873 rifle with octagonal barrel. This has the tear drop shaped lever loop and case hardened receiver. This original Winchester rifle was cut down for the film Wild Wild West (1999) and was the screen used gun by Will Smith in the movie.

Referred to as the "Gun that Won the West", the Winchester model 1873 was manufactured in the following calibers: .44-40, .38-40 and .32-20. Modern replicas are offered in those calibers and also .45 LC though it wasn't originally offered in that caliber.

Something many don't know, John M. Browning used an 1873 to make his first prototype automatic firing gun. After seeing what a muzzle blast could do to a patch of grass, he tested it and found he was correct. The muzzle blast from the gun was heavy enough to be harnessed, so he took a flapper and attached it to the muzzle of the rifle with a rod running to the lever to operate it every time the flapper moved, making the first automatic rifle.

The Winchester Model 1873 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:



(1873 - 1923)

  • Weight: 9.5lb (4.3kg)
  • Length: 49.3in (125.2cm)
  • Barrel length: 30in (76.2cm)
  • Caliber: .44-40 Winchester, .38-40 Winchester, .32-20 Winchester, .22 LR
  • Action: Lever-action
  • Feed system: 15 round tube magazine
  • Sights: Graduated rear sights, Fixed-post front sights


Title Actor Character Note Date
Back to God's Country Wheeler Oakman Peter Burke 1919
Wellington A. Playter Capt. Rydal
Charles Murphy The Half-Breed
William Colvin Mountie
Roy Laidlaw Baptiste LeBeau, Dolores' Father
San Quentin Prison Guard 1937
White Fang uncredited Bill 1946
Fort Apache Native Americans 1948
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon Native Americans 1949
Rio Grande Apaches some reused footage from Fort Apache 1950
Winchester '73 Charles Drake Steve Miller Custom "One of a Thousand" 1950
Winchester '73 James Stewart Lin McAdam Custom "One of a Thousand" 1950
Winchester '73 Millard Mitchell Frankie Wilson 1950
Winchester '73 Rock Hudson Young Bull Custom "One of a Thousand" 1950
Winchester '73 Stephen McNally Dutch Henry Brown Custom "One of a Thousand" 1950
Winchester '73 Tony Curtis Pvt. Doan Custom "One of a Thousand" 1950
Winchester '73 Will Geer Wyatt Earp Custom "One of a Thousand" 1950
High Noon Gary Cooper Will Kane 1952
The Tall Men Jane Russell Nella Turner 1955
The Tall Men Clark Gable Colonel Ben Allison 1955
The Tall Men Various characters 1955
The Magnificent Seven Steve McQueen Vinn 1960
Flaming Star Steve Forrest Clint Burton Rifle 1960
Seen in Pierce's general store; Rifles and a Saddle Ring Carbine
How the West Was Won George Peppard Zeb 1962
How the West Was Won Lee J. Cobb Marshal Lou Ramsey 1962
Lonely Are the Brave Police officer 1962
Navajo Joe Nicoletta Machiavelli Estella 1966
Navajo Joe Burt Reynolds Navajo Joe 1966
The Sons of Great Bear (Die Söhne der großen Bärin) Gojko Mitic Tokei-Ihto 1966
Jirí Vrstala Fred "Red Fox" Clark
Hannjo Hasse Pitt
Rolf Römer Tobias
Horst Jonischkan Adams
Kati Szekely Vinonah
Jozef Adamovic Tschapa
Jozef Majercík Tschetansapa
A Bullet for the General El Chuncho men 1966
Billion Dollar Brain Ed Begley General Midwinter 1967
Hour of the Gun Jason Robards Doc Holliday 1967
Hour of the Gun James Garner Wyatt Earp 1967
Hour of the Gun Monte Markham Sherman McMasters 1967
Hombre Paul Newman John Russell short magazine 1967
Trail of the Falcon Gojko Mitic Farsighted Falcon 1968
Trail of the Falcon The soldiers, gold-diggers and indians 1968
Will Penny Charlton Heston Will Penny 1968
Will Penny Lee Majors Blue 1968
White Wolves (Weisse Wölfe) Holger Mahlich Sheriff Pat Patterson Carbine 1969
Gojko Mitic Farsighted Falcon
Karl Zugowski Andy Sleek
Slobodan Dimitrijevic Cunning Fox
Slobodan Velimirovic Strong Left Hand
Horst Schulze Collins P. Harrington
Fatal Error (Tödlicher Irrtum) Gerry Wolff Ben Carbine 1970
Shoshone warriors
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean Paul Newman Roy Bean 1972
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean Various characters 1972
The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid Dana Elcar Allen 1972
The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid Donald Moffat Anselm R. Manning 1972
My Name Is Nobody Henry Fonda Jack Beauregard 1973
My Name Is Nobody Geoffrey Lewis Wild Bunch Leader 'Mares Leg' 1973
Westworld Yul Brynner Gunslinger 1973
Chino Charles Bronson Chino Valdez Carbine, European replica 1973
A Boy and His Dog Rival gang member 1975
The Deadly Tower Armed Citizen 1975
Posse Bo Hopkins Wesley 1975
Keoma Franco Nero Keoma 1976
Keoma Caldwell's henchmen 1976
High Noon Part II: The Return of Will Kane Pernell Roberts J.D. Ward 1980
The Long Riders David Carradine Cole Younger 1980
The Long Riders James Keach Jesse James 1980
The Long Riders Randy Quaid Clell Miller 1980
The Long Riders Stacy Keach Frank James 1980
Death Hunt Andrew Stevens RCMP Constable Adams 1981
Death Hunt Denis Lacroix Jimmy Tom 1981
Death Hunt William Sanderson Ned Warren 1981
The Vengeance of the Winged Serpent (La vengeance du serpent à plumes) Jorge Luke Guerrilla leader 1984
The Vengeance of the Winged Serpent (La vengeance du serpent à plumes) Guerrillas 1984
Murder with Mirrors John Laughlin Wally Markham 1985
Silverado Jeff Fahey Tyree 1985
Silverado Kevin Kline Paden 1985
Silverado Rusty Meyers Roscoe 1985
Silverado Scott Glenn Emmet Hollis 1985
Silverado Todd Allen Deputy Kern 1985
Captain of "Pilgrim" (Kapitan "Piligrima") Virgilio Echmendia Hercules 1987
Captain of "Pilgrim" (Kapitan "Piligrima") Slavers 1987
The Quick and the Dead Sam Elliott Con Vallian 1987
The Blue Iguana gunmen 1988
Miracle Mile Lou Hancock Lucy Peters 1988
Tombstone Stephen Lang Ike Clanton 1993
Jonathan of the Bears Aleksandr Pyatkov Hunter 1994
Ennio Girolami Mercenary
Knifewing Segura Chatow
Franco Nero Jonathan Kowalski
Legends of the Fall Aidan Quinn Alfred Ludlow 1994
Legends of the Fall Brad Pitt Tristan Ludlow 1994
Legends of the Fall Julia Ormond Susannah Fincannon Ludlow 1994
Mulholland Falls Seen On Gen. Timms' rifle rack 1996
Last Man Standing One of the men who massacres the truck convoy 1996
Breakdown Vincent Berry Deke Barr 1997
A Life Less Ordinary Maury Chaykin Todd Johnson 1997
Switchback bar patron 1997
Wild Wild West Will Smith Capt. James "Jim" West Cut-down to resemble "Mare's Leg" 1999
High Noon Various Frank Miller's men 2000
Crossfire Trail Christian Kane J.T. Langston 2001
Crossfire Trail Wilford Brimley Joe Gill 2001
Monte Walsh Various cowboys 2002
Lone Hero Robert Forster Gus 2002
Open Range Kevin Costner Charlie Waite 2003
Open Range Michael Gambon Denton Baxter 2003
Open Range Robert Duvall Boss Spearman 2003
The Last Samurai Billy Connolly Zebulon Gant 2003
The Last Samurai Tom Cruise Nathan Algren Trapper model 2003
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Sean Connery Allen Quatermain 2003
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Shane West Agent Tom Sawyer 2003
Tremors 4: The Legend Begins John Dixon Big Horse Johnson 2004
Miracle at Sage Creek Buck Taylor Buckskin Charlie 2005
Desperation Vigilantes 2006
Bandidas Regulators, Mexican soldiers some with "Short Rifles" 2006
Rapid Fire Brendan Fletcher Billy 2006
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Gang members 2007
Appaloosa Ed Harris Virgil Cole "Short Rifles" with 20" Octagonal barrels 2008
Appaloosa Jeremy Irons Randall Bragg "Short Rifles" with 20" Octagonal barrels 2008
Blood Creek Dominic Purcell Victor Marshall 2009
Survival of the Dead Kenneth Welsh Patrick O'Flynn 2010
True Grit Jeff Bridges Marshal Reuben J. "Rooster" Cogburn "Short" rifle with octagonal barrel 2010
Killing Season Robert De Niro Benjamin Ford 2013
Killing Season John Travolta Emil Kovac 2013
Bone Tomahawk Matthew Fox John Brooder 2015
The Legend of Tarzan Samuel L. Jackson George Washington Williams 2016
Halloween Jamie Lee Curtis Laurie Strode 2018
Halloween Judy Greer Karen Nelson 2018


Title Actor Character Note Date
The Virginian Stuart Granger Col Alan McKenzie Ep 01 "The west vs Col McKenzie" 1970
Star Trek: The Next Generation Marina Sirtis Deanna Troi 1987-1994
Lonesome Dove Tommy Lee Jones Captain Woodrow Call 1989
Return To Lonesome Dove Jon Voight Captain Woodrow Call 1993
Return To Lonesome Dove Nia Peeples Augustina Vega 1993
Return To Lonesome Dove Louis Gossett Jr. Isom Pickett 1993
Rough Riders Pablo Espinosa Major Fredrick Funston 1997
Smallville - Season 2 John Schneider Jonathan Kent "Heat" (S2E02) 2002
Firefly Gina Torres Zoe Alleyne Washburne 2002-2003
Deadwood Dayton Callie Charlie Utter 2004-2006
Deadwood Jim Beaver Whitney Ellsworth 2004-2006
Deadwood Robin Weigert Calamity Jane 2004-2006
Deadwood Sean Bridgers Johnny Burns 2004-2006
Deadwood W. Earl Brown Dan Dority 2004-2006
Midsomer Murders Daniel Ryan Adam Burbage Uberti replica; S13E3 "Blood on the Saddle" 2010
Top Shot - Season 3 2011
Agent Carter actors on set "Better Angels" (S2E03) 2016
Wynonna Earp (TV Series) Dominique Provost-Chalkley Waverly Earp "House of Memories" (S1E12) 2016-2017
The Son - Season 1 Carlos Bardem Pedro Garcia 2017

Video Games

Title Referred as Mods Note Release Date
BloodRayne Winkesler Rifle 2002
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West 2010
No More Room In Hell Winchester 1892 Whereas the game identifies it as a Winchester Model 1892, its actual 3D model is a Winchester Model 1873 Rifle 2011
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades 2016


Title Character Note Date
The Wonderful World of Puss 'n Boots Boss, Boss' men 1969
The Dagger of Kamui Rapist, Cowboy 1985
Cowboy Bebop the Movie: Knockin' on Heaven's Door Seen in the spaghetti western Jet watches 2001
Gun Frontier Shinunora 2002
Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky Seen in Manami's virtual armory 2010
The Empire of Corpses Frederick Burnaby 2015

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