Casino Royale (2006)

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Casino Royale (2006)
Casino Royale (2006)
Country UKD.jpg United Kingdom
CZE.jpg Czech Republic
GER.jpg Germany
Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by Martin Campbell
Release Date 2006
Studio MGM
Distributor Columbia
Main Cast
Character Actor
James Bond Daniel Craig
Vesper Lynd Eva Green
Le Chiffre Mads Mikkelsen
M Judi Dench
Felix Leiter Jeffrey Wright
Rene Mathis Giancarlo Giannini
Solange Caterina Murino
Mr. White Jesper Christensen

Casino Royale is the 21st entry in the official James Bond film series and marked the debut of Daniel Craig as Agent 007. The 2006 film, which rebooted the series, follows Bond (recently promoted to "00" status) as he is assigned a mission to participate in a high stakes poker game involving a banker who launders money for terrorist organizations. Casino Royale is the official EON adaptation of Ian Fleming's very first James Bond novel, which had previously been adapted in a 1967 feature film and a 1954 US television film. The film was also directed by Martin Campbell, who had also helmed Pierce Brosnan's debut Bond film, GoldenEye.

The following weapons were used in the film Casino Royale (2006):




Walther P99

The main sidearm of James Bond (Daniel Craig) throughout the whole movie is a 9x19mm Walther P99. It is seen with and without a suppressor. Both live Walthers and PAK Umarex Walthers were used during production with custom made suppressors. Also seen in the opening credits.

Screen used Walther P99 used by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale (live)
Screen used blank firing P99 with suppressor
Bond decocks and puts away his suppressed P99 in Dryden's office during the film's opening.
Bond draws his P99 from his Vega IB339 IWB holster.
Bond holds his Walther on Mollaka.
Bond and the rebel leader Steven Obanno (Isaach De Bankolé) struggle for the suppressed P99.
Bond gives his P99 a brass check after first checking the mag load. When he's done, the chamber is empty and the striker is de-cocked. He couldn't be less ready to fire a shot.
Bond fires a suppressed P99 into the house in Venice.
Promotional picture of Daniel Craig as James Bond with his P99.
A production still shows Bond with his P99.
Another production still shows Bond with his silenced P99.
A production still shows the P99 on the floor.
Another production still showing Bond and his P99.
Promotional picture of James Bond, the P99 and the gunbarrel.

Rubber Stunt Walther P99

Rubber stunt P99 and Vega holster used in production.
Bond with rubber stunt and Vega holster. The rough action sequences called for a flexible rubber stunt to be used to avoid accidents on set.

Walther PPK

James Bond (Daniel Craig) uses a 7.65mm Walther PPK in the pre-title fight sequence with Agent Fisher. After hitting Fisher on the side of the head with the PPK, it spent the rest of the washroom fight sequence on the floor before being retrieved by Bond to complete his first kill and commence Craig's first prologue in the gunbarrel sequence. In some promotional images of pre-production, Daniel Craig is seen holding a stainless PPK. Obanno's Lieutenant (Michael Offei) fires a PPK at Bond inside the hotel.

Walther PPK - 7.65mm Browning aka .32 ACP
Obanno's Lieutenant fires at Bond and Vesper as they retreat into the staircase.
Obanno's Lieutenant (Michael Offei) runs after Bond and Vesper as Steven Obanno (Isaach De Bankolé) draws his machete.
On the bottom left, the Walther PPK is seen in the opening credits.
Promotional image of James Bond holding his Walther PPK.
Another promotional image of James Bond holding his Walther PPK.

Heckler & Koch USP Compact

Section Chief Dryden's underworld contact Agent Fisher (Doud Shah) has a Heckler & Koch USP Compact. The bomb-maker Mollaka (Sébastien Foucan) also uses a USP Compact, firing eight shots before running out of ammunition. It was suggested that Mollaka might be using the .45 ACP model for this reason, however the bore appears too small to be a .45 ACP pistol.

Heckler & Koch USP Compact - 9x19mm
Fisher's USP Compact on the floor.
(Doud Shah) aims the USP Compact in a BTS photo. Daniel Craig and the Walther PPK can be seen in the background.
Mollaka (Sébastien Foucan) draws his USP Compact.
Mollaka shoots from the construction site. Note the spent shell mid-flight in front of the beam to the right.
Mollaka (Sébastien Foucan) pulls the trigger, not knowing his USP Compact was empty. In real life, the slide would lock back to signal that it is empty, but to build the drama and due to willing suspension of disbelief, you aren't supposed to know it's empty until he dry-fires it at Bond.
A production still showing Mollaka and his pistol.
Another production still of Mollaka.
Mollaka aims his pistol in a production still.
Another production still gives a close view of Mollaka's pistol.

Star Ultrastar

Dryden (Malcolm Sinclair), the MI6 Section Chief in Prague, uses a Star Ultrastar.

Star Ultrastar with spare magazine - 9x19mm
Dryden opening his drawer to get his Star Ultrastar.
"Shame. We barely got to know each other." Dryden (Malcolm Sinclair), the MI6 Section Chief in Prague, pulls a Star Ultrastar.

Taurus PT92AF

A Taurus PT92 is seen in the opening credits, and can be distinguished from a Beretta 92FS by its frame mounted safety.

Taurus PT92AF - 9x19mm
On the upper left, the Taurus PT92 is seen in the opening credits.

Smith & Wesson Sigma

One of Le Chiffre's thugs keeps a Smith & Wesson Sigma in his waistband while the money is being loaded into the SUV.

Smith & Wesson Sigma SW9F - 9x19mm
The thug's Sigma can be seen tucked into his waistband.

SIG-Sauer P228

Carter (Joseph Millson), an MI6 agent partnered with Bond in Madagascar, draws a SIG-Sauer P228 before beginning to chase Mollaka. A P228 is also seen in the opening credits.

SIG-Sauer P228 - 9x19mm
Carter draws his P228.
Carter falls into the snake pit while holding his SIG. The rounded trigger guard helps identify it as a P228.

Browning Hi-Power

The Nambutu ambassador (Valentine Nonyela) keeps a Browning Hi-Power Mark III in his drawer which Bond takes and uses to dispatch a few enemies. When the ambassador comes down to confront him, Bond engages the safety, then drops it.

Commercial Browning Hi Power Mark III - 9x19mm
The Browning HP Mark III of the Nambutu ambassador is seen in the desk drawer.
Bond holds the Browning HP on Mollaka.
Bond engages the Hi-Power's safety before dropping it.
A production still shows Bond aiming the Browning.

Glock 17

The terrorist Carlos (Claudio Santamaria) uses a 2nd Generation Glock 17 as his sidearm that he takes from the Miami airport security office. He fires it at Bond during the pursuit at Miami Airport. Also used by the Montenegro police.

Glock 17 (Generation 2) - 9x19mm
Carlos's Glock 17 in the fuel truck's cab.
The Glock 17 just before it is picked up and knocked out when Bond is kicked through the truck's door.
The Montenegro police draw Glocks on one of Le Chiffre's men after Mathis hides the dead Ugandan terrorists in his trunk.

SIG-Sauer P226

Gettler's thugs use SIG-Sauer P226 pistols with suppressors. Also seen in the opening credits.

SIG-Sauer P226 - 9x19mm
One of Gettler's thugs aims a suppressed P226.
Another of Gettler's thugs aims a suppressed P226 at Bond before entering the house with Gettler and Vesper.
P226 seen in the opening credits.

Jericho 941 F

Mr. White (Jesper Christensen) appears to use a suppressed Jericho 941 F pistol during a confrontation. Gettler (Richard Sammel) uses a two-tone Jericho 941 F (stainless frame and black slide) during his battle against Bond.

Jericho 941 F (two tone early model) - 9x19mm
Mr. White (Jesper Christensen) appears to use a suppressed Jericho 941 F pistol during a confrontation.
The pistol is fired by Mr. White (Jesper Christensen). Note the hooked trigger guard.
Gettler ducks from Bond's cover with his Jericho 941.
Gettler aims his Jericho 941.
Gettler holds his Jericho 941 inside the falling house.
Production still showing Gettler with his Jericho 941.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch UMP-9

James Bond (Daniel Craig) is seen with a suppressed Heckler & Koch UMP-9 during a confrontation with Mr. White. UMP-9s also are seen used by two of Gettler's thugs, both fitted with vertical grips and suppressors, while one of them has an ACOG.

Heckler & Koch UMP9 with suppressor - 9x19mm
James Bond (Daniel Craig) is seen with a suppressed Heckler & Koch UMP-9 during a confrontation.
"The name's Bond. James Bond." Bond holds the suppressed UMP.
A production still of Bond holding the UMP.
Another production still of Bond holding the UMP.
Another production still showing Bond and the UMP.
One of Gettler's thugs fires a UMP at Bond.
The other thug fires a UMP from the other window.
Gettler's men fire at Bond with their suppressed Heckler & Koch UMP's.
Note the curved magazine.


Winchester 1300

What appear to be Winchester 1300 shotguns are used by Miami-Dade Police officers when they arrest Bond after mistaking him for a terrorist.

New Version Winchester Model 1300 Defender - 12 Gauge
Miami-Dade police officers hold their shotguns on Bond while arresting him.


AK rifles

Many of the "freedom fighters" in Uganda in one of the early scenes carry AK rifles and variants.

AKM - 7.62x39mm
Norinco Type 56-1 (under-folding stock variant) - 7.62x39mm
Ugandan terrorists holding AKs as Le Chiffre arrives in Uganda. The young boy can be seen with an AKM and the man next to him with an Norinco Type 56-1
AK - 7.62x39mm
An AK can be spotted next to one of the briefcases of money.


Montenegrian Police officers patrolling the wealthy town where 'Casino Royale' is located, are armed with AKS-74U carbines.

AKS-74U - 5.45x39mm
Bond drives past two police officers holding their AKS-74Us.
A production still shows a policeman at the train station with his AKS-74U.


The soldiers guarding at the Nambutu Embassy in Madagascar can be seen using what on close examination is determined to be a Romanian SAR-3, a 5.56x45mm AK variant that looks similar to the AK-47.

SAR-3 - 5.56x45mm
Soldiers in the Nambutu Embassy shoot at Bond with SAR-3 rifles.
The ambassador walks past a soldier aiming a SAR-3 at Bond.
A production still shows a soldier holding his rifle.

Colt Law Enforcement Carbine

The police at Miami Airport can be seen using Colt AR-15 Law Enforcement Carbines. They are noted as such instead of M4A1 carbines because they have 16" barrels instead of 14.5" barrels like an M4. This means they were converted to full-auto for the film.

Colt Law Enforcement Carbine (RO6920) - 5.56x45mm
A Miami police officer aims at the tires of the gas tanker.
Another Miami officer fires his Colt LE Carbine.
The same Miami police officer falls back into the car with his Colt Carbine.

Machine Guns

PKM Machine Gun

Another weapon visible in the opening sequence in the hands of a rebel soldier is a PKM light machine gun.

PKM Machine Gun - 7.62x54mmR
A PKM is seen held by the rebel soldier with the ammo belt.


A DShK heavy machine gun appears to be a mounted on a rebel "technical".

DShKM Heavy Machine Gun - 12.7x109mm
In the center, a DShK heavy machine gun appears to be a mounted on the white rebel "technical".


Zastava M55 A2 20mm

The Zastava M55 A2 20mm flak gun is seen among the weapons in the Uganda rebel camp. It is a towed triple ground mount fitted with three license-built Hispano-Suiza HS.804 autocannons fed by 60-round drums.

Zastava M55 A2 - 20x110 mm
The Zastava M55 A2 20mm flak gun is seen among the weapons in the Uganda rebel camp.


An RPG-7 seen in the Ugandan camp.

RPG-7 - 40mm
RPG on the right.


An M72 LAW carried by rebel in the Ugandan camp.

M72A2 LAW - 66mm
LAW carried in the center..


Two SPG-9D recoilless guns are seen in the Ugandan camp.

SPG-9 recoilless rifle tripod mount - 73mm
Two SPG-9 are seen at the left. They are fitted with wheels that match SPG-9D version.

The Gunbarrel

The gunbarrel sequence was shown in a completely different way as Bond is seen in it just prior to the opening credits.

PPK retrieved by Bond to complete his first kill and commence Craig's first prologue in the gunbarrel sequence.

FN P90

Some photos show Daniel Craig fire a FN P90 during training for his first Bond movie.

FN P90 - 5.7x28mm

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