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Beretta Model 1934, - .380 ACP. On the slide are reported the year of production (in this case 1941) and in roman numerals the year fascist
Beretta Model 1935, the .32 ACP version of the Model 1934. Other than caliber, the pistols are identical.
Beretta Model 1934 Stainless - .380 ACP.

The Beretta M1934 was a subcompact pistol designed for and issued to Italian Military forces before and during World War II. It was chambered in .380 ACP (9x17mm Short). It has a magazine capacity of 7+1, weighs around 650g and has an 87mm barrel. The Model 1935 was the same pistol chambered for .32 ACP.


(1934 - 1991)

Type: Pistol

Caliber: .32 ACP, .380 ACP

Capacity: 7 Round magazine

Fire Modes: Safe/Semi

The Beretta M1934/M1935 was seen in the following used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Note Date
Dr. No Sean Connery James Bond . 1962
Thunderball Guy Doleman Count Lippe Suppressed 1965
Casino Royale Woody Allen Jimmy Bond/Dr. Noah Nickel Plated 1967
Casino Royale Ursula Andress Vesper Lynd Nickel Plated 1967
Casino Royale George Raft Himself Nickel Plated 1967
The Diamond Arm (Brilliantovaya Ruka) Yuri Nikulin Semyon Gorbunkov . 1968
The Godfather Hitman . 1972
Across 110th Street Gilbert Lewis Shevvy . 1972
Cross of Iron Maximilian Schell Capt. Hauptmann Stransky . 1977
Under Suspicion Liam Neeson Tony Aaron . 1991
Fierce Creatures Kevin Kline Vince McCain 1997
Fierce Creatures Michael Palin Bugsy Malone 1997
Chopper Eric Bana Mark Brandon Read . 2000
Charlotte Gray Billy Crudup Julien Levade . 2001
Captain Corelli's Mandolin Penelope Cruz Pelagia . 2001
Captain Corelli's Mandolin Nicolas Cage Captain Antonio Corelli . 2001


Show Title / Episode Actor Character Notes Air Date
Rat Patrol Italian Officer 1966 - 1968
Hogan's Heroes Hans Conried Major Bonacelli 1965 - 1971
The Professionals Mayli, Inga and Callinari Nickel Plated and Suppressed 1977-1983
Hill Street Blues 1981-1987

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