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Mouse's Shotguns

In the film The Matrix, Mouse's (Matt Doran) pair of shotguns are custom-built cam-operated electric driven automatic 12 gauge shotguns with 25-shell cylinders and a fire rate of 900 rounds per minute. They were crafted by John Bowring, lead armorer of the film. As an inside joke, Bowring named the guns "Andy" (serial no. A1169 - Leet Leetspeak for Andy) and "Larry" (serial no. L2779 - Leet Leetspeak for Larry) after the Wachowskis, the writers and directors of the film. It can be assumed in the movie world, Mouse designed these shotguns for himself like he designed the "Woman in the Red Dress".

Mouse retrieves his Auto Shotguns from the case, which also contains belts of .50 BMG ammunition, for unknown reasons.
Mouse readies his shotguns.
Mouse gets barraged by the SWAT team.
Mouse fires his shotguns as he falls back.

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