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At the beginning Liam does a suicide bid by going outside and placing the barrel of his rifle into his mouth. Wouldn't it freeze to his tongue like the flagpole scene in A Christmas Story?Foofbun 06:24, 22 February 2012 (CST)

I believe it would depend on how cold the barrel was; you said that he goes outside to do this, so it's possible that the barrel was still warm enough that his saliva wouldn't freeze on contact. In any case, I think that would be the last thing someone contemplating suicide would be worrying about. Orca1 9904 11:42, 22 February 2012 (CST)

ottway's rifle is actually a remington 700 s.a that looks to be a 308 or some short magnum .

--Dalemac37 23:16, 24 June 2012 (CDT)dalemac37 6/24/2012

Saw this today

Really good movie, not what I expected at all, found it very touching at times and a great story of survival, especially towards the very end. Couple of questions though:

We see Ottway has a case of shotgun shells as well, obviously those AREN'T for his rifle, but it's perfectly logical to assume a dangerous game hunter might have a shotgun loaded with double-ought or solid slug if his main weapon fails or the animal's too close for a decent shot with a scoped rifle... but where the hell did that shotgun go? After the crash, he finds his broken rifle and he finds the shells, but never even bothers looking for the shotgun. He DOES fashion the shells into bangsticks like those scuba divers use against sharks though... Doesn't that technically make them a firearm, or at the very least an explosive, so shouldn't they warrant their own entry?

Also, I really wish they'd shown the rifle with more catastrophic damage, like the bolt being mangled or the barrel bent double. As it is, with only the stock and pistol grip snapped off, I don't see what's to stop him firing it either as is, or jury-rigging it with tape or chord to a piece of wood or wreckage from the plane, sort of like a caveman's masterkey attachment. Sure, it's not going to be accurate or comfortable to shoot, but it's gotta be better than taping pieces of glass to your hands. - Phalanx

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