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L.A. Noire (2011)

L.A. Noire is a 2011 game developed by Team Bondi and produced by Rockstar Games, taking place in post-war 1940's Los Angeles. The player controls Detective Cole Phelps (voiced by Aaron Staton of Mad Men fame), a returning veteran of WWII. The game incorporates revolutionary 3D face mapping using multiple cameras to realistically capture the actor's facial expressions. This is important to the games interrogation segments, where reading suspects faces is vital to solving the several cases given.

The following weapons appear in the video game L.A. Noire:


Usable Weapons


Colt M1911A1

A Colt M1911A1 .45 pistol is seen prominently used in the game as sidearm of the protagonist Detective Cole Phelps (voice of Aaron Staton). His partner in Ad. Vice, Det. Roy Earle, also uses the Colt M1911A1 as his sidearm. Oddly, the texture is from the Star Model-P (a Spanish clone of the M1911 pistol), why this was done is unknown as of now. The pistol is missing the barrel bushing and external extractor of a real life Model-P, so it is very likely that this is a nod to the developer, Rockstar Games, or for some kind of legal (copyright) issue.

World War II issued Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP
Star Model P - .45 ACP. This weapon is used often in cut-scenes.
Note the Star markings on the slide, which could simply be a nod to the game producers at "Rockstar Games". The slide markings and slide release are on the wrong side, as noted by the proper placement of the ejection port.
Cole with his Colt M1911A1 at the ready.
Cole draws his Colt M1911A1. Note slide release on wrong side.
Cole aiming his Colt M1911A1 while wearing the exclusive "Detective Sharpshooter Suite". Note better detailed muzzle parts (it's still missing the barrel bushing, though). Also note the plunger tube assembly above the grip panel, this is not found on Star Model-Ps, but on the Colt M1911 and most other clones.
Cole draws his Colt M1911A1.
Cole aiming his Colt M1911A1.

Colt Detective Special

The Colt Detective Special appears as most of the detective's sidearms in Los Angeles, it is briefly used by a masked gunman when responding to "The Masked Man" street crime; he attempts to fire on Bekowsky and Phelps from a rooftop but, thankfully, doesn't hit anywhere near them. Phelps's partners in Homicide and Arson, Detectives Rusty Galloway and Hershel Biggs, also use the Detective Special as their duty weapons. Biggs claims never to have fired his weapon in the line of duty, which is quite ironic, because any time the player responds to a call requiring the use of deadly force, Biggs appears to blindly fire his weapon as quickly as possible, and never runs out of spare ammunition when reloading. Occasionally, a uniformed officer uses a Detective Special, but this is likely a developer's error. Few street cops wanted, nor were authorized, to carry a snub-nosed .38 on-duty.

Colt Detective Special - .38 Special
Bekowsky draws the Detective Special.
Bekowsky with his Detective Special drawn while he and Cole investigate a crime scene.
A masked bank robber aims a Colt Detective Special during the opening shootout.

Colt Police Positive

The Colt Police Positive revolver in .38 S&W special appears to be standard issue to uniformed police officers. Cole Phelps uses it as a patrol cop to chase Edgar Kalou and fire a shot into the air to make him stop. Strangely, it also appears as Bekowsky's sidearm in "Marriage Made in Heaven" when chasing Sabo, despite it being a Detective Special throughout the other cases. This is likely the same reason why some uniformed patrolman are sometimes seen with a Detective Special. Note the actual LAPD duty-issue weapon was a Smith & Wesson Model 15 (at the time, called a "Combat Masterpiece"), from the late 1940s all the way up to 1988, when it was swapped out for the Beretta 92F. It is identified as a Police Positive in-game due to it's identical appearance to the Colt Detective Special (albeit, with a much longer barrel), which was a snub-nosed variant of the Police Positive. In fact, the weapon seen in the game is essentially the Colt Detective Special modeled with a longer barrel.

Colt Police Positive - .38 Special.

Browning Hi-Power

A Browning Hi-Power can be seen in a screenshot carried by Cole Phelps. However, it is the in-game sidearm of retired Marine sergeant and insurance/district attorney investigator Jack Kelso. He starts out with a nickel plated version, but is disarmed of it by thugs who kidnap him, and switches to a standard blued model for the rest of the game. It can be distinguished as such by its appearance and 13 round magazine capacity. However, the game still renders the pistol as a 1911 in cutscenes. The weapon also appears when Phelps wears "The Broderick" DLC suit, it is nickel plated.

Browning Hi-Power - 9mm
Cole cradles a Hi-Power, his finger tightly wrapped around the trigger.
Cole with a Hi-Power while wearing his "The Broderick" DLC suit.
Jack Kelso holds his Hi-Power.


Ithaca 37

Cole Phelps uses an Ithaca 37 while responding to the scene of a robbery as a patrol cop, it is also used by Leroy Sabo to fire on Phelps during the "Marriage Made in Heaven" traffic case, miscellaneous criminals use it throughout the game as well. By default, each police vehicle, including the cars owned by each partner, carries an Ithaca 37 in the trunk at all times. This is correct for the time, as the LAPD used, and still uses, the Ithaca 37 with 00-buckshot rounds and a parkerized finish.

Ithaca 37 - 12 Gauge
Cole runs toward the bank in the game's opening shootout, Ithaca 37 in hand. Visible also is his partner, Officer Dunn, with a Colt Detective Special, in game, he uses a Colt Official Police, however.
Another shot of then-"Officer" Phelps with his Ithaca 37
"Not gonna happen, fellas!" Leroy Sabo draws his Ithaca 37 from under the bar.


Browning Automatic Rifle M1918A1

In the mission Manifest Destiny, Cole discovers a rack of stolen BARs. They are also used by enemies and seem to stand in, for the Type 99 Light Machine Gun for IJA troops in WW2 flashbacks or they were possibly picked up from fallen US soldiers The BAR can also be acquired for use in the final gunfight in the sewers.

Browning Automatic Rifle - .30-06
Note excessively large "M1918A1" markings on receiver top. The charging handle was rendered flat when viewing it from the top.
Cole with a BAR.
A Japanese soldier use a BAR on the left most likely picked up from fallen US Marines.

M1 Garand

Cole Phelps can acquire the M1 Garand from criminals at random shootout street crimes and during cases. In game, it is very powerful and accurate, capable of killing enemies in one shot It is also handled by Phelps and others in Phelps' unit. The rifle appears to have some kind of gold or bronzed metal fittings instead of the standard gunmetal gray, why this is the case is unknown.

M1 Garand - .30-06.
Cole firing an M1 Garand. The weapon model in-game lacks detail around the action.

Submachine Guns

M1A1 Thompson

The M1A1 Thompson is seen in the hands of various criminals throughout the game, it is seen with both the standard stick magazine as well as the incorrect drum. It is seen in the hands of IJA troops in a flashback possibly from fallen US soldiers.

M1A1 Thompson with 30-round magazine .45 ACP
Cole (wearing the unlockable "Sharpshooter" costume) armed with an M1A1 Thompson fitted with a 50-round drum. It should be noted the M1 model Thompsons did not feature the horizontal cuts like the older models that allow them to accept drum magazines, so this is inaccurate.
A Japanese soldier on the right uses a Thompson.


M2 Flamethrower

An M2 Flamethrower is used for a short time in the final mission, as well as in flashbacks to WWII. The game describes it as an M2-2 model.

M2-2 Flamethrower
M2-2 Flamethrower being used by a Marine in the WWII Flashback
M2-2 Flamethrower being used by a Marine in the WWII Flashback - same scene different angle

Non-Usable Weapons


Smith & Wesson Registered Magnum

An engraved, snubnose Smith & Wesson Model 27 is the firearm found in the first case Cole does as a patrol officer, the gunshop owner describes it as a "Smith & Wesson Model 27 Registered Magnum, Nickel Plated with Pearl Grips." and that it is only available through special order.
Smith & Wesson Registered Magnum - .357 Magnum. This particular S&W was ordered and carried by Lt. Col. Gen. Staff. George S. Patton.
A gun shop owner aiming the Smith & Wesson, finger on the trigger. Note the Remington Guns poster just above the revolver. Also note gun rack in the background filled with Ithaca 37 shotguns and unknown bolt action rifles.

FN Model 1922

Cole Phelps finds an FN Model 1922 with Bakelite grips (Serial Number 01138) in a garbage can on the scene of the "Buyer Beware" case, it is identified by the gunshop owner as an "FN Browning Model 1922, Europeans love 'em but they're hard to come by over here." While the Model 1922 did not come to the United States until 1955, the plain brown grips suggest that it was a gun manufactured during the Nazi occupation and brought over as a war trophy.

FN Model 1922 with wood grips - .32 ACP
Cole digs in a trash can and finds a Belgian pistol. Note the Bakelite grips.

Smith & Wesson Model 30

In the Vice mission The Set Up, Cole finds a snub-nosed nickel Smith & Wesson Model 30 on the ground near the body of Candy Edwards. He describes the ammo as ".32 caliber".

Smith & Wesson Model 30 with 2" barrel and nickel finish - .32 S&W Long
Cole finds the Smith & Wesson near the body of Candy Edwards, presumably her personal sidearm. At first, it is believed it is a murder weapon.
The cylinder clearly holds six shots, so it can't be a Smith & Wesson Model 36, which only holds five, and isn't chambered for .32, only .38 Special. Also note the dented primer on one of the rounds, correct for the weapon, as one shot had been fired by Candy seconds earlier.

Smith & Wesson Model 10

Cole finds a Smith & Wesson Model 10 (presumably the early "M&P" or "Victory" model) inside a suspect's house in the "Reefer Madness" Vice case.

Smith & Wesson Model M&P Revolver with 5" Barrel - .38 Special
Cole picks up a Smith & Wesson Model 10 during an investigation. When enlarged to full-size, one can clearly read "Smith & Wesson" on the tapered barrel, confirming it's identity, and difference from the Colt Police Positive used by the uniformed patrol officers in the game.

Colt 1851 Navy

Seen in the display windows of gunshops in the game are ornate Colt 1851 Navy cap and ball revolvers.

Colt 1851 Navy - .36 caliber.

Remington 1875

Seen in the display windows of gunshops in the game are ornate Remington 1875 revolvers.

The custom engraved Remington 1875 used by Gene Hackman in The Quick and the Dead (1995) - .45 Long Colt.


M1 Carbine

M1 Carbines are seen in flashbacks to WWII during Okinawa, used by U.S. Marines.

WWII era M1 Carbine - .30 Carbine

Unknown Bolt Action .22 Rifle

Multiple Bolt Action .22 rifles are seen in the game's gunshops, make and models unknown.

Heavy Machine Gun

Nambu Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun

Japanese soldiers seen in the WWII flashback in Okinawa fire Type 92 Heavy Machine Guns at the U.S. Marines. Curiously this is the only accurately depicted weapon seen used by the Japanese in the game, as they wield BARs and M1 Garands much like the U.S. Marines do. This was likely done to save time on rendering non-used weapons or to show that they were picked up from fallen US troops. Another odd detail is that the gun uses what appears to be a belt-fed magazine instead of the standard stripper clip.

Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun - 7.7x58mm SR.
Nambu Heavy Machine Gun - Flashback. Note the use of what appears to be a belt-fed magazine instead of a stripper clip.
A Japanese gunner uses a Nambu Heavy Machine Gun while the other two soldiers use a BAR and Thompson.

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