I Am Legend

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I Am Legend
Theatrical Release Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpgUnited States
Directed by Francis Lawrence
Release Date 2007
Studio Village Roadshow Pictures
Weed Road Pictures
Overbrook Entertainment
Heyday Films
Original Film
Distributor Warner Brothers
Main Cast
Character Actor
Robert Neville Will Smith
Anna Montez Alice Braga
Army Ranger Darrell Foster
Dr. Alice Krippin Emma Thompson (uncredited)
Alpha Male Dash Mihok

I Am Legend is the 2007 science fiction action film directed by Francis Lawrence and stars Will Smith as Robert Neville, a US Army doctor who struggles to find a cure to the virus that has affected nearly the entire population of the world. The film is the third official film adaptation of Richard Matheson's sci-fi novel of the same name, the first being 1964's The Last Man on Earth and the second being 1971's The Omega Man starring Charlton Heston as Neville.

The following weapons were used in the film I Am Legend:




Heckler & Koch Mark 23

Dr. Robert Neville (Will Smith) uses a Heckler & Koch Mark 23 with a flat earth (tan) frame as his main sidearm. He is seen with it holstered, but also carries one in the driver's door, most notably to shooting the infected dogs in the middle of the film. There were several identical firing Mark 23s used on-set, as well as rubber versions for stunt work. For most scenes where Will Smith carried the weapon in the holster, a lightweight airsoft Mark 23 (with frame painted tan to match the firing pistols) was used.

One of the actual Heckler & Koch Mark 23 pistols used in the film - .45 ACP (photo from Weapons Specialists, Ltd., which supplied the guns used in the movie).
Closeup of Neville's holstered Mark 23 in his van door. This shot proves it to be a Heckler & Koch Mark 23 rather than any variation of the Heckler & Koch USP.
Neville reaches desperately for his holstered Mark 23.
Neville fires quickly at one of the dark seeker dogs after recovering his H&K Mk 23.
Neville attempts to save Sam before being pounced by another dog.
Neville (Will Smith) drops his H&K Mark 23 during the dog attack.

Beretta 92FS

Neville (Will Smith) keeps a Beretta 92FS on his nightstand. In the alternate ending to the film, Anna picks up the Beretta.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
Neville's Beretta 92FS on his nightstand.
Neville eyes his Beretta 92FS as a dark seeker claws at his bedroom ceiling.
Neville fires at a dark seeker inside his house.
A closer shot of Neville's Beretta.
A closeup of Neville's Beretta as he finishes off the dark seeker.
Neville aims his Beretta at the infected trying to break into his lab.
Anna picks up Neville's Beretta. (Alternate Ending)

Smith & Wesson 5946

Robert Neville (Will Smith) draws a Smith & Wesson 5946 on Anna (Alice Braga) and Ethan (Charlie Tahan). The 5946 in the DAO setting is one of three pistols used by the NYPD (the other two being the Glock 19 and the P226 DAO), so it was likely recovered by Neville from an NYPD precinct.

Smith & Wesson 5946 - 9x19mm
Neville (Will Smith) puts the Smith & Wesson 5946 on the counter.

Glock 19

Anna (Alice Braga) draws a Glock 19 on Robert Neville (Will Smith) during breakfast in Neville's home.

Glock 19 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm
Anna (Alice Braga) pulls a Glock 19 on Neville (Will Smith). Note how the gun is attached by a lanyard to her belt. Glock pistols have a hole at the base of the grip for a standard metal clip at the end of most lanyards used for handguns, whistles, stopwatches etc.

Submachine Guns

Special Weapons MP-10

Special Weapons MP-10s are used by the two Army Rangers that escort Dr. Neville to the dock. The first is seen when Neville says "five minutes, we'll make it". The second when Dr. Neville orders the other troops to "get your hands off my wife".

Special Weapons MP-10 with stock removed - 9x19mm.
A Special Weapons MP-10 used by the Army Ranger (Darrell Foster).
An Army Ranger with an MP-10 equipped with an M68 Aimpoint red dot scope.

Rifles & Carbines

Colt Law Enforcement Model 6920 Carbine

Robert Neville (Will Smith) uses a semi-automatic Colt AR-15 model that closely resembles an M4A1 carbine; this variant is referred to in the company's catalog as the "Law Enforcement Carbine", or the Model 6920 (see here for more info on this model). The LE Carbine is a semi-automatic-only variant of the M4 with a 16" barrel, but according to the Propstore of London, the weapon was modified to fire automatic for the film. His AR is also equipped with an ACOG (TA31 Series) sight attachment throughout the movie. The tactical light on the gun is a Pentagon MD3R.

The exact same Colt AR15 "Law Enforcement Carbine" that was used in the film (photo courtesy of the Propstore of London). Note Trijicon ACOG optic, C-MORE free floating rail, ERGO rail covers, and PentagonLight tactical light.
Colt Law Enforcement Carbine - 5.56x45mm
Robert Neville (Will Smith) stalking a deer with his AR.
Neville aims his AR-15 at a pack of lions.
A good side view of Neville's AR as he checks his watch.
Two more AR-15s are seen in Neville's small arsenal.
Robert Neville (Will Smith) firing his AR at 'Fred'.
Neville fires at a dark seeker when the infected break into his house.
Neville checks the magazine of his empty AR before discarding.
Neville takes shelter in his bathtub and holding the rifle.
A publicity still of Will Smith as Robert Neville sleeping with his Model 6920.


One of the guards is armed with an M16A2 at the safe haven. Several US soldiers are seen armed with M16 rifles at the checkpoint during a flashback.

Colt M16A2 - 5.56x45mm
A guard armed with an M16A2.


The M4A1 is used by US Army personnel at the harbor during the evacuation scene. One of the M4A1s clearly has a C-More reflex sight on top and a regular handguard. Others have regular iron sights. (Seen at the part where Dr. Neville says "scan her again!")

Colt M4A1 - 5.56x45mm
An Army Ranger with an M4A1 with a C-More reflex sight in Neville's flashback.


When Neville (Will Smith) opens up his closet arsenal, a long rifle that appears to be a DPMS Panther LRT SASS is seen next to his M249 SAW.

DPMS Panther LRT SASS - 7.62x51mm NATO. This rifle is from the inventory of The Specialists, Ltd.
The rifle can be seen to the right of Neville's two AR-15s. Note DVD copy of Goodfellas on the cabinet door.

Machine Gun

M249-E2 SAW

When Dr. Neville (Will Smith) opens his arms cabinet, an M249-E2 can be seen, along with another M4A1 Carbine with the flashlight on the opposite side.

M249-E2 SAW equipped with a 200 round ammo drum - 5.56x45mm
Neville opens his cabinet and reveals a small arsenal including an M249.


M67 Hand Grenade

Robert Neville (Will Smith) pulls out an M67 hand grenade in the climax of the movie.

M67 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
Neville (Will Smith) pulls an M67 hand grenade from a drawer in his lab.
Neville pulls the pin off the M67.


PentagonLight™ MD3R

The weapon light used in the movie is a PentagonLight™ MD3R, most notably when he searches for Sam in a dark, abandoned bank.

PentagonLight MD3R.
The PentagonLight™ MD3R on Neville's AR.
Neville uses the PentagonLight™ MD3R in the abandoned bank.

Trijicon ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) TA31 Model

The optic Neville uses on his AR is a Trijicon ACOG TA31F. However, the movie displayed an incorrect reticle for the optic, instead using the reticle of a PSO-1 scope as used on the Russian SVD Dragunov.

Trijicon ACOG TA31F.
The scope view as seen through the reticle of Neville's Trijicon ACOG.

Knights Armament RAS

Neville had numerous ARs in various configurations in his arsenal. One of his ARs is equipped with a Knights Armament Company RAS.

Closeup of Rail. Eight bottom vent holes. Characteristic of a RAS
Knights Armament Company RAS.

ERGO Rail Covers

Neville had Ergo rail covers (11) on one of his ARs in the film.

Closeup of Rail Covers.
Ergo Rail Cover.
Neville had Ergo rail covers (11) on one of ARs.

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