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Batman (1989)
A mime goon opens fire with an M1928A1 Thompson in Batman (1989).

Featured Quote

The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger): The Uzi nine millimeter.
Pawn Shop Clerk (Dick Miller): You know your weapons, buddy! Any of these is ideal for home defense. So...which will it be?
The Terminator: All.
Pawn Shop Clerk: I may close early today. --The Terminator


One of the earliest appearances of the M16 in a major motion picture was in 1964's Seven Days in May.

The earliest appearance of the AK-47 in a major motion picture was in 1955's Maksim Perepelitsa.

Several of the Uzi submachine guns seen in the films The Dogs of War and Raw Deal were in reality MAC-10's fitted with Uzi handguards and sights.


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