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Aquaman (2018)

The following weapons were used in the film Aquaman:


Colt Model 933

Colt Model 933s are used by Kane's pirates who infiltrate a nuclear submarine.

Colt Model 933 with Surefire M900 weaponlight foregrip and M68 Aimpoint scope 5.56x45mm.
Aquaman 101.jpg
Aquaman 103.jpg

F-88A1C Austeyr

David Kane uses a F-88A1C Austeyr carbine.

Austeyr F-88A1C - 5.56x45mm
Aquaman 17.jpg

Ithaca 37 "Stakeout"

An Ithaca 37 "Stakeout" short-barreled shotgun is used by one of Kane's pirates.

Ithaca 37 "Stakeout" Parkerized finish with Synthetic forearm - 12 gauge
Aquaman 11.jpg

Glock 17

One of the pirates is armed with a Glock 17.

Glock 17 2nd Generation - 9x19mm
Aquaman 07.jpg

M203 Grenade Launcher

One of the pirates is armed with an M933 fitted with an M203 Grenade Launcher. Judging by how it's mounted, it's likely an airsoft version. A similar configuration is used by Jesse Kane (Michael Beach).

Airsoft M203 made by G&P - (fake) 40x46mm. Note the RIS mount and removed trigger guard.
Aquaman 15.jpg
Aquaman 13.jpg

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