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Michael uses an [[RPG-22]] during the Chile mission when he destroys a guerrilla-owned truck. One is used in Switzerland to take out a Swiss police van to retrieve the black box.
Michael ([[Shane West]]) uses an [[RPG-NH-75]] during the Chile mission when he destroys a guerrilla-owned truck. One is used in Switzerland to take out a Swiss police van to retrieve the black box.
[[Image:RPG-22 rocket launcher.jpg|thumb|none|400px|RPG-22 - 72.5mm]]
[[File:RPG-NH-75 Open.jpg|thumb|none|450px|RPG-NH-75 - 68mm]]
[[Image:Nikita LAW launcher.jpg|thumb|none|600px|Michael readies the RPG-22.]]
[[Image:Nikita LAW launcher.jpg|thumb|none|600px|Michael readies the RPG-NH-75.]]
[[File:Nikita RPG-22 aim.jpg|thumb|none|600px|A GOGOL agent takes aim with the RPG-22's iron sights.]]
[[File:Nikita RPG-22 aim.jpg|thumb|none|600px|A GOGOL agent takes aim with the RPG-NH-75's iron sights.]]
==FIM-43 Redeye==
==FIM-43 Redeye==

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Nikita (2010 - present)

The following weapons can be seen in the 2010 television series Nikita:

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AMT Backup

Nikita carries an .380 Auto AMT Backup in One Way, and can be seen one Michael forces her to drop all of her weapons.

AMT Backup II with stainless steel finish - .380 ACP
The AMT Backup is the pistol in the foreground, and is referred to by Michael as "The Baby".

Beretta 92FS

In the pilot episode, General Safwani's bodyguards all carry 92FS pistols. Roan (Rob Stewart), a Division cleaner carries two with him. Thom (Ashton Holmes) uses it as his main sidearm as a Division agent. Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) and other Division agents use suppressed 92FS' under the disguise of pro-Georgian republicans in Coup De Grace. Alex uses a Beretta 92FS pistol taken from a bodyguard during the chem-lab shootout. After switching from his P226, Michael starts using a 92FS as his sidearm. Michael still uses it in the 2nd season, as well as a few gunmen under Dr. Mars in Falling Ash. A few Division operatives use the 92FS in Game Change. A Division Guardian named Patrick Miller uses one in Guardian. M16 agents operating in Russia are armed with the 92FS in Arising.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
Roan fires his Beretta at a fleeing Nikita.
Thom aiming the 92FS at Alex after he cornered her in Division HQ in All the Way.
Michael holds Nikita at gunpoint in Alexandra.
Alex armed with the suppressed 92FS during the attempted assassination.
Alex holds a Beretta 92FS in her left hand.
Alex fires her Beretta during the gunfight.
File:Nikita M4.jpg
Division agent firing the 92FS.
A gunman working for Dr. Mars points the 92FS behind Michael before he attacks him.
Miller fires a 92FS at GOGOL agents in Switzerland. You can see a LAM-like module attached below the barrel.
A M16 agent confronts Cassandra while aiming the 92FS at her.

Beretta 92F - Non Gun

A Division agent forces Jill Morelli (Julie Gonzalo) to kill her boss with a non-gun Beretta 92.

Division agent forcing Jill to open fire with the suppressed Beretta 92 non-gun.

Beretta 92FS Inox

Alex disarms a guard in the Zoman family estate in All the Way. This one is a Bruni blank firing gun, the finish isn't the same as a real stainless 92FS. Jaden (Tiffany Hines) uses a Beretta 92FS Inox that she took from a guard during the chem-lab shootout in Girl's Best Friend. Michael takes one from Percy in Pandora. Sean is armed with this in Clawback and Fair Trade. Alex uses this to kill a corrupt ICE agent in Russia in the same episode. Michael has this for a sidearm in Origins. An Inox is found in Doublecross.

Beretta 92FS INOX - 9x19mm
Alex takes aim with the Inox at Gaddiel Zoman.
Closeup of the Inox.
Kalume tries to shoot Alex.
Jaden executes Kalume with three shots to the chest.
Jaden's weapon runs dry in the ensuing firefight.
Michael aiming the 92FS Inox at an unconscious Percy.
Michael aiming the 92FS Inox at Birkhoff.
Promotional picture of Nikita and an Inox.
File:Nikita Sean.jpg
Sean aiming the Inox at Nikita after drawing it from his shoulder holster.
File:Nikita Sean Inox.jpg
Sean forced to surrender his Inox.
Alex fires Inox to kill corrupt ICE agent.
Nikita about to grab the Inox's slide.
File:Nikita Inox slide pull.jpg
Nikita pulling the Inox's slide.
Michael handing his Inox to Amanda.
The Inox on the coffee table.

Beretta Px4 Storm

Alex is seen with a PX4 during Betrayals and Pandora. In Partners, former Division agent Kelly (Katheryn Winnick) is seen using a PX4 during a confrontation with Alex and Nikita.

Beretta Px4 Storm - 9x19mm
Alex holding her Px4 after firing 3 shots.
Kelly holding a Px4 on Alex in "Partners".
Another shot of the same scenario mentioned.

Beretta Px4 Storm Compact

Ari Tasarov (Peter Outerbridge) is seen removing a Px4 Storm Compact from Sergei Semak's (Peter J. Lucas) desk. A few moments later, Sergei is seen using it to execute a GOGOL official after questioning him. Alex carries one throughout "Origins" after taking it from a GOGOL operative and uses it in the ensuing gun battle. She also uses it in "Arising".

Beretta Px4 Storm Sub-Compact - 9x19mm
Ari moving his hand away from the weapon.
Alex aiming the Storm Compact outside the hotel.
Alex aims her Storm Compact at a guard in "Arising".

Beretta 93R

Michael's (Shane West) sidearm in Season 2 is a Beretta 93R with the foregrip removed.

Beretta 93R - 9x19mm
Michael fires his Beretta 93R in the air in "Partners"
File:Michael beretta clean sweep.jpg
Michael holding his Beretta 93R on Percy in "Clean Sweep"
Michael takes aim with the 93R at a fleeing sedan.

Bond Arms Snake Slayer IV

Alex takes a Bond Arms Snake Slayer IV derringer from the Division armory in "Clawback" (Season 2, Episode 7).

Bond Arms Snake Slayer IV - .45 Long Colt/.410 shot shell
The Snake Slayer IV can be seen on the left above the knife.
Alex puts the derringer into her bag

Glock 17

Michael (Shane West) is seen with a Glock 17 when confronting Nikita in her memory, interestingly he never uses a Glock in reality. Police officers use Glock 17s in Phoenix. Ex-Guardian Dana Winters, in a shocking display of skill, uses one in Glass Houses to execute an entire Division strike team in seconds, headshots only. Nikita uses it in Game Change after disarming a mobster. The fake Belarusian president in Looking Glass uses a Glock 17 to threaten Alex. In Guardian, Zürich police officers are armed with this after arresting a Division Guardian and Nikita in Switzerland. In Rogue, a detective uses one as his sidearm. Dinah uses one in Power to execute a DARPA scientist to silence him.

A Generation 2 Glock 17 - 9x19mm
Michael prepares to execute Nikita in her dream.
Metropolitan PD officers search a house with Glock 17s drawn in S01E08, "Phoenix".
Dana with the Glock 17 after killing off the entire Division team in Pennsylvania.
Nikita aiming the Glock 17.
The Glock 17 pointed at Alex's back.
Glock 17 aimed at Nikita while DARD operators prepare to restrain Nikita.
File:Nikita detective.jpg
A detective aims his Glock 17 at Sammy.
File:Nikita Dinah.jpg
Dinah executing the scientist with her silenced Glock 17.

Glock 17 with a CAA Tactical RONI-G1

A Glock 17 mounted on a CAA Tactical RONI-G1 can be barely seen with a shoulder sling on a Division operative after he and his team assassinate a chief editor to frame Jill. Sara (Alexandra Krosney) uses a RONI-G1 when she and Nikita fight off Division operatives, it appears to be fully automatic at this point and may be a modified Glock 17 or Glock 18. It is also the main weapon of Division operatives as a submachine gun/carbine-type weapon.

Glock 17 mounted in a CAA Tactical RONI-G1.
The RONI-G1's stock barely seen (on the bottom).
Sara fires a RONI-G1 in S01E07, "The Recruit".
Division operative handling RONI-G1.

Glock 26

Nikita has a Glock 26 in her gun case. Emil Voss (Matthew Marsden) pulls a suppressed Glock 26 on Nikita in The Next Seduction, it's later handled by Nikita. During her hallucinations in Echo, Alex sees a future version of herself take one from a desk drawer. In Falling Ash, it's used by a brainwashed ice cream vendor to assassinate a US Senator. Alex carries a Glock 26 with and without a suppressor when she goes to Russia. When Nikita was a drug addict in "Rogue", she uses a Glock 26 to execute a police detective for killing her friend.

Glock 26 - 9x19mm
Nikita's gun case.
Nikita holding Emil's suppressed Glock 26 on it's owner.
The Glock 26 on a desk taken by "Alex".
The brainwashed ice cream vendor firing the Glock 26.
File:Nikita Glock fire.jpg
Nikita firing the Glock 26.
File:Nikita Glock empty.jpg
You can see the Glock 26 jammed up with a bullet stuck in the ejection port.

Ruger KP89

Alex carries a Ruger KP89 in "Doublecross" (S2E16).

Ruger KP89 - 9x19mm
File:Nikita Alex pistol a.jpg
Alex armed with the KP89 before answering a knock on the door.


Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) draws a SIG-Sauer GSR in "Origins" (S02E15). He uses it again in "Doublecross" (S02E16).

SIG-Sauer GSR - .45 ACP
Birkhoff aiming the GSR at Carla.
Birkhoff threatening Carla.

SIG-Sauer P220

Though in every other scene he's using a SIG-Sauer P226, after Nikita (Maggie Q) takes Michael's (Shane West) weapon it becomes a SIG-Sauer P220.

SIG-Sauer P220 - .45 ACP
Nikita holding Michael's the P220.
P220 with the single stack magazine next to it.

SIG-Sauer P226

Aside from the end scene of the pilot, Michael's sidearm for the early portion of the first season is a SIG-Sauer P226. Robby uses his sidearm to kill a Division guard leader before he uses it to take Alex hostage. CIA analyst Ryan Fletcher (Noah Bean) is armed with this in Chile before he is forced to drop it after being held at gunpoint. Owen takes the P226 from Cleary (Michael Cram), a CIA agent stationed in Chile, on a Hercules C-130 en route to the US. Division security personnel, most notably Robbie (Bug Hall) carry P226's as well. A two-tone P226 is used by Percy in Knightfall to cripple Ramon in order to force him to work for Division.

SIG-Sauer P226 - 9x19mm
Michael holds Nikita at gunpoint.
Owen with the P226 after disarming Cleary.
Ryan surrenders himself after being surrounded by Chilean leftist guerrillas.
Robbie raises his P226 at his boss.
While holding Alex hostage, Robbie keeps other security personnel at bay.
Percy aiming the two-tone P226 at the back of the cuffed Ramon in "Knightfall".

SIG-Sauer P228

Division agents appear to be using P228's at the party in the pilot episode. Nikita disarms one of them and fires it. She also uses one when she tries to "rescue" the Senator from Division custody.

SIG-Sauer P228 - 9x19mm
Nikita aiming the P228.
Promotional Picture of Nikita and a P228
SIG-Sauer P228 Nickel - 9x19mm
Nikita aiming her P228 at a Division agent.

SIG-Sauer P239

Seemingly Nikita's preferred weapon throughout most of the first season is a SIG-Sauer P239. It is a stainless DAK model, and appears to have a Hogue wraparound grip. After taking it from Nikita, Owen uses one during Guardian. In The Recruit, Division recruit Sara (Alexandra Krosney) manages to get Nikita's P239 and hold her at gunpoint. A silenced P239 with a stainless body is seen in "Power".

SIG-Sauer P239 - 9x19mm
Nikita examines her P239.
Nikita's gun case. Some of the gun appears to be airsoft replicas, like the P226 (Look at the decocking lever), and the G36C (Look at its markings, it seems to be a Tokyo Marui replica).
SIG-Sauer P239 April 2005 Limited Edition - .40ACP
Owen firing a P239 at Division operatives in Montreal.
Right side of P239.
Nikita firing her P239 at Division agents in Uzbekistan.
Aiming the P239 at Michael's neck in S1E3 "Kill Jill".
Nikita firing her suppressed P239 Stainless at the video conference with Victor Han in "Rough Trade".
File:Nikita silenced pistol table.jpg
The silenced P239 near a mirror.

Walther P22

Alex uses a Walther P22 with a black slide in the chem-lab shootout in Girl's Best Friend, later passing it to Jaden. Jaden pulls her own Walther P22 on Alex later in Glass Houses and is shot with it in the ensuing fight. Percy offers Michael one to execute Alex in Betrayals, unfortunately it was modified to electrocute the shooter. A brainwashed woman in Falling Ash uses a P22 when she was brainwashed to assassinate a Senator.

Walther P22 - .22 LR
Alex holds an Walther P22 in her right hand. Note slide mounted safety.
Jaden fires a Walther P22 at guards, scoring several kills.
Closeup of the P22 used by Michael against Percy.
A brainwashed woman aims the P22 after she began to approach the Senator.

Walther P99

Nikita uses one to engage a Division guardian in Britain alongside Owen. Later in Glass Houses, Nikita is seen using a two tone model while searching guardian Dana Winter's former home. She later uses it in Knightfall when aiming it from behind a crippled Ramon in Division's Colombian base. Nikita uses it again in "Fair Trade". For the rest of Season 2, Nikita uses this as her main sidearm.

Walther P99QA (Quick Action) - 9x19mm
Firing the P99. This has a tactical light mounted underneath the barrel.
Nikita aiming the P99 from behind the head of Ramon.
Nikita aiming her P99 at Kelly in "Partners"
Nikita firing her suppressed P99 at one of Tupalov's men in "London Calling"
Nikita aiming the P99 at Sean after disarming him.
File:Nikita p99 qa clean sweep.jpg
Nikita holding her P99 on Percy in "Clean Sweep"
Promotional image from "Clean Sweep".

Walther PPK - Non-gun

After an attempt on his life by Nikita and Michael in One Way, terrorist Kasim Tariq executes a colleague he believed betrayed him with a flashpaper Walther PPK.

Hakim holding a flashpaper Walther PPK after shooting Ahmedov.

Zoraki M906

A Zoraki M906 is used by Alex to execute her captors after being freed from captivity.

Zoraki M906 - 9x19mm PAK
Zoraki M906 used by Alex to finish off her captor.

Zoraki 914

On several occasions, Zoraki 914 blank firing pistols are used. These pistols are capable of semi automatic and full automatic fire, and are used to substitute for conventional pistols and machine pistols.

Zoraki 914 Polished Chrome - 9mm PAK blanks
Aiming the 914 at Thom. In this case the 914 is being used as a regular pistol, and has a satin chrome finish.
Nikita firing her polished chrome Zoraki in "The Recruit".
Kelly preparing to cover Nikita across a bridge on the Turkish-Armenian Border in "Partners".
Zoraki 914 Matte Black - 9mm PAK blanks
Nikita using a matte black Zoraki 914 as a machine pistol in "Alexandra" (Season 1, episode 15), with extended magazine. Note that the gun is in mid cycle, with the slide normally being flush with the fixed barrel. Also, although it appears in this screenshot as though the barrel is plugged, this is just the smoke created by the blanks.
Using the 914 as a machine pistol.
Nikita returning fire with her black Zoraki 914 pistol in "The Guardian."

Zoraki 925

Nikita acquires a Zoraki 925 blank firing pistol fitted with an extended magazine from a guard in Alexandra. Some of the guards uses what appears to be this weapon in Girl's Best Friend.

Zoraki 925 - 9mm PAK blanks
Nikita aiming her stolen Zoraki 925 at Michael. Note from the length of the rail that this appears to be a shortened version of the 925.
The guard may have a Zoraki 925 blank firing pistol.


Chiappa Rhino 20DS

In "Power" (S02E18) Ari Tasarov (Peter Outerbridge) can be with a chrome plated Chiappa Rhino 20DS (2" barreled version) revolver with a fibre optic front sight.

Chiappa Rhino 20DS, current production version with fibre optic front sight - .357 Magnum.
File:Nikita stuff.jpg
Ari's 20DS revolver next to cash taken from his personal safe.

Chiappa Rhino 50DS

In episode 17, Nikita seen using a Chiappa Rhino 50DS (5" barreled version) revolver during the shootout with Karim's men.

Chiappa Rhino 50DS - .357 Magnum.
Nikita prepares to fire her Rhino. Note the presence of three cooling vents on the barrel shroud, which identifies this as the 5" barreled 50DS version of the weapon.
Nikita surrenders her Rhino when surrounded.

Colt Python

Kelly uses a Colt Python with a 2.5" barrel taken from a Turkish Gendarmerie officer she killed in Partners.

Colt Python Snub Nose with 2.5" barrel - .357 Magnum
File:Nikita revolver a.jpg
Kelly ambushes Nikita from behind.

Smith & Wesson Model 629 Classic

Russian slaver Vladimir Ivanov (Mark Ivanir) is seen with an Smith & Wesson Model 629 Classic with a Classic Hunter barrel and front sight.

Smith & Wesson Model 629 Classic - .44 Magnum
Smith & Wesson Model 629 Classic Hunter - .44 Magnum
Being threatened by the weapon.

Smith & Wesson Model 629 Performance Center

Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) uses a Smith & Wesson Model 629 Performance Center to defend his home in "343 Walnut Lane".

Smith & Wesson Model 629 "Performance Center" - .44 Magnum
Birkhoff about to blind fire at attackers with the Model 629.

Submachine Guns

Calico M950

A brainwashed Alice (Julie McNiven) in Falling Ash is armed with a Calico M950 outfitted with a scope when Dr. Mars plays a music file when Owen instructs him to download files for the Regiment.

Calico M950 pistol converted to full auto fire with plain barrel and 100 round helical magazine - 9x19mm
Alice about to fire the M950 at Berkoff after trying to stop her from shooting the house of an assassination target.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

Among other Division recruits, Alex, Jaden (Tiffany Hines), & Thom (Ashton Holmes) are seen assembling MP5A3's as part of their training. Rospeta mercenaries working under Hanna are armed with the MP5A3, some of them suppressed when they battled Michael and his team in the New York subways. A Division operative handles on in the arsenal prior to securing Jill. In Coup de Grace Division agents are also seen using them in both the pre-operation exercise, and the actual operation to assassinate Prince Eric of Georgia. Al-Qaeda terrorists are seen using MP5A3s with tactical foregrips on. Division agents are armed with a tactical foregrip in Clawback. CO19 officers in "London Calling" are armed with the MP5A3 with a tactical foregrip with a flashlight attached.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with "tropical" (wide) forearm - 9x19mm with stock extended
Alex assembles an MP5A3 blindfolded with other recruits.
Jaden (Tiffany Hines) and Thom (Ashton Holmes) with their assembled MP5A3s.
Rospeta mercenary restrains Mirko Dadich in the van, armed with a MP5A3.
Heckler & Koch MP5A3 - 9x19mm with Surefire 628 dedicated forend weaponlight and safe-semi-two round burst trigger group
Division operative preparing the MP5A3.
The kneeling Division agents are armed with MP5Ks while Alex and another Division agent next to her are using silenced 92FS pistols.
File:Nikita bustin.jpg
Al-Qaeda terrorists bust in an abandoned estate with suppressed MP5s with vertical foregrips and tactical lights.
File:Nikita Division guard.jpg
A Division agent on VIP guard duty with the MP5A3.
A CO19 officer searches Cassandra's apartment.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD

Several MP5SD submachine guns are seen in a gun case in the background.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD3 9x19mm with S-E-F trigger group and Stock Extended.
The MP5SD is to the right of the Division operative with a pistol.

Heckler & Koch MP5K

Several MP5K submachine guns are seen in a gun case in Division HQ. Two Division agents assisting the London Guardian used MP5K's, Owen partially commandeered ones MP5K to kill the other. One is seen in "London Calling" in the hands of a Tupolev henchman. Michael uses one in Switzerland in "Guardian". In "Sanctuary", rogue Guardians seize control of an Oversight-owned mansion in rural New Jersey. Percy uses the MP5K in "Rogue". Carla takes one in "Doublecross" after being wounded by Birkhoff.

Heckler & Koch MP5K - version with SEF Plastic Trigger Pack - 9x19mm
The MP5K is on the far right of the gun case.
A Britain-based Division agent searches the church to find Owen.
Used by an gunman in Britain, guarding a restrained Cassandra.
File:Nikita Michael MP5K.jpg
Michael fires the MP5K at GOGOL agents.
Rogue Guardian takes aim with MP5K at Oversight members.
File:Nikita Percy hostage.jpg
Percy aims the MP5K at Carla.
Carla aiming the MP5K at Birkhoff after being shot.


Nikita has a full size Uzi in her gun cache. Kasim Tariq's (Haaz Sleiman) bodyguards ironically (See: Lord of War) use them in Uzbekistan. Michael uses one in Game Change. Oversight sentries use one in Sanctuary.

IMI Uzi 9x19mm
Nikita's gun case.
A bodyguard fires an Uzi.
A bodyguard aims an Uzi at Michael after he is knocked unconscious.
Michael takes cover behind a Crown Victoria after firing his Uzi.
Oversight guard seen through night vision binoculars.

IMI Mini-Uzi

A Mini-Uzi is placed on a long table in "Clawback".

The Mini-Uzi near Alex's bag.

FN P90

Division operatives use the standard P90 in All the Way, going in to help Alex by assassinating Gaddiel Zoman in his estate. Used by Nikita and Owen when they go into Chile and rescue a CIA analyst from leftist guerrillas.

Several P90TRs are seen in the gun case as well fitted with EOTech 552 sights. Several P90TRs with the sights removed were used by a team of recruits in a CQB training simulation, most notably Alex, Sara (Alexandra Krosney), and Robbie (Bug Hall). A Division guard is armed with a P90TR before Nikita disarms him in All the Way. They also appear as the standard issue weapon for GOGOL operatives.

Fabrique Nationale P90 - 5.7x28mm
Division operative helping a wounded Michael. He is armed with a P90.
Another shot of the Division operatives armed with P90s.
Owen firing a P90 at a Chilean leftist guerrilla.
FN P90TR 5.7x28mm
FN P90TR with EOTech red dot sight (this is a real movie 'blank adapted' firearm) - 5.7x28mm
P90TRs with EOTech sights and suppressors in the armory. These one are low quality airsoft replicas, made by Well (look at the lever on top of the magazine, used to fill in the replica with pellets)
Alex fires a P90TR during a training session.
A Division security guard confronts Nikita with a P90TR.
GOGOL operatives engaging Division agents in an airport. They are outfitted with suppressors.

Heckler & Koch MP7

Nikita retrieves two MP7 submachine guns from her weapons cache when her safehouse is stormed by Division agents in the Season 1 finale Pandora. She dual-wields them briefly before passing one of the guns to Alex. Nikita is using it as her main submachine gun in Season 2, first seen in 343 Walnut Lane. A MP7 is seen on a long table in "Clawback". Nikita uses it again in "London Calling" with Michael being armed with the MP7 in the same episode.

Heckler & Koch MP7A1 4.6x30mm with Zeiss Z-Point red dot sight and 40-round magazine
Nikita firing the MP7 at a Division agent.
Nikita aims the MP7 at the incoming Division team.
The MP7 is on the right side of the photo.
Decent closeup of the MP7 being fired by Nikita.
Michael with the MP7.

TDI Vector

Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) carries a TDI Vector after Sean breaches the safehouse in "Sanctuary" (S2E12). Roan (Rob Stewart) and Patrick carry them during the warehouse battle in "Rogue" (S2E14) and "Doublecross" (S02E016).

TDI Vector SMG - .45 ACP
Birkhoff carrying the Vector.
File:Nikita Roan SMG.jpg
Roan armed with the TDI Vector.
Patrick with the TDI Vector while taking cover.
Searching the steel mill while armed with the Vector.

Sa. Vz.61 Skorpion

One of the "kidnappers" in episode 6 uses a Sa. Vz.61 Skorpion during the bus attack. Another is used by a GOGOL operative with a suppressor attached in Quebec.

Skorpion SA Vz.61 with 20 round magazine - .32 ACP
A "kidnapper" fires a Sa. Vz.61 Skorpion in the air.
A GOGOL operator fires a suppressed Vz. 61.

Sterling Submachine Gun

One of the compound guards in Girl's Best Friend is armed with a Sterling after engaging Alex and Jaden (Tiffany Hines). It's not clear on the specific type.

Sterling Mk. IV Submachine Gun - 9mm)
A guard entering the weapons lab with a Sterling.



In "Guardian", GOGOL agents deployed to Switzerland are armed with AKMs with Picatinny railings and modern furniture. Nikita and Owen use them, taken from dead GOGOL agents. GOGOL agents carry the AKMs again during the gunbattle in "Clean Sweep" (S2E13). The customized AKM seemed to have been modeled on the King Arms AK-74 Tapco airsoft gun, and it is possible some of the rifles seen in the background are in fact airsoft guns.

King Arms AK74 Tapco Folding Stock - Similar to the AKM in Nikita.
A GOGOL tac team operator with the custom AKM. He, however, holds the rifle by the magazine instead of the foregrip.
GOGOL agent with the custom AKM in Switzerland while engaging Nikita and a Guardian named Patrick Miller.
GOGOL agent ambushes a Zürich police convoy.
Owen opens fire with a customized AKM at GOGOL agents.
File:Nikita Custom AK grip.jpg
Nikita fires a customized AKM.
File:Nikita Custom AK shot.jpg
GOGOL agent covers Ari while he searches the Volvo squad car for the black box.
Gogul agent with an AKM in "Clean Sweep"


Armenian Border Guards are armed with the AKMS in Partner. Roan, pretending to be a GOGOL agent, uses one in "Doublecross".

AKMS, stamped steel receiver w/ slant muzzle brake and under-folding stock - 7.62x39mm
Armenian Border Guards patrolling the Armenian border next to Turkey's through Kelly's binoculars.
Roan as a fake GOGOL agent shoots an AKMS with a green laser sight at Michael.

Beretta ARX-160

Nikita uses a Beretta ARX-160 in "Rogue" (S02E14), fighting alongside Michael in the warehouse to save Carla. This is the first appearance of the ARX-160 in a television show. Micheal carries the ARX-160 during the steel mill shootout in "Doublecross" (S2E16).

Beretta ARX-160 - 5.56x45mm NATO
File:Nikita infiltration.jpg
Nikita taking cover a concrete pillar. The Beretta ARX-160 is seen in the red circle to indicate its position.
File:Nikita ARX-160.jpg
Micheal fires the ARX-160 at Division agents.

Colt Law Enforcement Carbine

One of the Division agents in "343 Walnut Lane" carry Colt Law Enforcement Carbines fitted with a telescopic sight. The weapon has also been modified with a number of Magpul accessories, including PMAG with ranger baseplate, a UBR stock and an MOE handguard. The weapon is later picked up and used by Roan (Rob Stewart).

Colt Law Enforcement Carbine - 5.56x45mm
Roan holding the Law Enforcement Carbine in "343 Walnut Lane".
Closeup of the Colt LE Carbine being used by Roan to shoot Nikita and the others escaping by rubber boat.


FAMAS G2 rifles are seen in the Division armory, and the London guardians storage container but have yet to be fired in the series.

FAMAS-G2 - 5.56x45mm
FAMAS rifles can be seen in the background as Michael prepares his weapons for a mission.
FAMAS rifles on the gun rack when Robby goes on a shooting spree inside Division.

FN FS2000 Tactical

Michael, under the guise of a FBI HRT operator, is seen carrying a FS2000 rather than the M4A1's the rest of his team is using in Coup de Grace. He does still use a C-MORE Tactical red dot sight like the rest of his team.

FN FS2000 Tactical - 5.56x45mm
Michael directs a team member with his FS2000 raised and ready to fire.

Heckler & Koch G36C

A Heckler & Koch G36C is seen in Nikita's weapon cache. Owen borrows it when he retrieves the black box in Montreal. Several guards appear to be using them during Robbie's rampage but only the stock is shown clearly, everything else is blocked by weapon lights aimed at the camera.

Heckler & Koch G36C - 5.56x45mm
Nikita's gun case.
G36C rifles on the gun rack when Robbie goes on a shooting spree inside Division.
A Division security guard (right) takes aim at the downed Robby with a G36C, outfitted with a tactical light.

IMI Tavor TAR-21

As well as the SIG SG 552, Division agents also use Tavor TAR-21s, fitted with suppressors and Meprolight Mepro 21 sights in the pilot. It's later seen on Trevor's table, fitted with the same accessories. In Falling Ash, Owen uses it as his main weapon when he and Michael raid Dr. Mar's fake therapy clinic. A few Division operatives uses this in "343 Walnut Lane".

IMI Tavor TAR-21 with MARS red dot sight - 5.56x45mm
Division agent with the CTAR-21.
Seen on top is the CTAR-21 with a mounted suppressor.
Good shot of the CTAR-21 used by Owen.
Owen aiming the CTAR-21 at the back of Dr. Mars.
A Division operative standing behind Roan in "343 Walnut Lane" with the CTAR-21.


Michael (Shane West) uses an M16A1 fitted with an M203 (along with the correct leaf and quadrant sights) in "343 Walnut Lane" (S02E06).

M16A1 fitted with and M203 - 5.56x45mm
Closeup of Michael firing the M16A1 at pursuing Division operatives.
Firing the M203.
Michael firing the M16A1 to provide cover fire.

M4 Variant

Sean Pierce (Dillon Casey) Carries an M4 Variant assault rifle in "Clean Sweep" (S02E13).

Promotional Image of Sean and the rifle
File:Sean rifle clean sweep.jpg
Dillon with the rifle in "Clean Sweep"


M16A2 rifles are used by US Army personnel in Dark Matter (S01E10).

M16A2 Rifle - 5.56x45mm
US soldiers aiming their M16A2 rifles at Nikita and Owen.


An M4A1 with a bipod, scope, laser aiming module with light and a suppressor is seen on a table displayed by Nikita's arm dealer contact, Trevor. Michael will later use this same rifle in Rough Trade and Covenant. Other M4A1s fitted with M203 grenade launchers, are seen in the Division armory. A Division team led by Michael are using M4A1s while posing as FBI HRT operators. Division operatives sent to kill Nikita and Michael are armed with M4A1s with C-More red dot sights. In a flashback, Roan (Rob Stewart) and a team of Division agents use the rifle while disguised as American soldiers. Michael also uses an M4A1 with Magpul MOE furniture with a C-More Tactical RDS in "Clean Sweep" and a telescopic sight later.

Colt M4A1.
M4A1 with a mounted bipod, scope, laser sight and a partially seen suppressor with a Picatinny-mounted foregrip. The handguard seems to be a extended version of the S.I.R. handguard. Note that the trigger is missing!
M4/M203 rifles in the Division armory.
File:Nikita M4.jpg
Division agent firing the M4A1. You can see the C-More red dot sight.
File:Nikita M4 flashback.jpg
Roan and his Division team after gunning down American soldiers guarding Iraqi reconstruction money. Note that they are wearing the old Desert BDU since the scene was set in 2003.
File:Michael rifle Clean Sweep.jpg
Michael fires his M4 against GOGOL agents.
File:Nikita Michael rifle.jpg
Michael prepping M4 rifle.

SIG SG 552

Division agents are seen with SIG SG 552s fitted with suppressors and C-More red dot sights in the pilot episode. The SIG SG 552 appears to be the stand-issue Division assault rifle and are used by Division personnel with, and without the suppressor and C-MORE sight. Percy uses one when he pursues Nikita and a wounded Owen in the port of Montreal. The Division agents assaulting Nikita's safehouse in Pandora are seen using them as well. In Knightfall, a flashback shows Division guards standing guard behind Ramon with 552s. A uniformed Belorussian Presidential Security Service officer uses one possibly in Looking Glass.

SIG SG 552 5.56x45mm
Division agent aiming the SG 552.
Nikita fires a SG 552 that was taken off from a Division agent, holding in from the magazine.
Closeup of the 552. You can see the C-More red dot sight and the suppressor.
Another closeup of the 552. This one has a tactical flashlight attached.
Percy carries a 552 rifle taken from a downed Division operative.
A Division commando about to fire his rifle at Nikita & Alex.
File:Nikita Division guards.jpg
Division guards standing behind a cuffed Ramon.
A Belarusian Presidential Security Service officer is armed with a SG 552, although the barrel can't be seen due to the dark background.
A Division agent corners Percy.

Zastava M70

Bank robbers in the opening to The Guardian use Zastava M70's, and Owen (Devon Sawa) seizes one to disrupt the robbery. Leftist guerrillas are armed with M70AB2s while in Chile. A Division operative disguised as a kidnapper uses M70s. Al-Qaeda terrorists near the Russian-Chechnya border armed with the M70. Tupolev henchmen were armed with the M70 in "London Calling". In "Guardian", GOGOL agents on patrol around the perimeter of the Semak Estate in Russia are armed with the M70AB2s.

Zastava M70AB2 folding stock rifle - 7.62x39mm
One of the robbers in Montreal aim the Zastava M70 at Owen, feigning an offer to be the hostage.
Owen firing the M70 at the robbers.
Leftist guerrilla armed with the M70.
One of the kidnappers uses a M70AB2 when Division recruits are rounded up.
An Al-Qaeda terrorist handing an M70 to his comrade.
A Tupolev henchman firing at Nikita to keep her down.
A Tupolev henchman fires his M70 at Michael and Nikita before Cassandra sneaks up on him.
File:Nikita GOGOL patrol.jpg
A GOGOL agent on patrol is armed with the M70.


Remington Model 870 Shotgun

One of the men at the CIA substation in Chile is seen drawing a shortened Remington Model 870 Shotgun when Ryan arrives. It is later seen carried by a leftist guerrilla after they storm the station. Michael is seen with a custom version with M4 stock and railed pump handle with folding foregrip in S1E16 "Echoes". Nikita caries a sawed-off model when she "robs" the bank in episode 20. A Division operative assisting Michael in an assassination op has the Police Version with a solid stock.

Remington 870 shotgun with shortened barrel and M4 stock. The weapon in the episode appears to have a C-more red dot sight. Michael's version has synthetic furniture - 12 Gauge.
Leftist guerrilla holding shotgun after Gill (background) was disarmed.
Michael's shotgun from Echoes (Season 1, Episode 16).
Nikita using a shotgun with shortened barrel.
Division operative on the far right has the 870 Police shotgun.

Serbu Super Shorty Remington 870 Shotgun

What appears to be a Serbu Super Shorty with a foregrip is carried by a robber in the fifth episode. Michael is armed with one in "Rogue".

One of the masked robbers carry a sawed-off shotgun during a bank robbery in Montreal, shot by Owen.
Michael fires the shotgun at downed Division agents.

Mossberg 590

Nikita uses a Mossberg 590 when rescuing Jill from Division in S1E3 "Kill Jill"

Mossberg 590 - 12 Gauge
Nikita uses a Mossberg 590 shotgun to fire at an unmarked Division van in "Kill Jill".
Pumping the shotgun prior to firing it.

Valtro PM5

GOGOL operatives carry Valtro PM5 pump-action shotguns with detachable magazines during the forest shootout in Turkey at the end of "Partners" (S2E4).

Valtro PM5, a magazine fed, pump action shotgun - 12 Gauge
A GOGOL agent shot by Roan in "Partners". You can see the detachable magazine attached.
Another view of the Valtro PM5 in the hands of another GOGOL agent.

Unknown Shotguns

Two unknown shotguns are used by Alex and her accomplice (who was actually Nikita) in the drug store robbery in episode 1. I'm 97% sure Alex's is a Winchester 1300, but I'm not sure. And her accomplices is completely beyond me.

Alex holds her shotgun on the man who's death would lead to her recruitment.
Aiming the shotgun.
File:Nikita shotgun a.jpg
Nikita firing the shotgun after pumping it during the fight.

Sniper Rifles

Accuracy international Arctic Warfare

Seen in Division's armory, but never used in the show.

Accuracy International AW - 7.62x51mm NATO
Michael gaining access to Division's armory.

Steyr HS.50

Nikita is seen using a Steyr HS.50 in the episode 2.0, acquired from an arms dealer named Trevor before she had a confrontation with him over killing her to get a reward from Percy. She uses it to shoot a Rospeta-linked mercenary attacking Michael.

Steyr HS.50 - .50 BMG
The HS.50 on display.
As though further proof was required, when Nikita removes it from the case the name and serial number are easily viewable.
Nikita aiming the HS.50 at the penthouse with a combined normal/thermal scope.

Remington 700PSS

Michael uses a Remington 700 PSS sniper rifle fitted with a Schmidt & Bender scope when hunting down Kasim Tariq in Uzbekistan.

Remington 700PSS with Harris bipod, in .300 Win Mag
Michael aims the Remington 700 in One Way.

Ruger 22 Charger

Alex uses a custom Ruger 22 Charger with an extendable buttstock, scope and suppressor in Knightfall.

Ruger 22 Charger Target Pistol with a black polymer frame - .22LR
Alex prepares the rifle in Quebec City to assassinate Anton Kuchenko.

EDM Arms Windrunner

Michael (Shane West) uses an EDM Arms Windrunner at the end of "Clawback".

EDM Arms Windrunner - .50 BMG
Closest shot you can get of the Windrunner used by Michael to snipe Division agents.

Machine guns

M249 Paratrooper SAW

An M249 Paratrooper SAW is seen in Nikita's safehouse in "Doublecross" (S2E16).

M249 Paratrooper - a real blank adapted movie gun with bipod folded and a picatinny rail on the top of the feed tray cover - 5.56x45mm
M249 seen on top of a long table.



Michael (Shane West) uses an RPG-NH-75 during the Chile mission when he destroys a guerrilla-owned truck. One is used in Switzerland to take out a Swiss police van to retrieve the black box.

RPG-NH-75 - 68mm
Michael readies the RPG-NH-75.
A GOGOL agent takes aim with the RPG-NH-75's iron sights.

FIM-43 Redeye

A Division agent uses a FIM-43 Redeye surface to air missile launcher in "Doublecross" (S2E16), where it is incorrectly depicted as an unguided rocket launcher.

FIM-43 Redeye - 70mm
Division agent aiming the MANPAD at Nikita and Michael's getaway car.


Automated Machine Gun

In Partners, an automated machine gun based from an M4-type rifle with a 100-round magazine was used near the Turkey-Armenia border to "shoot" at Nikita.

The mounted machine gun being fired at Nikita.

M18 Claymore

Nikita uses a Claymore to intimidate Russian mafia leaders relaxing in a sauna.

M18A1 Claymore anti-personnel mine.
Don't mess with that.

X25 Taser

Seen in episode 7 when Alex takes a X25 Taser from Robby's holster and fires it to stun him before she takes him down.

Alex covertly taking the taser without getting Robby's attention while being taken hostage.

Cane weapon

Alex was armed with a cane that was actually a firearm in Falling Ash. It was never used since she intervened to save a Senator from being assassinated.

Alex preparing the cane weapon for use.

Molotov Cocktail

Used by a Tupolev henchman in "London Calling" to kill Michael hiding in the shed.

Molotov cocktail in hands of a Tupolev henchman.

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