How the West Was Won

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Kentucky rifle

Alec Harvey keeps a Kentucky flintlock rifle which his son Colin grabs when Linus Rawlings (James Stewart) first arrives. Some of Col. Jeb Hawkins (Walter Brennan) men uses Flintlock rifles when they battle the Prescotts. Men in the Wagons during the Indian attack fire Kentucky rifles at the Cheyennes. The Indian that shoot at Zeb Rawlings (George Peppard) uses a Kentucky Rifle also.

Springfield 1861

All of the Civil War soldiers including Zeb Rawlings (George Peppard) are seen using Springfield 1861 flintlock rifles. Zebs was broken in the movie and was only able to have his bayonet which he uses to kill the reb (Russ Tamblyn) when he tries to shoot Generals Grant (Harry Morgan) and Sherman (John Wayne).

Colt 1851 Navy

The Reb (Russ Tamblyn) is seen with a Colt 1851 Navy which he took off a dead officer. He uses it to try and shoot Generals Grant (Harry Morgan) and Sherman (John Wayne) before being stabbed by Zeb Rawlings (George Peppard).

Unknown Derringer

Cleve Van Valen (Gregory Peck) is seen gambling an Unknown Derringer in the wagons before the Cheyenne attack. He later uses it to shoot a Cheyenne off his horse.

Colt Single Action Army

During the Wild West segment of the film all of Charlie Gant (Eli Wallach) men uses Single Action Army including Gant himself. Harry Dean Stanton plays one of Gants men and he too uses a Single Action Army. Zeb Rawlings (George Peppard) uses a Single Action Army to shoot Charlie Gant (Eli Wallach). Marshall Lou Ramsey (Lee J. Cobb) also has a Single Action Army holstered.

Winchester Model 1873

Marshall Lou Ramsey (Lee J. Cobb), Zeb Rawlings (George Peppard) and all of the Marshalls men are seen using Winchester Model 1873 rifles during the train fight. Lou Ramsey uses one to shoot the last of Charlie Gants (Eli Wallach) men and later shoot the ropes holding a generator so that Zeb can get a clear shot.

Henry 1860

Mike King (Richard Widmark) passes out Henry 1860 rifles to all of his men and Zeb Rawlings (George Peppard) when the Indians attack.

Double Barreled Shotgun

Zeb Rawlings (George Peppard) is seen firing a Double Barreled Shotgun at outlaws when he is an acting Marshall in the Wild West.

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