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| ''[[Tales from the Crypt]]'' || [[Lea Thompson]] || Sylvia Vane || stainless; "Only Sin Deep" (S1E04) || 1989
| ''[[Tales from the Crypt]]'' || [[Lea Thompson]] || Sylvia Vane || stainless; "Only Sin Deep" (S1E04) || 1989
| ''[[Inspector Morse]]'' || Daniel Massey || Anthony Donn || "Deceived by Flight" (S03E03) || 1989
| rowspan=5|''[[Inspector Morse]]'' || Daniel Massey || Anthony Donn || "Deceived by Flight" (S03E03) || 1989
|[[Harriet Walter]] || Dr. Esther Martin || rowspan=2|"The Day of the Devil" (S07E02) || rowspan=4|1993
| Keith Allen || John Peter Barrie
| Doug Bradley || "Clergyman" Williams || rowspan=2|"Twilight of the Gods" (S07E03)
| [[Kevin Whately]] || DS Lewis
| rowspan=3 | ''[[The X-Files]]'' || [[Gillian Anderson]] || FBI Special Agent Dana Scully || French-made Manurhin variant / S1E07-S1E23, "The Blessing Way" (S3E01), "Paper Clip" (S3E02) || 1993-1995
| rowspan=3 | ''[[The X-Files]]'' || [[Gillian Anderson]] || FBI Special Agent Dana Scully || French-made Manurhin variant / S1E07-S1E23, "The Blessing Way" (S3E01), "Paper Clip" (S3E02) || 1993-1995
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[[Image:PPKS blued.jpg|thumb|right|350px|Walther PPK/S blued - .380 ACP]]
[[Image:PPKS blued.jpg|thumb|right|350px|Walther PPK/S blued - .380 ACP]]
[[Image:WaltherPPKS USA.jpg|right|thumb|350px|Walther PPK/S blued with flat-bottom magazine - .380 ACP]]
[[Image:WaltherPPKS USA.jpg|right|thumb|350px|Walther PPK/S blued with flat-bottom magazine - .380 ACP]]
The PPK was too small for importation into America, so to fix the problem, Walther slapped a PPK slide on a PP frame and built the PPK/S. The most notable way to tell a PPK from a PPK/S is its finish (a PPK/S is far more common as a stainless gun than a PPK) and longer frame spur. Also, Walther did manage to sell more pistols that would otherwise be banned under the harsh rules of GCA-68 by building them domestically (Walther U.S.A.).
The PPK was too small for importation into America, so to fix the problem, Walther slapped a PPK slide on a PP frame and built the PPK/S. The most notable way to tell a PPK from a PPK/S is its finish (a PPK/S is far more common as a stainless gun than a PPK) and longer frame spur. Also, Walther did manage to sell more pistols that would otherwise be banned under the harsh rules of GCA-68 by building them domestically (Walther U.S.A.).

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The Walther PP and variants are used by the following actors in the following movies, television series, and video games:



(1929 - Present)

Type: Semi-Automatic Pistol

Caliber: .22 LR, .25 ACP, .32 ACP, .380 ACP, 9x18mm Ultra (PP-Super)

Capacity: 8 (.32 ACP), 7 (.380 ACP) round magazine (PP) / 10 (.22 LR), 7(.32 ACP), 6 (.380 ACP) round magazine (PPK)

Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, Double Action

Walther PP

War Time Walther PP Pistol. The lesser-known, full-length barreled Walther PP is available in .22LR, 6.35mm auto (.25 ACP), 7.65x17mm (.32 ACP) Auto or 9x17mm (.380 ACP).
Post war Walther PP Pistol - .32 ACP. Though most of the pistols built immediately after the war were made by Manurhin of France (under license), the guns are marked "Made in West Germany".
Walther PP Pistol, other side (with Bavarian Police stampings circa 1967) - .32 ACP
Walther PP Pistol in nickel finish - .32 ACP
Walther PP Super - 9X18mm Ultra


Title Actor Character Notation Date
Fighting Film Collection No. 9 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 9) German officers and NCOs 1942
How the Steel Was Tempered (Kak zakalyalas stal) Viktor Perest-Petrenko Pavel Korchagin 1942
Daniil Sagal Fyodor Zhukhrai
Vladimir Balashov Viktor Leshchinskiy
German Imperial officers
Grisbi (Touchez pas au grisbi) René Dary Riton 1954
The Nuremberg Express Svatopluk Benes Agent Řehoř 1954
The Nuremberg Express Bohus Záhorský Agent Radimsky 1954
The Secret of Two Oceans (Tayna dvukh okeanov) Mikhail Gluzskiy Matvey Ivashyov 1957
Pyotr Sobolevsky Capt. 2nd Rank Druzhinin
Divorce Italian Style Marcello Mastroianni Ferdinando Cefalù 1961
The Gleiwitz Case (Der Fall Gleiwitz) Members of Naujocks' group 1961
Dr. No Sean Connery James Bond 1962
Jack Lord Felix Leiter
OSS 117 (OSS 117 se déchaîne) Yvan Chiffre Thibaud 1963
Nadia Sanders Brigitta
The Great Escape Hans Reiser Kuhn 1963
Karl-Otto Alberty Lt. Steinach
Arabesque Larry Taylor Beshraavi's henchman 1966
Funeral in Berlin 1966
Operation Kid Brother Lois Maxwell Ms. Maxwell 1967
Sorrel Flower (Fleur d'oseille) Albert Podavini Freddy "Philosopher" 1967
The End of Agent W4C Secret Agents 1967
The Night of the Generals Peter O'Toole Lt. Gen. Wilhelm Tanz 1967
Strong with Spirit (Silnye dukhom) Gunars Cilinskis Nikolai Kuznetsov 1967
Otley Leonard Rossiter Johnson Suppressed 1968
Liberation: Direction of the Main Blow German Officers 1969
The Cop (Un condé) Michel Bouquet Inspector Favenin 1970
My Zero Hour (Meine Stunde Null) Anatoliy Kuznetsov Maj. Gornin 1970
Manfred Krug Kurt Hartung
Liberation: The Last Assault Fritz Diez Adolf Hitler 1971
Take It Easy It's a Waltz (Laisse aller ... c'est une Valse) Jean Yanne Serge Aubin 1971
Guy Delorme Varèse´s Bodyguard
Grandads-Robbers (Stariki-razboyniki) Yuri Nikulin Nikolay Myachikov 1971
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie Fernando Rey Don Rafael Acosta 1972
The Pariah (La Scoumoune) Michel Peyrelon Charlot "The stylish" nickel finish; pearl grips 1972
The Battle After the Victory (Boy posle pobedy) Mati Klooren Reinhard Gehlen 1972
Nikolai Prokopovich Herbert Wilhelmy
Mikhail Volkov Sergei Krylov-Kramer
Mafia Junction Ivan Rassimov Inspector Cliff Hoyst 1973
The Terrorists Colin Prockter Mike 1974
Kaare Kroppan Col. Donner
Various police and military personnel
The Nada Gang Fabio Testi Buenaventura Diaz 1974
Maurice Garrel André Épaulard
Lou Castel D'Arey
Didier Kaminka Meyer
The Destructors Michael Caine John Deray 1974
Loaded Guns (Colpo in canna) Rosario Borelli Silvera's lieutenant 1975
Fear over the City (Peur sur la ville) Henri-Jacques Huet Julio Cortes 1975
Kostja and the Radioman (Kostja und der Funker) Frank Kürschner Kostja 1975
Hunter Will Get You Patrick Fierry Costa Valdez 1976
The Man on the Roof Carl Gustaf Lindstedt Martin Beck 1976
Police Python 357 François Périer Commissaire Ganay 1976
The Late Show Art Carney Ira Wells Suppressed 1977
John Considine Jeff Lamar
Convoy Busters (Un poliziotto scomodo) A biker 1978
Golden Mine (Zolotaya mina) Evgeniy Kindinov Militsia Capt. Sergey Kroshin 1978
Money Movers Gangster Suppressed 1979
The Woman Cop (La Femme Flic) Miou-Miou Corinne Levasseur 1980
Alex Lacast inspector Simpert
Roland Blanche Inspector Roc
Jean-Marc Thibault Commissaire Porel
Petrovka, 38 Aleksandr Egorov Lyonya Samsonov 1980
Mercedes Gets Away from the Chase ('Mersedes' ukhodit ot pogoni) German Yushko Capt. Vladimir Loktev 1980
Arnis Licitis Lt. Schulte
Front in the Rear of the Enemy (Front v tylu vraga) Aleksandr Mikhaylov Maj. Karasyov 1981
Vaiva Mainelyte Yelena Kovalenko
Missing Among the Living (Propavshiye sredi zhivykh) Aleksandr Demyanenko Militsia Capt. Yuriy Belyanchikov 1981
Pavel Kadochnikov Fyodor Kashlev alias "Nyrok"
Firefox Clint Eastwood Mitchell Gant substitute for Makarov 1982
The Grach Brothers (Grachi) Vitali Shapovalov Leonid Osadchiy 1982
Forced Vengeance Lloyd Kino Inspector Chen Suppressed 1982
The Shock (Le Choc) Alain Delon Christian Morelli 1982
Jacques Schaeffer Elder Terrorist
To Be or Not to Be José Ferrer Prof. Siletski 1983
Henry Brandon Gestapo Agent
Red Dawn Judd Omen Nicaraguan Captain substitute for Makarov 1984
The Little Drummer Girl Diane Keaton Charlie 1984
Yorgo Voyagis Joseph
Against All Odds James Woods Jake Wise 1984
Vabank II Leonard Pietraszak Gustaw Kramer 1985
Fake German border guard
The Execution Loretta Swit Marysia Walenka Stainless with Pearl grips 1985
Rip Torn Wilheim Gehbert
He Died with His Eyes Open (On ne meurt que deux fois) Michel Serrault Inspector Robert Staniland 1985
8 Million Ways to Die Andy Garcia Angel Maldonado 1986
Wild Geese II Stroebling's henchman 1985
The World Knows Nothing (Svet nic neví) Milan Knazko Heinrich 1987
Predator Sven-Ole Thorsen Russian Officer 1987
Elpidia Carrillo Anna
Burglar Raye Birk Man in Cadillac 1987
Death Wish 4 Charles Bronson Paul Kersey 1987
Iron Eagle II Uri Gavriel Koshken substitute for Makarov 1988
They Live Meg Foster Holly 1988
Door on the Left as You Leave the Elevator (À gauche en sortant de l'ascenseur) Pierre Richard Yann Ducoudray 1988
Jean-Michel Dupuis Jean-Yves
Emmanuelle Béart Éva
Ghost Rick Aviles Willie Lopez 1990
Tony Goldwyn Carl Bruner
The Godfather Part III Richard Bright Al Neri 1990
Death Warrant George Dickerson Tom Vogler Nickel plated 1990
Hoffa Frank Whaley Mob Assassin Suppressed 1992
The Democratic Terrorist German Police Officer 1992
Single White Female Bridget Fonda Allison Jones 1992
Jennifer Jason Leigh Hedra Carlson
Bitter Moon Peter Coyote Oscar 1992
Deep Cover Charles Martin Smith Gerald Carver 1992
Deep Cover Laurence Fishburne Russell Stevens 1992
Quick Teri Polo "Quick" nickel finish 1993
Martin Donovan Herschel Brewer
Salvator Xuereb Henry nickel finish with Pearl grips
Point of No Return Bridget Fonda Claudia with sound suppressor and brown factory grips 1993
Captives Julia Ormond Rachel Clifford 1994
Clueless Jace Alexander Robber nickel finish 1995
Casino Joe Pesci Nicky Santoro 1995
Midnight Heat Claire Yarlett Jenny Chrome plated with pearl grips 1996
Demolition High Gerrit Graham Vogel Chrome plated 1996
Corey Haim Lenny Slater
Love Kills Mario Van Peebles Poe Finklestein 1998
Run, Lola, Run Franka Potente Lola 1998
Ichi the Killer Shun Sugata Takayama 2001
Shin'ya Tsukamoto Jijii 2001
Avalon Malgorzata Foremniak Ash 2001
Ghost Ship crew-member 2002
The Pianist Various actors Nazi Officers 2002
Thomas Kretschmann Wilm Hosenfeld
The Job Alex Rocco Vernon Cray 2003
Downfall aka "Der Untergang" Various actors Various German Officers 2004
The Bourne Supremacy Brian Cox Ward Abbott 2004
Matt Damon Jason Bourne
Moscow Heat Andrew Divoff Weston 2004
The Business Danny Dyer Frankie 2005
Dead Man's Bluff (Zhmurki) Dmitri Dyuzhev Simon Dual wielding 2005
OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies Jean Dujardin Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath / Lucien Bramard / OSS 117 2006
Youssef Hamid The Imam
Payback Gregg Henry Val Resnick 2006
Black Book Johnny de Mol Theo 2006
The Wave Frederick Lau Tim Stoltefuss 2008
Philosophy of a Knife Tetsuro Sakagami Officer #1 2008
Anaconda 3: Offspring Ryan McCluskey Pinkus 2008
Female Agents Moritz Bleibtreu Karl Heindrich 2008
Flame and Citron Karel Dobrý SS-sturmbannführer Hermann Seibold 2008
Warsaw Dark Jerzy Bonczak Lewinski 2008
Max Manus: Man of War Nicolai Cleve Broch Gregers Gram Continuity error 2008
Oliver Stokowski Höhler
OSS 117: Lost in Rio Jean Dujardin Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath / Noël Flantier / OSS 117 2009
Oba: The Last Samurai Yutaka Takenouchi Capt. Sakae Ōba 2010
Imperial Japanese Soldiers
Angel of Evil Gaetano Bruno Fausto 2010
The Liquidator Vinnie Jones Killer 2011
Hanna Cate Blanchett Marissa Wiegler nickel finish; fitted with and without suppressor 2011
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Gary Oldman George Smiley 2011
Iron Sky Götz Otto Klaus Adler 2012
Julia Dietze Renate Richter
Anthropoid Detlef Bothe Reinhard Heydrich 2016


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
Stawka wieksza niz zycie Leon Niemczyk Rioletto "Scisle tajne" 1966-1968
Wieslawa Mazurkiewicz Hanna Bosel "Podwojny Nelson"
Mieczyslaw Waskowski SS-scharführer Glaubel "Scisle tajne"
Tadeusz Bialoszczynski Col. Herbert Reiner "Zelazny krzyz"
Mission: Impossible - Season 4 Dina Merrill Meredyth "The Controllers: Part 1" (S04E03) 1969
David Sheiner Dr. Karl Turek
Peter Graves Jim Phelps
Columbo Peter Falk Lt. Colombo "Payback" (S04E05), "Agenda for Murder" (S09E03) 1971-2003
Patrick McGoohan Oscar Finch "Agenda for Murder" (S09E03)
Hawaii Five-O Eric Braeden Djebara Season 5 Ep 23 1973
Failure of Engineer Garin (Krakh inzhenera Garina) Yefim Kopelyan Gaston "Duck Nose" 1973
The Age of Mercy (Mesto vstrechi izmenit nelzya) Vladimir Konkin Vladimir Sharapov 1979
Archiv des Todes Joachim Tomaschewsky Obersturmführer Beisel "Kennwort Pilatus" 1980
The A-Team 1984
Front Without Mercy (Front ohne Gnade) Jürgen Zartmann Hermann Anders Ep.1,2 1984
Renate Blume Lydia Messmer Ep.1
Bernd Braun Jochen Hellmann Ep.1
Klaus-Peter Thiele SS-Obersturmführer Menge Ep.1
Thomas Gumpert Dr. Gäbler Ep.8
Helmut Schreiber A German Maj. Ep.8
Jörg Knochée A German Hauptmann Ep.8
Heidemarie Wenzel Hildegard Wille Ep.11
The Equalizer Edward Woodward Robert McCall 1985
Dempsey and Makepeace Christopher Strauli James Bessel "Lucky Streak" (S01E03) 1985
Catriona MacColl Angie Hughes Super /"Hors De Combat" (S01E05)
State Border: Film 7, The Can be seen in documentary footage 1988
Twin Peaks Mädchen Amick Shelly Johnson nickel finish and Pearl grips 1990-1991
Joan Chen Josie Packard
Medicopter 117 - Jedes Leben zählt - Season 3 Domenico Pecoraio Paolo Correr ep. 13 2001
Iris - Season 1 North Korean secret service 2009
Lee Byung-hun Kim Hyun-jun
Julie Lescaut Véronique Genest Julie Lescaut Nickel finish / (S19E3, S23E4) 2009, 2013
Tyrant Shiek Rashid's guard Episode 5 2014

Video Game

Title Appears as Notation Date
Time Crisis PP Super, unusable 1995
BloodRayne "Walthurm PP" 2002
UberSoldier "Walther P38" nickel 2006


Show Title/ Episode Character Notation Date
Case Closed: The Last Wizard of the Century Scorpio with a scope, rail, and laser sights 1999
Gunslinger Girl Mob Members 2003
Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World Used by various minor characters 2003
Desert Punk Taiko Koizumi 2004
The Skull Man Ōtomo City Chief of Police 2007
Space Dandy Bea 2014

Walther PPK

The Walther PPK was manufactured in 6.35mm auto (.25 ACP), 7.65x17mm (.32 ACP) Auto or 9x17mm (.380 ACP).

Walther PPK - 9mm Kurz aka .380 ACP. Note the ring just behind the magazine.
Walther PPK - 7.65x17mm Browning aka .32 ACP
Walther PPK - 7.65 mm Browning aka .32 ACP
Early Waffenamt marked Walther PPK. Note the differences: orange bakelite grips, lanyard ring, smaller rear sight, grooved top, and irregular front - 7.65x17mm Auto (.32 ACP)
Walther PPK fitted with a sound suppressor - .380 ACP (black grips)
Walther PPK with a sound suppressor - .380 ACP (Brown factory grips)
Walther PPK stainless - 9mm Kurz aka .380 ACP

While the K would commonly stand for kurz, German for "Short", PPK means Polizei Pistole Kriminal, the Criminal Police Pistol, noted by its compact size. The Walther PPK is a shortened version of the Walther PP. Since it was the most common compact pistol of WW2 (for the German forces) it is the most famous as well as being the weapon of choice for fictional British Intelligence (MI-6) officer 007 James Bond.

Note, the K does indeed stand for Kriminal, however, this term needs some fleshing out. It is referred to as Kriminal not because of any preferred usage of smaller guns by Criminals, but because this is the gun issued to the Criminal division (Kriminalpolizei), i.e. the people who investigate crimes, which would be termed 'Detectives Division' in most U.S. police forces. Just like most patrolmen in the USA carried a 4 inch revolver at the time, and the Detectives often carried a snub nose revolver suitable for concealed carry (Colt specifically calling theirs the Detective Special) so too did the investigative branch of the German Police desire to carry a smaller version of the full sized patrolman's duty weapon.


Title Actor Character Notation Date
Young Partisans (Yunye partizani) Hans Klering A German officer May be a PP 1942
Action B (Akce B) Vlasta Chramostová Ofélie 1952
The Secret of Two Oceans (Tayna dvukh okeanov) Mikhail Gluzskiy Matvey Ivashyov 1957
Pavel Luspekaev Lt. Kartsev
Carve Her Name With Pride 1958
Sinners of Paris (Rafles sur la ville) Police inspectors 1958
The 39 Steps Kenneth More Richard Hannay 1959
Andrew Cruickshank Sheriff
The Tiger Attacks (Le Fauve est lâché) Lino Ventura Paul Lamiani 1959
André Weber Walter
From Russia With Love Sean Connery James Bond 1963
Pedro Armendariz Kerim Bey
Robert Shaw Donald "Red" Grant
Various actors Soviet Agents
Goldfinger Sean Connery James Bond Brown-grips 1964
Alf Joint Capungo
Thunderball Sean Connery James Bond Occasionally seen suppressed 1965
Guy Doleman Count Lippe
Philip Locke Vargas suppressed
The Chase E.G. Marshall Val Rogers 1966
The Upper Hand (Du rififi à Paname) Jean Gabin Paul Berger 1966
A Police officer
Deadlier Than the Male Richard Johnson Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond 1966
They Were Known Only by Sight (Ikh znali tolko v litso) Aleksandr Belyavskiy Sergei Kulagin 1966
Irina Miroshnichenko Galina Ortynskaya
Yuri Volkov SS Standartenführer Hube
Gestapo agents
You Only Live Twice Sean Connery James Bond 1967
Who's Got the Black Box (La route de Corinthe) Antonio Passalia The Killer 1967
Jean Seberg Shanny
The Night of the Generals Peter O'Toole Lt. Gen. Wilhelm Tanz 1967
Billion Dollar Brain Michael Caine Harry Palmer 1967
Where Eagles Dare Richard Burton Maj. John Smith 1968
Clint Eastwood Lt. Morris Schaffer
Ferdy Mayne Gen. Julius Rosemeyer
Donald Houston Capt. Olaf Christiansen
Ho! Seen in François Holin's weapon box 1968
Ice Station Zebra Patrick McGoohan David Jones 1968
Pasha (Le Pacha) Robert Dalban Inspector Gouvion 1968
On Her Majesty's Secret Service George Lazenby James Bond 1969
Draco's Henchmen
Diana Rigg Tracy
Island of Lost Girls Brad Harris Tom Rowland 1969
Diamonds Are Forever Sean Connery James Bond equipped brown-grips 1971
Legenda o živých mrtvých Vlasta Fialová Countess Eva The 4th part - entitled "Cesta smrti" 1971
She No Longer Talks She Shoots Thug 1972
The Pariah (La Scoumoune) Aldo Bufi Landi Jeannot Villanova 1972
Manhunt in Milan (La mala ordina) In Enrico's arsenal 1972
The Mechanic Charles Bronson Bishop 1972
The Seventeenth Transatlantic (Semnadtsatyy transatlanticheskiy) Valeri Babyatinsky Lt. Mitchell Early model 1972
The Mackintosh Man Paul Newman Joseph Rearden Suppressed 1973
Dominique Sanda Mrs. Smith
James Mason Sir George Wheeler
Live and Let Die Roger Moore James Bond 1973
Julius Harris Tee-Hee
Lon Satton Harold Strutter
The Conspiracy (Le complot) Michel Bouquet Commissioneer Lelong 1973
The Black Captain (Chyornyy kapitan) A White officer 1973
The Man with the Golden Gun Roger Moore James Bond 1974
The Odessa File Maximilian Schell Eduard Roschmann 1974
The Beast Must Die Anton Diffring Pavel Stainless 1974
Andrew Lodge Pilot
Emergency Squad (Squadra volante) Enzo Andronico Alberto 1974
French Connection II French police 1975
The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum Angela Winkler Katharina Blum 1975
Mad Enough to Kill (Folle à tuer) Jean Bouchaud The commissaire 1975
Loaded Guns (Colpo in canna) Nora's henchman Suppressed 1975
The Eagle Has Landed Robert Duvall Col. Max Radl 1976
Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo Bernard Fox Max 1977
Roy Kinnear Quincey
Black Sunday Steven Keats Moshevsky 1977
Telefon Lee Remick Barbara 1977
The Spy Who Loved Me Roger Moore James Bond 1977
Barbara Bach Maj. Anya Amasova
The Gang (Le Gang) Alain Delon Robert 1977
Tomorrow I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea Vladimír Mensík Rolf Kraus 1977
German Officer
Tachanka from the South (Tachanka s yuga) Stanislav Korenev Bardin 1977
Aleksandr Strigalyov Shura
Dmitri Mirgorodsky Arkadyev
Ask the Dead About the Price of Death (Surma hinda küsi surnutelt) Maria Klenskaja Ester 1977
The Big Sleep Robert Mitchum Marlowe 1978
The Big Sleep Oliver Reed Eddie Mars 1978
The Police War (La Guerre des polices) French police 1979
Country Trip of Sergeant Tsybulya (Dachnaya poezdka serzhanta Tsybuli) Sergei Ivanov Sgt. Tsybulya 1979
Wait for John Grafton (Gaidiet "Dzonu Graftonu") Juris Plavins Christophor Krasilnikov 1979
The Outsider Joe Dowling Pat 1980
From the Bug to the Vistula (Ot Buga do Visly) Aleksandr Denisov Anton Zemlyanko 1980
Mercedes Gets Away from the Chase ('Mersedes' ukhodit ot pogoni) Arnis Licitis Lt. Schulte 1980
For Your Eyes Only Roger Moore James Bond 1981
Stefan Kalipha Hector Gonzales
Topol Milos Columbo
Michael Gothard Emil Leopold Locque
An Eye for an Eye Christopher Lee Morgan Canfield 1981
Mako James Chan
Choice of Arms Gérard Depardieu Mickey 1981
The Ace of Aces (L'As des as) Frank Hoffmann Gunther von Beckman Seen only in holster 1982
Jean-Paul Belmondo Jo Cavalier
Fight at the Crossroads (Boy na Perekryostke) Vladimir Sedov Boris Travnikov 1982
Pavel Remezov Travnikov's aide
The Keep Gabriel Byrne Maj. Erich Kaempffer 1983
Octopussy Only in opening credits 1983
Videodrome James Woods Max Renn 1983
The ComDads (Les compères) Pierre Richard François Pignon 1983
The Vengeance of the Winged Serpent (La vengeance du serpent à plumes) Farid Chopel Mustapha 1984
Subway Pierre-Ange Le Pogan Jean 1985
The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission Wolf Kahler Gen. Sepp Dietrich 1985
A View to a Kill Roger Moore James Bond 1985
Grace Jones May Day
Christopher Walken Max Zorin
Nonstop Trouble with the Family Wolfgang Kieling Notar Prätorius 1985
A Youth Orchestra (Orkestar jedne mladosti) Seen into the Electrician bag; marbled 1985
Year of the Dragon John Lone Joey Tai Gold Plated 1985
Cop's Honor (Parole de Flic) Jean-François Stévenin Sylvain Dubor 1985
The Sicilian Connection (Pizza Connection) Michele Placido Mario Vialone Suppressed 1985
Malibu Express A masked killer Suppressed 1985
Assassination Charles Bronson USSS Agent Jay Killian 1986
Randy Brooks USSS Agent Tyler Loudermilk
Armed and Dangerous Christopher Mankiewicz Internal Affairs Detective 1986
The Match Will Take Place in Any Weather (Match sostoitsya v lyubuyu pogodu) Juris Strenga George Witke Suppressed 1986
Death Wish 4 Charles Bronson Paul Kersey 1987
Soon-Tek Oh Det. Nozaki suppressed
Near Dark Jenny Wright Mae stainless 1987
The Living Daylights Timothy Dalton James Bond occasionally seen suppressed 1987
No Way Out Marshall Bell Contra 1987
Cold Steel Jonathan Banks Iceman 1987
Sharon Stone Kathy Connors
In the Line of Duty III: Force of the Dragon Michiko Nishiwaki Michiko Nishiwaki 1988
Die Hard Alexander Godunov Karl with and without a suppressor 1988
Married to the Mob Mobsters stainless steel 1988
The Bourne Identity Richard Chamberlain Jason Bourne Suppressed 1988
Wolf Kahler Gold Glasses
Terry Richards Johann
Peter Vaughan Fritz Koenig
Licence to Kill Timothy Dalton James Bond 1989
Robert Davi Franz Sanchez
The Killer Chow Yun-Fat Ah Jong actually an 8mm German-made blank replica 1989
Code Name Coq Rouge Philip Zandén Appeltoft 1989
Krister Henriksson Fristedt
Pink Cadillac Clint Eastwood Tommy Nowak 1989
Cat Chaser Tomás Milián Andres DeBoya 1989
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Julian Glover Walter Donovan 1989
Various actors German Communications Officers
Desperate Hours Mickey Rourke Michael Bosworth 1990
Kelly Lynch Nancy Breyers
Elias Koteas Wally Bosworth
Anthony Hopkins Tim Cornell
RoboCop 2 Tom Noonan Cain Stainless 1990
The Last Boy Scout Noble Willingham Shelly Marcone Nickel-plated 1991
Nothing But Trouble Dan Aykroyd Judge / "Reeve" Alvin Valkenheiser Engraved Stainless version with Ivory Grips 1991
Chevy Chase Chris Thorne
The Jackpot! (La Totale!) Seen in Simon's suitcase 1991
Alligator II: The Mutation Steve Railsback Vincent Brown Gold Plated 1991
The Hard Way Michael J. Fox Nick Lang WWII dated with black grips 1991
Black Moon's Degree (Hradus chornoho Misyatsya) Regimantas Adomaitis Dr. Hematos 1992
Shining Through Joely Richardson Margrete von Eberstein 1992
Melanie Griffith Linda Voss
The Democratic Terrorist Despina Pajanou PLO Officer 1992
Lethal Weapon 3 Stuart Wilson Jack Travis Stainless with suppressor 1992
Freejack Jonathan Banks Michelette 1992
Jennifer Eight Andy Garcia Sgt. John Berlin nickel-plated, referred to as a .32 1993
The Real McCoy Kim Basinger Karen McCoy Stainless steel 1993
Curacao William Petersen Stephen Guerin 1993
Beverly Hills Cop III John Saxon Orrin Sanderson 1994
The Client Anthony LaPaglia Barry "the blade" Muldano suppressed 1994
Brad Renfro Mark Sway
Susan Sarandon Reggie Love
Shattered Image Anne Parillaud Jessie Markham Suppressed 1994
Direct Hit Juliet Landau Shelly 1994
(uncredited) Hatch's partner
Coldblooded Stainless 1995
Goldeneye Pierce Brosnan James Bond Occassionally seen suppressed 1995
Gottfried John Gen. Ourumov
Tomorrow Never Dies Pierce Brosnan James Bond Occasionally seen suppressed 1995
Eraser Arnold Schwarzenegger U.S. Marshal John Kruger 1995
Various actors Mafia Assassins Suppressed
Top Dog Kai Wulff Otto Dietrich 1995
Peter Savard Moore Karl Koller
Clockers Mekhi Phifer Strike 1995
Crying Freeman Kevan Ohtsji Takeshi Shimazaki 1995
Night of the Running Man Scott Glenn David Eckhart Stainless, suppressed 1995
Detonator II: Night Watch Alexandra Paul Sabrina Carver 1995
Fear David Fredericks Larry O'Brien 1996
Mark Wahlberg David McCall
The Phantom David Proval Charlie Zephro 1996
Jared Chandler Styles
Faithful Chazz Palminteri Tony 1996
Cherilyn Sarkisian Margareth
Silent Trigger Gina Bellman Clegg 1996
Face/Off Dietrich's Friend Nickel-plated 1997
Point Blank Paul Ben-Victor Howard Nickel-plated 1998
Run, Lola, Run Moritz Bleibtreu Manni Stainless-steel finish 1998
Montana Kyra Sedgwick Claire Kelsky Stainless-steel finish 1998
Wild Things Kevin Bacon Ray Duquette 1998
Denise Richards Kelly Van Ryan
Recoil Richard Foronjy Vincent Sloan Stainless 1998
Scarred City Andy Duppin A robber Stainless or nickel plated 1998
Random Hearts Dennis Haysbert Det. Beaufort 1999
The Whole Nine Yards Amanda Peet Jill St. Claire 2000
Nurse Betty Chris Rock Wesley Suppressed 2000
Crispin Glover Roy Ostery
Brother 2 (Brat 2) Konstantin Murzenko Fascist 2000
My Mother, the Spy David Palffy Gustavo Vasquez 2000
Dyan Cannon Gloria Shaeffer
Picture Claire Mickey Rourke Eddie 2001
Gina Gershon Lily Warden
Juliette Lewis Claire Beaucage
Charlotte Gray 2001
Uprising LeeLee Sobieski Tosia Altman 2001
Stephen Moyer Kazik Rotem
Andy Nyman Calel Wasser
Sadie Frost Zivia Lubetkin
Alexandra Holden Frania Beatus
Mili Avital Deworah Baron
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Eliza Dushku Sissy 2001
Ali Larter Chrissy
Jennifer Schwalbach Smith Missy
Spider-Man James Franco Harry Osborne 2002
WiseGirls Melora Walters Kate 2002
Red Dragon Mary-Louise Parker Molly Graham 2002
Avenging Angelo Sylvester Stallone Frankie Delano 2002
Steal 2002
Lovely Rita Julie Gayet Rita Stainless-steel finish 2003
Blind Horizon Faye Dunaway Ms. K Stainless-steel finish 2003
Three Ladies With a Gun (Tri dámy s pistolí) Kveta Fialová Heliodora Tiecková suppressed 2004
Blanka Bohdanová Elli Güllweinová
Jirina Bohdalová Frýda Hummerová
Simona Postlerová Monika
Radovan Lukavský colonel von Schröten
Jan Teplý jr. Pavel
The Punisher James Carpinello Robert Saint Stainless steel finish 2004
Employee of the Month Christina Applegate Sara Goodwin stainless, suppressed 2004
Before the Fall Justus von Dohnányi Heinrich Stein 2004
Downfall aka "Der Untergang" Bruno Ganz Adolf Hitler 2004
Various actors Various German Soldiers
Spartan Val Kilmer Robert Scott 2004
The Cutter Hitman Suppressed 2005
Death to the Supermodels Jaime Pressly Tiffany 2005
Diane Delano Merle
Divergence Jing Ning Ting 2005
Crusader Laia Blanch Leila 2005
Dhoom 2 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Sunehri 2006
Casino Royale (2006) Daniel Craig James Bond 2006
Ugandan Terrorist
The Departed Leonardo DiCaprio William "Billy" Costigan Jr. Flat nickel-plated 2006
Matt Damon Collin Sullivan
James Badge Dale Trooper Barrigan
Payback Lucy Liu Pearl Fitted with pearl grips 2006
The Chair Paul Soren Mordechai Zymytryk 2007
Lauren Roy Anna Velayo
Native Dancer (Baksy) Batyr's man 2007
Hot Fuzz Lorraine Hilton Amanda Paver duel-wielded 2007
You Kill Me Ben Kingsley Frank Falenczyk suppressed 2007
Shoot 'Em Up Clive Owen Mr. Smith 2007
Ramona Pringle The Baby's Mother
The Second Wind (Le Deuxième Souffle) Hitman 2007
Valkyrie Tom Cruise Count Claus von Stauffenburg 2008
Terence Stamp Gen. Ludwig Beck
Thomas Kretschmann Maj. Otto Ernst Remer
Jamie Parker Lt. Werner von Haeften
Various actors German Officers
The Betrayed Donald Adams Rathe 2008
The Betrayed Melissa George Jamie Taylor 2008
Quantum of Solace Daniel Craig James Bond 2008
Hitler's Kaput! (Gitler kaput!) Anna Semenovich Zina 2008
U-900 Götz Otto Oberleutnant Von Stetten 2008
Did You Hear About the Morgans? Michael Kelly Vincent Stainless steel finish and suppressed 2009
Inglorious Basterds (2009) Michael Fassbender Lt. Archie Hicox 2009
Til Schweiger Hugo Stiglitz
Diane Kruger Bridget von Hammersmark
Zombieland Emma Stone Wichita 2009
The Assassin Next Door Roni´s bodyguard 2009
Driven to Kill Thug 2009
The Golden Mean (Zolotoe sechenie) Natalia Dufraisse Madeleine 2010
From Paris with Love Kasia Smutniak Caroline 2010
Inception Ken Watanabe Saito 2010
Jerry Cotton Jürgen Tarrach Ruby 2010
Wilfried Hochholdinger Chi Chi Coby
Outside the Law Sami Bouajila Abdelkadar 2010
Roschdy Zem Messaoud
Wind Blast (Xi Feng Lie) Yihong Duan Xiang Xi aka Leopard 2010
Good Day for It Lance Henriksen Lyle Tyrus 2011
Johnny English Reborn Rowan Atkinson Johnny English stainless 2011
Daniel Kaluuya Agent Tucker
Dominic West Simon Ambrose
Joséphine de La Baume Madeleine
MI7 Agents
Captain America: The First Avenger Hayley Atwell Peggy Carter 2011
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Benedict Cumberbatch Peter Guillam 2011
Gary Oldman George Smiley 2011
Kill the Irishman Robert Davi Ray Ferritto 2011
21 Jump Street Dave Franco Eric Molson stainless, continuity error 2012
Interview with a Hitman 2012
FDR: American Badass Jesse Merlin Adolf Hitler 2012
Nobel's Last Will Antje Traue Kitten Suppressed 2012
Sabotage drug cartel assassin 2014
Lila & Eve Chris Chalk Alonzo stainless 2015
Avengers: Age of Ultron Cobie Smulders Maria Hill 2015
Jason Bourne Vincent Cassel Asset 2016


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
Stawka wieksza niz zycie Boguslaw Sochnacki Zajac "Wolf" "Wielka wsypa" 1966 - 1968
Lucyna Suchecka Greta Raschke "Oblezenie"
Columbo Clive Revill Joe Devlin Suppressed / "The Conspirators" (S07E05) 1968-2003
Albert Paulsen Vincent Pauley Suppressed / "The Conspirators" (S07E05)
Helen Shaver Vivian Dimitri Stainless, suppressed/ "Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo" (S09E04)
Tyne Daly Delores Stainless /"A Bird in the Hand..." (S11E03)
Mission: Impossible - Season 2 Peter Donat "Arthur Warner" "The Condemned" (S02E19) 1968
Mission: Impossible - Season 4 Don Francks Major Alex Denesch "The Numbers Game" (S04E02) 1969
Peter Lupus Willy Armitage
Mission: Impossible - Season 7 Claude Akins Sam Hibbard "Seed"(S07E19) 1973
Doctor Who Richard Franklin Capt. Mike Yates "The Dæmons" 1971
John Levene Sgt. John Benton "The Time Monster" 1972
Richard Franklin Capt. Mike Yates "Invasion of the Dinosaurs" 1974
John Bennett Gen. Finch
Elisabeth Sladen Sarah Jane Smith "The Android Invasion" 1975
John Challis Scorby "The Seeds of Doom" 1976
Mark Jones Arnold Keeler
Alan Chuntz Chauffeur
Born by Revolution: On Fire (Rozhdyonnaya revolyutsiey: V ogne) Nikolai Vashchilin A criminal 1974
Born by Revolution: On the Night of the 20th (Rozhdyonnaya revolyutsiey: V noch na 20-e) Aleksandr Lebedev Genka Nickel plated or stainless 1976
Evgeniy Zharikov Nikolay Kondratyev
Waves of the Black Sea (Volny Chyornogo morya) Anatoli Adoskin Zhora Kolesnichuk Film 3 1976
30 Cases of Major Zeman Stanislav Fiser Velenský "Vyznavaci ohne" (S01E02) 1976
Ludek Munzar Wolf
Jirí Nemecek "Kapitán" "Vrah se skrývá v poli" (S01E10)
Jirí Holý Arnold Hackel "Konec velké šance" (S02E04) 1977
Borivoj Navrátil Rusnák "Prokleté dedictví" (S02E07)
Otto Lackovic Ledvinka
Jirí Holý Arnold Hackel "Bílé linky" (S02E08)
Ladislav Krivácek Honza Böhm
Josef Bláha Leopold Fanta "Modrá svetla" (S02E10)
Cerezo Salazar Mestrey´s man "Poselství z neznámé země" (S03E08) 1980
Rudolf Jelínek Jirí Hradec
Jaroslav Drbohlav Karel Moudrý "Mimikry" (S03E09)
Oldrich Vlach Karel Vondřich
Emil Horváth Martin Gajdos "Ruze pro Zemana" (S03E10)
It Was in Kokand (Eto bylo v Kokande) Georgi Shevtsov Donald 1977
The Professionals Michael Gothard Kodai "Stopover" 1979
Chai Lee Esther "Take Away"
Michael Hadley Michael "Dead Reckoning"
Barry Stanton Ferris "Spy Probe" 1981
Lewis Collins William Andrew Philip Bodie
Twig "Spy Probe" / Suppressed
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Ian Bannen Jim Prideaux 1979
Magnum, P.I. Tom Selleck Thomas Magnum "The Big Blow" - his backup gun 1980-1988
Long Road in the Dunes (Ilgais cels kapas) Latvian police Ep.2 1982
Hunter Stepfanie Kramer Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall 1984-1991
Agatha Christie's Miss Marple "At Bertram's Hotel" 1987
Tales from the Crypt Lea Thompson Sylvia Vane stainless; "Only Sin Deep" (S1E04) 1989
Inspector Morse Daniel Massey Anthony Donn "Deceived by Flight" (S03E03) 1989
Harriet Walter Dr. Esther Martin "The Day of the Devil" (S07E02) 1993
Keith Allen John Peter Barrie
Doug Bradley "Clergyman" Williams "Twilight of the Gods" (S07E03)
Kevin Whately DS Lewis
The X-Files Gillian Anderson FBI Special Agent Dana Scully French-made Manurhin variant / S1E07-S1E23, "The Blessing Way" (S3E01), "Paper Clip" (S3E02) 1993-1995
Christopher Allport FBI Special Agent Jack Willis French-made Manurhin variant / "Lazarus" (S1E14) 1994
David Duchovny FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder "Nisei" (S3E09), "731" (S3E10), "Paper Hearts" (S4E10) 1995-1996
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman A cloning expert "Vatman" 1993-1997
Lex's ex-wife
Bruce Campbell Bill Church Jr.
Agent "Sweet Tart" "The Dad Who Came In From the Cold"
Tempus "Tempus, Anyone?"
A Federal Agent "The Green, Green, Glow of Home"
Dr. Isaac Mamba Suppressed
Kommissar Rex - Season 1 Karl Markovics Ernst Stockinger 1994
Lady Cop (Die Kommissarin) - Season 1 Marek Harloff Till Kühne "Blutsbande" (S01E09) 1994
Carola Regnier Franziska Wolf "Der zehnte Mord" (S01E12)
Law & Order - Season 5 Peter Facinelli Shane Sutter "Performance" (S05E14) 1995
Donna Mitchell Susan Parker "Seed" (S05E15)
The X-Files - Season 3 Train officer "731" (S3E10) 1995
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Avery Brooks Benjamin Sisko "Our Man Bashir" (S04E08) 1995
Alexander Siddig Julian Bashir "Our Man Bashir" (S04E08), "A Simple Investigation" (S05E17) 1995, 1997
Law & Order - Season 7 Luke Reilly Henry H. Harp "Double Down" (S07E19) 1996
Millennium Klea Scott FBI Agent Emma Hollis 1996-1999
Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei 1996-
The X-Files - Season 6 Jim Fyfe Timmy the Geek Possible Walther PPK/S, Suppressed / "Three of a Kind" (S6E20) 1999
Grazhdanin nachalnik Sergey Taramaev Vladimir Neklyasov Denix replica 2001
Yuriy Stepanov Pavel Nikolaevich Pafnutyev
Fabio Montale Jean-François Garreaud Pierre Ugolini 2002
Ultimate Force Ross Kemp SSgt. Henno Garvie Suppressed 2002-2006
Tony Curran Sgt. Pete Twamley
Elliot Cowan Cpl. Jem Poynton
Alex Reid Cpt. Caroline Walsh
Jamie Draven Cpl. Jamie Dow
Monk Girlfriend of a drug dealer "Mr. Monk Gets Jury Duty" 2002-2009
a criminal "Mr. Monk On Wheels"
Traylor Howard Natalie Teeger
Tony Shalhoub Adrian Monk "Mr. Monk Is Someone Else,"
Firefly Nathan Fillion Malcolm Reynolds Nickel-plated, engraved, "Heart of Gold" (S01E13) 2003
Medicopter 117 - Jedes Leben zählt - Season 6 bandit first episode 2003
Julie Lescaut Diane Dassigny Alice Lejeune 7 episodes 2004-2007
Josy Bernard Camille Renoncourt "Faux semblants" (S16E1) 2006
Isabelle Renauld Caroline Dumont "Alerte enlèvement" (S18E4) 2008
Patrick Fierry Paul Gerbert
Véronique Genest Julie Lescaut Stainless / "Alerte enlèvement" (S18E4), "Passions aveugles" (S19E4) 2008-2009
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Hank Connor "Leapin' Lizards" (S07E22) 2006-2007
Liquidation (Likvidatsiya) . Counterintelligence agents 2007
The Kill Point Ryan Sands Leroy Barnes 2007
Sanctuary Amanda Tapping Dr. Helen Magnus "Tempus" (S04E01) 2008-
Peter Wingfield Dr. Watson
Guns Gangbangers 2008
Iris - Season 1 North Korean and Hungarian secret service 2009
Lee Byung-hun Kim Hyun-jun
CSI: NY - Season 6 Edward Furlong Shane Casey "Redemptio" (S06E19) 2009-2010
Community Jim Rash Dean Craig Pelton "Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design" (S02E09) 2010
Luther Kidnapper Episode 5 2010
Justified - Season 1 Stephen Root Judge Mike "The Hammer" Reardon "The Hammer" (S1E10) 2010
Continuum - Season 1 Richard Harmon Julian Randol "Family Time" (S01E09) 2012
Last Resort Autumn Reeser Kylie Sinclair 2012
Vegas (2012) Carrie-Anne Moss Katherine O'Connell 2012
Missing Ashley Judd Rebecca Winstone "Pilot" (S1E01), "Ice Queen" (S1E03), Tell Me No Lies" (S1E04) 2012
Hitman Suppressed / "Pilot" (S1E01)
Strike Back - Season 4 Iván Kamarás Skander Suppressed / S04E04 2013
Crossing Lines Donald Sutherland Michael Dorn 2013
Days of Honour. Uprising (Czas honoru. Powstanie) Jakub Wesolowski Michal Konarski 2014
Father Brown - Season 2 Lisa Jackson Phyllis Stanwyck "The Laws of Motion" (S02E10) 2014
Oliver Mellor Walter MacMurray
Policie Modrava Ivo Novák Bouček Stainless / Jak málo stačí" (S1E14) 2015
The Man in the High Castle American Resistance fighters 2015
The Man in the High Castle Carsten Norgaard SS Oberst Rudolf Weneger "A Way Out" (S01E10) 2015
Foyle's War - Season 9 Vincenzo Nicoli Grant "High Castle" (S9E1) 2015
The Labyrinth Jan Vondrácek Karel Dorf 1st season 2015
The Man in the High Castle Cara Mitsuko Sara 2016
The Man in the High Castle Rupert Evans Frank 2016
Hap and Leonard Bill Sage Howard "The Dive" (S1E03) 2016
Wynonna Earp Katherine Barrell Nicole Haught "Everybody Knows" (S2E07) 2017
V.I.P. Murders (V.I.P. vraždy) Iva Kubelková Miss Horká "Ženské zbraně" (S2E07), "Hazard s Havětí" (S2E08) 2018
V.I.P. Murders (V.I.P. vraždy) Zuzana Sulajová Mrs. Holasová "Ženské zbraně" (S2E07) 2018
Father Brown - Season 6 Richard Harrington Benedict Northam (S06E05) 2018
Mary Antony Lara Winslow
The Man in the High Castle Luke Kleintank Joe Blake "Sensô Kôi" (S03E03) 2018
Michael Hogan Hagan "Baku" (S03E09) 2018

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation Release Date
GoldenEye 007 PP7 Available with and without a suppressor Silver and gold versions can be unlocked 1997
Perfect Dark PP9i 2000
007: Nightfire Wolfram PP7 Available with a removable suppressor Gold version can be unlocked 2002
Scarface: The World is Yours ".38" 2006
Team Fortress 2 Pistol Mix between the Makarov PM and Walther PPK 2007
The Saboteur Silenced Pistol 2009
James Bond 007: Blood Stone PPK can be seen suppressed 2010
007: Legends 2012
Rise Of The Triad Can be dual wielded 2013
Payday 2 "Gruber Kurz" Incorrectly holds 14 rounds 2013
Alekhine's Gun 2016
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades 2016
Sniper Elite 4 "Urban Assault Expansion Pack" DLC 2017
Day of Infamy PPK 2017


Show Title/ Episode Character Notation Date
Ninja Ryukenden Dr. Ned Friedman 1991
Gunsmith Cats ATF Agent Bill Collins / "Agent Double Oh 7-11" 1995-1996
Rally Vincent
Case Closed Vermouth 1996 -
various other characters
Psycho Diver: Soul Siren Kudo 1997
Key the Metal Idol Jinsaku Ajo with silver finish 1997
Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade Fuse 1998
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Unnamed assassin Fitted with a sound suppressor 2002-2003
Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo Baron Danglars Gold-plated 2004-2005
Starship Operators Renna Satomi 2005
Akiho Maya
Magikano Fuyuno Yoshikawa "Did a Maid Really Come?" (Ep.07) 2006
Saikano 2006
Case Closed: The Private Eyes' Requiem Reiko Stainless finish 2006
Hellsing Integra Hellsing Used with fictional incendiary round 2006-????
The Skull Man/ "00" turncoat Ōtomo Concern researcher 2007
Case Closed: The Raven Chaser Vermouth stainless 2009
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom Ein 2009
Mob member
Gosick Julie "The Hares Break a Promise Under the Morning Sun" 2011
Future Diary Minene Uryuu 2011
Amagi Brilliant Park Seiya Kanie 2014
Black Bullet Takuto Yasuwaki 2014
The Disappearance of Conan Edogawa: The Worst Two Days in History Nana 2014
Case Closed: The Darkest Nightmare Vermouth stainless 2016


Title Characters Notation Date
Archer Sterling Archer Stainless finish, sometimes akimbo 2009-????
Conway Stern S1E03 "Diversity Hire" ; blued and suppressed 2009
Malory Archer S2E08 "Lo Scandalo" ; Stainless finish and suppressed 2012

Walther PPK/S

Walther PPK/S stainless - .380 ACP.
Walther PPK/S stainless with Pachmayr rubber grips and factory flat bottom magazine - .380 ACP.
Walther PPK/S blued - .380 ACP
Walther PPK/S blued with flat-bottom magazine - .380 ACP

The PPK was too small for importation into America, so to fix the problem, Walther slapped a PPK slide on a PP frame and built the PPK/S. The most notable way to tell a PPK from a PPK/S is its finish (a PPK/S is far more common as a stainless gun than a PPK) and longer frame spur. Also, Walther did manage to sell more pistols that would otherwise be banned under the harsh rules of GCA-68 by building them domestically (Walther U.S.A.).


Title Actor Character Notation Date
The Mechanic Charles Bronson Bishop 1972
Gorky Park Lee Marvin Jack Osborne gold-plated 1983
Lethal Weapon A hoodlum 1987
Tequila Sunrise Kurt Russell Det. Frescia engraved 1988
Mel Gibson Dale 'Mac' McKussic
RoboCop 3 Bradley Whitford Fleck Blued finish 1993
Trouble Bound Santino´s bodyguard 1993
Guarding Tess James Rebhorn FBI Special Agent Howard Schaeffer 1994
Die Hard with a Vengence Sam Phillips Katya with stainless steel finish and pearl grips 1995
Bad Boys Téa Leoni Julie Mott 1995
Eraser James Caan Deputy U.S. Marshal Robert Deguerin Often seen suppressed 1996
The Long Kiss Goodnight Geena Davis Charlene Elizabeth "Charly" Baltimore Stainless steel finish with wood-grips 1996
Brian Cox Dr. Nathan Waldman
Sleepers Billy Crudup Tommy Marcano 1996
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Mike Myers Austin Powers Custom Nickel finish with pearl grips, standard grips during stuntwork 1997
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Vas Blackwood Rory Breaker duel-wielded 1998
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Mike Myers Austin Powers Custom Nickel finish with pearl grips, standard grips during stuntwork 1999
Gone in Sixty Seconds Christopher Eccleston Calitri 2000
Rush Hour 2 Jackie Chan Chief inspector Lee Stainless steel 2001
Zhang Ziyi Hu Li
John Lone Ricky Tan
Austin Powers in Goldmember Mike Myers Austin Powers Custom Nickel finish with pearl grips, standard grips during stuntwork 2002
Tears of the Sun 2003
Hollywood Homicide Dwight Yoakam Leroy Wasley 2003
Don't Look for Me (Such mich nicht) Lea Mornar Anna 2004
Mark Zak Georgian criminal
San Antonio Valeria Golino Italian woman Stainless finish and suppressed 2004
Mr. & Mrs. Smith Brad Pitt John Smith Blued finish 2005
16 Blocks David Morse Detective Frank Nugent Blued finish 2006
Mr. Brooks Kevin Costner Mr. Earl Brooks Stainless finish and suppressed 2007
Iron Man 2 Scarlett Johansson SHIELD Agent Natasha Romanoff 2010
Skyfall Daniel Craig James Bond Blued Finish 2012
The Berlin File Werner Daehn Yuri Stainless finish and suppressed 2013


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
Hunter Stepfanie Kramer Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall First 4 seasons Equipped with white plastic grips 1984-1991
The Equalizer Edward Woodward Robert McCall 1985-1989
The Sopranos Michael Imperioli Christopher Moltisanti 1999-2007
The X-Files - Season 8 David Duchovny FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder Blued, Flashback sequence, Standing in for Walther PPK / "The Gift" (S8E11) 2001
Robert Patrick FBI Special Agent John Doggett Blued, Standing in for Walther PPK / "The Gift" (S8E11) 2001
Burn Notice Gabrielle Anwar Fiona Glenanne Stainless finish 2007-
My Name is Earl Jaime Pressly Joy 2008
CSI: NY - Season 7 Brett Tucker Theodore Westwick "The 34th Floor" (S07E01) 2010-2011
Megan Ward Annie Cartland "Vigilante" (S07E15)
Supernatural - Season 7 Madison McLaughlin Krissy Chambers Stainless / "Adventures In Babysitting" (S07E11) 2012
Jensen Ackles Dean Winchester
Bullet in the Face Kate Kelton Martine Mahler stainless (S01E4) 2012
Eric Roberts Racken stainless
Banshee - Season 1 Lili Simmons Rebecca Bowman stainless / episode 8 2013
Rogue - Season 1 Thandie Newton Grace "Jackie" Travis stainless / episode 5 2013
Continuum - Season 2 Gun dealer stainless / episode 10 2013
Banshee - Season 2 Lili Simmons Rebecca Bowman with pearl grips 2014
Banshee - Season 3 Lili Simmons Rebecca Bowman with pearl grips 2015
Banshee - Season 3 Ulrich Thomsen Kai Proctor with pearl grips/ Ep. 2 2015
Agent Carter Hayley Atwell Peggy Carter 2015
Agent Carter Bridget Regan Dottie 2015
Agent Carter Wynn Everett Whitney Frost 2016
Agent Carter Hayley Atwell Peggy Carter 2016
Agent Carter Reggie Austin Jason Wilkes 2016


Show Title Character Notation Date
Case Closed: The Last Wizard of the Century Scorpio 1999
The Sky Crawlers Suito Kusanagi Blued version 2008
Eden of the East Takizawa seen in his closet 2009
Case Closed Vermouth "Head-to-Head Match With the Black Organization; Two Mysteries of the Night of the Full Moon" . 1996-???
Shiho's sister
Strike Witches Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke 2008-???

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation Release Date
Little Busters! Used by various characters 2007
Zombie Panic Source PPK Incorrectly fires 9x19mm ammo 2007


P1001, a East German copy of the Walther PP - 7.65x17mm

P1001 is an East Germany-produced copy of a Walther PP.


Title Actor Character Notation Date
Gladiator for Rent (Gladiator po naymu) Nikolai Yeryomenko, Sr. Guriy Lukachyov 1993
Marina Mogilevskaya Yeva Lukachyova
Sergey Gazarov Stas Kostylev
Several could be seen in the Epstein's Gun Shop.


Show Title Character Notation Date
Schwarzesmarken Captain Irisdina Bernhard 2016
Stasi officer Major Beatrix Brehme

Blank-Firing Replicas

Bruni "ME-8 Police"

Bruni "ME-8 Police" - 8mm blank

A blank firing replica of Walther PPK. Manufactured by the Italian company Bruni S.r.I.


Title Actor Character Note Air Date
Mediterraneo Diego Abatantuono Sgt. Nicola Lorusso 1991
Claudio Bigagli Lt. Raffaele Montini
If Looks Could Kill Roger Daltrey Blade 1991
Linda Hunt Ilsa Grunt
Bride of Chucky Jennifer Tilly Tiffany Nickel plated 1998
Nick Stabile Jesse
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Jake Abraham Dean 1998
Victor McGuire Gary
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai Richard Portnow Handsome Frank 1999


Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
Homicide: Life on the Street Sean Nelson Ronnie Sayers "Every Mother's Son" (S03E09) 1995
Sherlock Sarah Lam General Shan S01E02 2010

Kimar Lady K

Kimar Lady K - 8mm PAK
Kimar Lady K nickel - 8mm PAK

A blank firing replica manufactured by the Italian company Kimar (a subsidiary of Armi Chiappa) the Lady K can be identified by the lower position of the magazine release catch, and the rounded extension to the frame around the assembly pin above the trigger. With the barrel permanently blocked and gas port relief holes drilled in the top of the chamber, it is definitely in the class of starter pistol and won't fire a flash in front of the barrel, but straight up.


Title Actor Character Note Air Date
The Ninth Gate Lena Olin Liana Telfer Nickel plated 1999
Tony Amoni Liana´s bodyguard
Johnny Depp Dean Corso
Straight Shooter Katja Flint Regina Toelle Nickel plated 1999
Heino Ferch Volker Bretz
The Apocalypse Code Anastasiya Zavorotnyuk Lt. Col. Darya Vyacheslavovna Nickel plated, suppressed 2007
Rise of the Zombies Heather Hemmens Ashley Nickel plated 2012
Chad Lindberg Kyle


Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
Lady Cop (Die Kommissarin) - Season 1 Katja Flint Michaela "Tödliches Souvenir" (S01E13); Nickel plated 1994
Lady Cop (Die Kommissarin) - Season 2 Raphael Wilczek Bernd Hetzel "Ein alter Bekannter" (S02E05); Nickel plated 1995
Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei Femme Fatale "Verlorene Erinnerungen"; Nickel plated 2000
Monk - Season 1 Polly Draper Rita Bronwyn "Mr. Monk Takes A Vacation" (S01E10); Nickel plated 2002
Julie Lescaut Véronique Genest Julie Lescaut 2003-2013
Julie Lescaut Julie Duclos Roxane Dupuy "Fragile" (S19E01) 2009
Continuum - Season 3 Magda Apanowicz Emily Episode 13 2014

Reck Mod. PP

Reck Mod. PP pistol - 9 mm P.A.K

A blank firing replica of Walther PP. Manufactured by the German company Umarex.


Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
Dolmen Ingrid Chauvin Marie Kermeur 2005
Policie Modrava Simona Postlerová Elena Klementová " Vražda za úplňku" (S1E08) 2015
The Bridge (Bron) Harald Leander Torbjørn Alm S3E08 2015

Reck Mod. PPK

Reck Mod. PPK pistol - 9 mm P.A.K

A blank firing replica of Walther PPK. Manufactured by the German company Umarex.


Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
The Bridge (Bron) Kim Bodnia Martin Rohde S1E10 2011
The Bridge (Bron) Sofia Helin Saga Norén S1E10 2011
The Bridge (Bron) A terrorist with mask pig S2E06 2013
The Bridge (Bron) Thure Lindhardt Henrik Sabroe S3E09 2015

Umarex Walther PPK/S

Umarex Walther PPK/S, 4.5 mm.
Umarex Walther PPK/S, 4.5 mm.


  • Type: Pistol
  • Capacity: 15
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs (0.6 kg)
  • Lenght: 6.1 in (15.5 cm)
  • Muzzle velocity: 295.3 fps (90 m/s)
  • Fire Modes: Semi-Automatic (Double-Action/Single-Action)


Title Actor Character Note Air Date
Weekend Maksim Matveev Igor Alekseevich Lebedev 2013
Vyacheslav Chepurchenko Max
Yuliya Khlynina Sonya
Viktor Sukhorukov Viktor Ivanovich Makovskiy
uncredited fisherman

See Also

  • Walther Arms - A list of all firearms manufactured by Walther Arms.

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