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Additional Images

Uberti replica of a Winchester 1873 carbine
Uberti replica of a Winchester 1873 rifle
Uberti replica of a Winchester 1873 carbine
Modern reproduction of a Winchester 1873 "Trapper" Carbine
Winchester Model 1873 with short magazine - .44/40 Winchester. This specimen was manufactured ,and shipped from the factory, in March 1885.

Difference between Winchester Model 1873 and 1892?

I've been wondering about the differences between these two models, and googling variations of this topic title hasn't gotten me anywhere. It seems the main difference is the 1892's stronger action, which seems to make replicas more suitable for modern ammunition. Are there are other differences between them if we assume both are the same barrel lentgh, chambered in the same ammunition, and are vintage models?

Also, is there an easy way to tell them apart, they look rather identical to me and i would like to know what to look for when identifying one? Z008MJ (talk) 10:04, 20 November 2013 (EST)

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