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Hello there, I'm PaperCake and if I serve as the guy who runs around video game and movie articles and edits the text to make it more lively and amusing. If you need someone to help make a page less garbled and boring, I am your man.

Specific Stuff

Age: late teens

Living in: Southeastern Pennsylvania, cause Maryland's gun laws are trash.

Guns I've handled: Too many to list.

Guns I own

The first real handgun I ever owned, the shop ran out of other hammer fired 9mm guns, leaving this M9A1 in the racks. I bought it, modified it and love it, an absolute tack-driver.
A Christmas gift, a local shop had it for sale at $350 and I couldn't pass up on some old S&Ws. Shoots very accurately to boot.
A giant gun show find, a local seller had a full case filled with these ex-California Model 10's for only $280. Good starter revolver, incredibly accurate, and fun to use.
More of an impulse buy, this little snubbie was modified by its previous owner to make a belly gun. This included lobbing the original sights off and replacing them, and some really bad slab side grips. It was going to be my backup gun, if the front sight hadn't flown off while shooting. I'll use it to get a better gun in a trade eventually.
A gun I had spent a year searching for, my search came up with questionable online sellers. At least until a local gun show had this worn-out beauty for a low price. A ridiculously reliable little .380, and a perfect pocket pistol too.

Do Not Sell My Personal Information
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