Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
Teaser Image
Release Date: January 24, 2017
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Series: Resident Evil
Platforms: PC
Playstation 4
Genre: First-Person Shooter

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a First Person Shooter and ninth numbered installment in the main-line Resident Evil video game series. Set after the events of Resident Evil 6 the player is given control of Ethan Winters, who is looking for his missing wife, Mia, after receiving a mysterious message instructing him to travel to the fictional town of Dulvey, Louisiana. Things soon take a horrific turn for the worst after he finds his wife somehow gone insane, and is subsequently captured by the violent and seemingly-unkillable Baker family on their isolated plantation. With nothing but his wits and will to survive, Ethan must overcome the homicidal and relentless Baker family members, survive among the roving packs of Bio Organic Weapons (B.O.W.s) stalking the plantation, and uncover the truth of what happened there if he is to have a chance of saving his wife or even himself.




The game is notable for being the first mainline series game not played in the traditional third-person fixed-camera view of early Resident Evil (RE) titles, nor the third-person over-the-shoulder view pioneered in Resident Evil 4 and onwards. Instead, this title is a first-person shooter, intended to provide a new perspective on the survival horror gameplay and act as a "killer app" for the Playstation VR headset, sixteen years after the release of Resident Evil Survivor 2 Code: Veronica, the RE series' previous foray into the FPS genre. Despite the closer view on weaponry provided by first-person view compared to previous RE titles, firearms in this title are universally lacking animations for visible hammers, and player characters cannot use the sights on any ingame firearms. Furthermore, while not the first RE title to simulate firearm recoil by implementing crosshair bloom, the game's recoil is universally much heavier than it should be for any weapon, which makes firing guns too quickly yield very inaccurate shots. To enhance the survival horror experience, the amount of recoil depicted through this mechanic is almost always depicted as unrealistically high, even with the various ingame pistol-caliber weapons, so as to force players to fire shots slowly (about one round each second) to stay accurate and to keep players from simply gunning down all opposition before it gets close enough to do harm.


Beretta 92FS

Shown on the boxes of handgun ammo scattered throughout the game is a picture of a Beretta 92FS, likely a nod to when this was the series handgun.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
The handgun ammo model, which bears a strange resemblance to some Federal-brand ammo boxes.

Double-Action M1911A1

A double-action M1911A1 similar to the Para-Ordnance LDA 7.45 is featured in the game called the "M19 Handgun", first seen being picked up by Ethan in an early trailer. When Ethan picks up the handgun, he performs a brass check, confirming that it is, in fact, chambered; as Ethan has his left hand severed during this sequence in the final game, the animation is instead recycled for Mia when she picks up the Makarov later in the game. Ethan loses this handgun after his second fight with Mia, presumably taken by the Bakers when they capture him. He can then acquire a broken M1911A1 in Zoe's trailer, which can be combined with a "Gun Repair Kit" to restore the double-action 1911 to working order and if Ethan did not pick up the weapon during the earlier fight with Mia, he will perform a brass check like in the demo. The 1911 has a smaller capacity than the Glock 17C but does more damage, and it also can use the in-game "Enhanced Pistol Ammo", making it much better than the Glock 17C by that point in the game.

The 1911 has no animations for its hammer, implying it functions in DAO (Double Action-Only) mode; this is especially jarring since Ethan's first act was to chamber a round, which should have automatically cocked the hammer on a real single-action or DA/SA 1911 handgun. In the demo it used 9mm ammo, though in the final game the weapon's caliber isn't stated.

The 1911 also appears in an automated "Sentry Gun" mounting in the first volume of the "Banned Footage" DLC for this game. The sentry gun version of the 1911 will aim and shoot the handgun at any motion it detects with a certain radius, but can only fire a limited amount of shots before running out of ammo and disappearing.

Pre-War Colt M1911A1 - .45 ACP
Para-Ordnance LDA with exposed hammer (single stack 7.45) - .45 ACP
The "M19"'s model; note the hooked double-action trigger, and uncocked hammer.
Ethan checks the chamber on the 1911, keeping his finger off the trigger. This is a strong indicator that Ethan may have some firearms training, although this supposed training doesn't extend allowing him to use any firearm's sights while aiming. This scene normally doesn't play during the final game, since Ethan doesn't have his left hand during this sequence. The only way to get the brass check animation in the final game is to not pick up the handgun the first time around and instead repair a broken one found after his hand has been reattached.
The same scene from the finished game has a different animation, since Ethan now lacks the correct number of limbs to actually perform a brass check. However, he can still reload without his left hand in the game, since he is likely clutching the fresh magazine between his bloody stump and his chest, while pushing his M1911 down magazine-well-first onto the new magazine.
The protagonist from the demo, camera operator Clancy, finds a double-action 1911 after flushing the blood filled toilet in the Beginning Hour Demo. This is a possible reference to Silent Hill 2 as it too featured a useful item that could be fished out of a clogged and filthy toilet.
Clancy fires his new "M19 Handgun" at the basement dwelling B.O.W. called "the Molded" during the "Beginning Hour." Note the uncocked hammer; Resident Evil 7 appears to be the first game in the main series since Revelations not to feature any hammer animations.
Ethan finds himself at a severe disadvantage during his second fight with Mia, after his wife decides to start reenacting scenes from Paranormal Activity without first warning him. Lacking a support hand, the reload animation is different during this, and only this, fight. Note the hammer still hasn't moved, despite the slide being locked back, leaving one to wonder where exactly it's gotten to.
Ethan finishing the supremely uncomfortable act of loading a pistol with only one hand so he can resume the extremely traumatic act of emptying it into his wife, presumably holding the magazine upright by placing it between his upper chest and the side of his left forearm's bloody stump. Note the hammer, which is still steadfastly decocked, despite the slide just being locked back.

Glock 17

The Glock 17 is the second handgun available to Ethan, after taking it from a sheriff's Deputy shortly before the first fight with Jack Baker, and will most likely be the player's main weapon for the rest of the game due to its commonly-found ammunition and versatility. Like the 1911, the Glock 17 allows for use of the in-game "Enhanced Pistol Ammo" (which claims to be a higher pressure variant than the regular kind), making it a less powerful weapon after the 1911 becomes available again.

It could be either Gen 1 or Gen 2 because it lacks the accessory rail and finger grooves on the grip. It also has a 10-round magazine capacity, which is inaccurate for a police officer to be carrying in a service handgun. 10-round magazines do exist for the Glock 17, but they are intended for civilian customers in locales with magazine capacity restrictions.

Glock 17 (2nd Generation) - 9x19mm
The "G17"'s 3D model.
The Glock 17's custom slide, showing custom grooves perhaps for a sight (non-functional in game).
Ethan performing a brass check when first picking up the Glock 17.
Ethan holds his Glock 17 while witnessing his car explode.
Ethan aims his Glock 17 at the now-flaming Jack Baker.
Ethan fires his Glock 17 at Jack Baker.
A clearer look at the Glock 17 as Ethan fires at a Molded BOW.
Ethan fires at Jack Baker with his Glock 17. This is a pre-release screnshot, as in the final game it's impossible to encounter this particular version of Jack here once you have a weapon.
Not content to steal (and then crash) Ethan's car, Jack decides to have some fun with Ethan's Glock by demonstrating the extent of his regenerative abilities, with some spectacularly gory results.

Makarov PM

A Makarov PM is the third handgun available to the player, first discovered by Mia aboard the tanker after she and Ethan escape the Bakers' plantation. Ethan can use it once the player resumes control of him, although there's no reason to as it doesn't have more stopping power or ammunition capacity than the Glock 17C. The pistol appears as the "MPM Handgun", as it did in Resident Evil: Revelations 2 and like in that game, it is depicted, in reloads, not using the heel mag release and the mags magically drop out.

As with the 1911, the Makarov is depicted as firing in DAO, with the hammer never moving. It is also portrayed with a 9 round capacity as opposed to the 8 that it should have.

Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
Examining the "MPM" handgun, which has an uncharacteristic squared triggerguard and a spurred hammer.
Mia chambers a round in the Makarov upon finding it aboard the tanker while searching for Ethan. Note her excellent trigger discipline; like her husband, Mia has apparently received some firearms training in her past, and apparently also hasn't gone soft in the three years since she went missing.
Mia, having found more ammo, decides to change magazines in her Makarov.

AMC Auto Mag

If Ethan and Mia manage to obtain least 9 of the 20 "Antique Coins" scattered throughout the game, Ethan can use them to unlock the AMC Auto Mag, called "44 MAG" in one of two places: Zoe's trailer or later on, just before the final boss fight. The Auto Mag is completely optional but very powerful, although ammo is scarce. It also initially only has one round loaded.

The AMC Auto Mag also appears in an automated "Sentry Gun" mounting in the first volume of the "Banned Footage" DLC for this game. The sentry gun version of the AMC Auto Mag will aim and shoot the handgun at any motion it detects with a certain radius. It is the most powerful of the sentry guns but can only fire a limited amount of shots before running out of ammo and disappearing.

High Standard .44 AutoMag TDE (Covina, CA) - .44 AMP (Auto Magnum Pistol)
In-game model of the "44 MAG"
"Who builds this shit?"
Ethan finds the AutoMag locked in a birdcage in Zoe's trailer, secured behind a locking mechanism requiring nine strange coins to unlock in the style of a old-fashioned coin-operated vending machine, and decides not to question anything.
Having done sufficient exploring, Ethan returns to "pay" for his well-earned handcannon.
Ethan examines his new gun, admiring the nice, shiny finish.
Ethan then checks the chamber, and finds that, while Zoe has left it loaded, it only has one round. Undeterred by this display of miserliness or a hint to save the sole round for himself, he decides to explore the Baker estate further.
Ethan holds the AutoMag and contemplates his next move. As ever, the hammer isn't cocked.
Ethan decides he wants more than one round in his weapon, and finally gets around to reloading.

Beretta 92FS "Samurai Edge" Wesker Special

Returning once again is the iconic "Samurai Edge", particularly Albert Wesker's version, which is a heavily customized Beretta 92FS. This time around, the Samurai Edge Wesker Special is called the "Albert-01" and fires a powerful round specifically designed for eliminating fungus-based BOWs. The handgun is first available during the final boss fight and holds 9 rounds in the magazine.

A replica becomes available upon beating the game once called the "Albert-01R". Interestingly, the slide doesn't cycle, but it will lock back when empty; this will happen often, as the "Albert-01R" handgun has a strangely-low capacity of 3 rounds. Wesker's Samurai Edge is fitted with an additional accessory mounting system, an LAM, and a fake SilencerCo Ospray suppressor, or a barrel extension shaped like one, since its firing sound is quite loud.

The "Albert-01" returns in the "Not a Hero" DLC and is one of the two firearms available to Chris Redfield. Like the final boss version, it has a 9 round magazine but has the added ability of firing both standard handgun ammunition and special anti-regeneration rounds called RAMRODs which are needed to take down the new and stronger molded variants. The handgun also differs from the main game as the iron sights are used for aiming rather than the HUD reticle.

Official airsoft replica of the Beretta 92FS "Samurai Edge" Wesker Special from Resident Evil 7 made by Tokyo Marui.
The "Samurai Edge Albert W. Model 01" and its components.
Ethan checks the chamber on the "Albert-01R", the name given to this pistol by its mysterious makers and an obvious reference to one of the series previous antagonists and owner of this Samurai Edge. Note that the sights are glitched and don't move with the slide.
Ethan, having just gotten his hands on the "Albert-01R" decides to hold it on a suspicious looking wall.
A look at the Samurai Edge's right side.
The left side of Wesker's Samurai Edge, including the original STARS emblem; it's not clear why this is part of the weapon, since it's not being used by any member of the STARS RPD.
Tired of the noises it makes, Ethan decides to kill the Mr. Everywhere bobblehead inside the first Safe Room. Note the higher-than-average recoil.
Ethan holds an empty "Albert-01R", curious about why the slide has locked back when it wasn't moving to begin with while firing.
"Albert-01" as it appears in "Not a Hero".
Aiming the "Albert-01" in the DLC. Note how the iron sights are now used.
The new reload animation for the DLC. When reloading on an empty magazine, Chris will pull back the locked slide to release it and chamber the first round.


Remington 870

A Remington 870 with a Ithaca 37 forend called the "M37 Shotgun", is seen in a cutscene during the game's opening. Ethan can later acquire one by completing a puzzle similar to one from the original Resident Evil game. In combat, the shotgun is the most practical weapon, able to kill a Molded in one well-placed shot. Ammo drops are randomized though, and can be scarce, so care should be exercised when using the Remington 870. It only holds 4 shots like this particular model does in real life.

Remington 870 Police Magnum Riot Shotgun - 12 gauge
Ithaca Model 37 - 12 gauge
Up close of the "M37" shotgun.
The Shotgun is seen on a table with matching ammo.
Ethan finds the shotgun inside the Baker house; fortunately, there isn't a danger of him becoming an "Ethan Sandwich" here.
Having decided to throw caution to the wind, Ethan decides to take the shotgun from the statue. Upon doing so, a unique ready animation plays where he pumps it; this is odd since the weapon is empty when found.
Not letting this stop him, Ethan loads some more shells into the Remington. The animation here is unique, in that Ethan will always have shells in his hand equal to the number needed to reload the shotgun; his hand will be empty when the cycle is completed, but he'll also pump the shotgun at the end, regardless of whether or not there was already a round chambered. This (and the sound effect which plays) are both nods to Resident Evil 4.
Careful not to let a Safe Room wall get the best of him, Ethan demonstrates his idea of aiming the shotgun, which apparently consists of squinting at the side of it. Somehow, this results in the crosshair narrowing, though not as much as it does on the handguns.
When not aiming, the shotgun's cross hair is a more traditional FPS pattern icon, as shown here.

Unknown Over-Under Shotgun

An over-under shotgun of unknown make and model, called the "M21 Shotgun", is found by Ethan and is used as a counterweight to acquire the Remington 870 early in the game. While it is initially broken, it can be acquired again later by swapping out the broken shotgun for a wooden toy replica of the 870, and then repairing the over-under shotgun with a Gun Repair Kit item. Unlike the Remington 870, this shotgun deals the same amount of damage, but it can fire twice as quickly, has an increased effective range and greatly reduced pellet spread, with the only downside of being limited to two shots. Of course, a wooden toy replica of a shotgun would generally not be anywhere near heavy enough to replicate the weight of a live-fire shotgun, assuming the shotgun room's trigger mechanism was made to discriminate for weight. The shotgun also makes an appearance in the "End of Zoe" DLC as an unlockable bonus weapon.

Baikal O/U - 12 gauge
The "M21" shotgun.
Ethan finds the broken shotgun, and realizes this will allow him to have the Remington 870 and use it too.
Performing a brass check when first equipping the repaired Over/Under shotgun. However, when Ethan reloads this firearm, any shells already in the weapon are never extracted and just disappear from the barrels while Ethan inserts new ones.
Breaking open the shotgun for reloading. Interestingly, the release latch is never used and the shotgun is simply forced open with bare hands.
Reloading the shotgun. Note the shell seems to have changed color from green to bluish-grey and how it looks considerably smaller.

"Thor's Hammer/Albert. W. Model 02"

An auto-shotgun that is a larger version of Tokyo Marui's SGR-12 airsoft gun is carried by Umbrella Corps operators. It is one of the two firearms available to Chris Redfield for the "Not a Hero" DLC.

The "Thor's Hammer/Albert. W. Model 02" shotgun.
Redfield holds the shotgun in the teaser image for "Not a Hero."
Examining the "Thor's Hammer".
Equipping the "Thor's Hammer".
Aiming the "Thor's Hammer". Unlike the main game, the sights are usable in the DLC. Note Chris' "C-clamp" grip.
Guarding with the "Thor's Hammer".

Submachine Guns

Izhmash PP-19 Bizon-2

During a flashback sequence near the end of the game, the player resumes control of Mia, now equipped with a PP-19 Bizon-2, as she tries to hunt down Evie the runaway B.O.W. aboard the tanker. When control returns to Mia in the present, she can find the same weapon locked in the Captain's room, which she can then use to track down her husband; it, alongside the Makarov, both transfer back to Ethan when control returns to him.

The PP-19's capacity of 64 rounds implies that it is chambered in 9x18mm Makarov, a pistol caliber with only moderate recoil, but the in-game version's crosshair bloom is highly exaggerated for the sake of gameplay, requiring that the player only fire shots every half-second or so to remain fully accurate. The game also calls this weapon a "P19 Machine Gun," but the rate of fire when shooting in full auto is significantly reduced. Instead of the triangle folding stock, this one has a wire folding stock similar to the Romanian AIMS type AKs.

The PP-19 is also seen mounted as a sentry gun in the first volume of the "Banned Footage" DLC. Like the other sentry guns, the mounted PP-19 will automatically track and fire at any motion detected within a certain radius, and has more shots available before running out of ammunition and vanishing. It appears again as a sentry gun in the mini game "Ethan Must Die" and "Not a Hero" DLC where it serves a similar function but will continue to dry fire once ammunition has been expended.

PP-19 Bizon-2 with side-folding stock - 9x18mm Makarov
Mia finds her PP-19 in "timeout," and decides to perform a jailbreak.
Three years earlier, Mia takes a few seconds to examine the PP-19 she suddenly finds herself equipped with aboard the tanker.
Mia chambering her PP-19 when first equipping it.
She then decides to aim it at a suspicious-looking crate near the wall.
Taking another cue from Silent Hill 2, Mia demonstrates one of Resident Evil 7's more bizarre gameplay mechanics, which involves blocking with her weapon to escape extra damage from melee attacks.
Mia aims her PP-19 at one of Evie's newly-made friends, deciding this is a more reasonable response than hiding behind it.
Mia, having put the Molded B.O.W. to rest, decides to reload her PP-19, on the off-chance she runs into Skully.
The helical magazine now seated, Mia chambers a round, careful not to take her finger off the trigger. This portion of the reload cycle appears to be the same as the automatic weapon reload animation from several other Resident Evil games, including the pointless yanking of the charging lever, which plays even if the weapon still should have a round in the chamber.


During development a crude prototype was built in Unity for testing purposes.

Beretta 92FS

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm

Double Barreled Shotgun

Stoeger/IGA Coach imported side by side shotgun - 12 gauge

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