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* [[Camren Bicondova]]
* [[Camren Bicondova]]
* [[User:Kloga/Airsoft and Prop Collection|Airsoft and Prop Collection]]  
* [[User:Kloga/Airsoft and Prop Collection|Airsoft and Prop Collection]]  
* [[User:Kloga/Photos|Photos]] - a really old page I'm keeping for sentimental sake.  
* [[User:Kloga/Photos|Photos]] - a really old page I'm keeping for sentimental sake.  
* [[User:Kloga/Sandbox|Sandbox]]  
* [[User:Kloga/Sandbox|Sandbox]]  
* [ Page about me on IMDb]
* [ Page about me on IMDb]
* [ My YouTube Channel]
* [ My YouTube Channel]

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Nikolay Yeriomin A.K.A. Kloga, Kolya Logan, Kolya, Picture, Toaster.

I am from Donetsk, Ukraine and I'm a Master of Political Studies in International Relations (Bachelor and Master degrees received from Donetsk National University). Currently I’m studying International Relations as a post-graduate student (pursuing PhD) in the Donetsk National University in Vinnytsia.

I’m also an independent film-maker (you can check out my YouTube Channel) with some small experience on big budget productions. I’m very interested in both movies and firearms, though, being a film-buff the first one usually prevails.

Since February of 2014 I am the first (and, by far, only) person to receive the 3 months ban. Reason was officially given as "bad attitude". It wasn't my proudest moment. Although I still find some of the rules of this website a tiny bit outdated, it's just my humble opinion and I'm trying hard to stick o the rules.

Note: keep in mind that I'm quite a longtime user of this site and that despite my English improved a lot since then (professional translator from and to Russian and Ukrainian, in fact) and was upper intermediate already I had my difficulties which may still be evidenced here and there on this page, no matter how hard I'll try to re-write anything with time.


[edit] My articles and pages (including stand-alone sections and sub-sections)

[edit] Gallery



[edit] A Full List

[edit] Firearms

[edit] Titles

[edit] Persons

[edit] Manufacturers

[edit] Categories (selected)

[edit] Deleted

[edit] To Do

See here for a list of pages I'm more or less planning to do.

[edit] My contributions

[edit] Major Additions and Re-Writes

Note: Major re-writes have a bold hyperlink

[edit] Firearms

[edit] Titles

[edit] Persons

[edit] Manufacturers

[edit] Planning to re-write

[edit] Minor Edits and Small Contributions

[edit] Firearms

[edit] Titles (selected)

[edit] Persons

[edit] Guns in My Life (heck, I should make a movie with title like that someday)

[edit] Guns, that I've fired or handled

Note: Excluding assorted airsoft. Only (more or less) real deal here.

[edit] Fired

  • LATEK Safari RF-440 (.22 CB/Flobert revolver, made in Ukraine) - fired it two times, shot one can with a second shot and nearly shot neighbors window with the first shot. Good thing which fits the hand right thanks to composite grips. It is interesting that 4/6mm (.22 cb Flobert) guns can be legally owned without any license in Ukraine.
  • Olympic 6 Blank Firing Revolver - starter revolver made in Italy. Was in my hands many times, including pulling the trigger.
  • IZH-38 - fired it as a part of school military lessons (a common thing in Post-Soviet countries).
  • Unknown Makarov PM air gun replica - fired it numerous times on a shooting range in Irpen.
  • Unknown Crossbow - fired it numerous times on a shooting range in Irpen.
  • Practice/Training Grenade - used it as a part of school military lessons (basically a piece of metal roughly of needed shape and form).

[edit] Held

[edit] Airsoft and Prop Collection

See here

[edit] My preferences in firearms and media

[edit] Favorite firearms

[edit] Machine Guns

[edit] Grenade and Missile Launchers, Mortars

[edit] Shotguns

[edit] Rifles (including Assault and Battle ones) and Carbines

[edit] Submachine Guns, Machine and Semi-Automatic Pistols

[edit] Handguns (Standard and Compact Size)

[edit] Handguns (Sub-Compact Size, Derringers, Backups etc.)

[edit] Grenades, Explosives, Mines

[edit] Fictional

[edit] Others

[edit] Favorite movies

Currently I have 25 most favorite movies (a list of just favorite would have been something like 200 titles, probably):

Also there are a few films which are very close to be one of the favorites but needed to be re-watched a few times to make me sure if them needed to be in the list:

[edit] Favorite television shows (selected)

[edit] Favorite directors (selected)

[edit] Favorite actors (selected)

[edit] Favorite actresses (Selected)

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