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Avatar (2009)

Avatar is the 2009 science fiction adventure film directed by James Cameron and stars Sam Worthington as Jake Sully, a disabled former Marine who travels to a far off world to participate in a special scientific program where he will have his mind take control of a genetically engineered body that resembles the native inhabitants of the planet. The film would go on to become the highest worldwide grossing film of all time (surpassing Cameron's own Titanic), until 2019, when Avengers: Endgame would take the crown. Cameron is planning to return to the world of Avatar with three sequels, beginning in December of 2022.

The following weapons were used in the film Avatar:




The AVR-30 Machine Gun is used as a door gun on the SA-2 Samson tiltrotors, and as an assault rifle by the ten-foot-tall Avatars. The weapon was built around an M60 machine gun, sheathed within CNC machined alloy housings (as well as assorted add-ons), and the end product still bears a close resemblance to the M60. It uses a side-mounted detachable drum magazine (very closely resembling a conical MG42 or MG3 magazine) instead of an ammo belt. The AVR-M60 has a very notable triangular barrel shroud as a subtle nod to the original M60 (which is easily recognisable by its slotted barrel shroud and bipod). Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) uses this during the Thanator attack and during the final battle until he pulls out his grenades. Norm Spellman (Joel David Moore) uses one during the final battle as well.

M60 machine gun - 7.62x51mm NATO
A behind the scenes still of the AVR-30.
Director James Cameron handles the AVR-30 in a production image.
While in his Avatar, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) fires the AVR-30 when trapped by a Thanator.
A good view of the AVR-30 as Jake scans the area.

SN-9 WASP (Custom Break-open Revolver)

A WASP revolver is the sidearm of Col. Quaritch (Stephen Lang) and uses 9mm hypervelocity sabot rounds. He keeps the handgun in a crossdraw thigh holster and is seen using it when he tries to stop the fleeing Samson helicopter, and during the final battle to try to dislodge Jake. (The name for the handgun is taken from the "Avatar Survival Guide".) The handgun is said to resemble the Russian revolver MP-412.

The original prop was actually assembled around a Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum using CNC machined alloy housings over top of the real weapon. Hammer tang was cut off meaning it could only be fired double action and the prop was designed to appear as though it has a break-open action, however it retains the "flip-out" cylinder of the donor weapon (at some considerable technical effort) in order for it to be able to be loaded and fired (blanks). There was only ONE hero prop, and at least one stunt prop (distinguishable by the back of the trigger being filled in as in pic below).

WASP handgun.
Col. Quaritch (Stephen Lang) opens fire with the WASP.
A production still of Stephen Lang as Colonel Quaritch holding his WASP handgun

GS-221 Base Carbine unit (Standard Issue Rifle)

The RDA SecFor on Pandora use the fictional GS-221 BCU modular rifle. According to the "Human Hardware" featurette, the weapons are made by the fictional company "MATANZA ARMS CORP.". The props, realized by Weta Workshop, have been built in at least 2 primary variants: the Standard Issue Rifle GS-221 and the Personal Defence Weapon (PDW) variant with a shorter barrel. Col. Quaritch (Stephen Lang) fires a PDW variant at the film's heroes as they escape the main RDA base in a Samson helicopter, before switching to his revolver. From a closer inspection of the weapons, resemblances can be clearly seen to the MR-C (Modular Rifle Caseless) that appeared in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter series of games.

The full-size version of the GS-221 can also be fitted with an underslung shotgun/grenade launcher, although these are never seen being fired in the film. However, the launcher appears to be a drastically shortened version of the combat shotgun also carried by RDA troops (fitting with the modular theme of the RDA's armaments). The active firing versions of the Standard Issue Rifle and Personal Defence Weapon contained a customized Ruger Mini-14 receiver and shortened barrel. Neither of these blank firing weapons were present with the Australian filming unit due to weapon laws. They were only used by American units.

RDA troops advance with their rifles. The soldier in the foreground has a full-size GS-221 fitted with an underslung launcher.
RDA troops fire their weapons. The soldier in the foreground has a GS-221 PDW.
An RDA soldier with a standard GS-221, again fitted with an underbarrel launcher.
Movie weapons props at WETA Workshop. Left to right: Flamethrower, GS-221 standard version, Bullpup Shotgun, GS-221 standard version with underslung shotgun/grenade launcher, PDW with handle LAM and electronic sight
Movie weapons props from IGN featurette "Human Hardware"

Combat Shotgun

Seen used by RDA operatives in the trailers. Trudy Chacon (Michelle Rodriguez) and Norm Spellman are seen armed with one in the film. The live fire props were based on Norinco HP9-1/Norinco Hawk 982 shotguns.

The shotgun is the one with the handgrip.

RDA Handgun

A semi automatic handgun made by RDA is seen used by a RDA operative before he is pulled off the gunship. A major handguard has been added to the actual weapon. Trudy Chacon (Michelle Rodriguez) holds the handgun on the brig guard while helping to break Jake (Sam Worthington), Norm (Joel David Moore) and Grace (Sigourney Weaver) out of the brig. Jake then handles the handgun as Trudy goes to start up the Samson.

An RDA operative fires the handgun before he is pulled off the Samson Tiltrotor by a Mountain Banshee.
Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) with the handgun as he and Grace race to Trudy's Samson Tiltrotor.

MBS-9M .50 Caliber "Hydra" (Tri-Barreled Machine Gun)

The MBS-9M "Hydra" is a Tri-Barreled Machine Gun that fires .50 Caliber Uranium "Needle" Rounds. Resembling the General Dynamics GAU-19/A, the three barrels on the Hydra do not spin like a GAU, but all three barrels fire in full-automatic simultaneously. The Hydra is seen used as door guns on the Aerospatiale SA-2 Samson, and on the Valkyrie that is used as a bomber. Trudy's Samson, had two auto fired during the battle for the Tree of Souls.

A doorgunner firing a Hydra from a SA-2 Samson tilt-rotor helicopter.
An RDA soldier mans the Hydra.

Bush Boss FD-11 (Flamethrower Unit)

Prop seen in the "Human Hardware" featurette. In the movie it is used briefly by a RDA operative to burn plant life during the final battle sequence. According to the "Pandorapedia", a similar but bigger weapon would be an optional equipment for the AMP suit; however this system is not visible in the movie.


GAU-90 30mm Autocannon (Fictional Heavy Cannon)

Carried like rifles by the AMP suits. Col. Miles Quartich (Stephen Lang) and Cpl. Lyle Wainfleet (Matt Gerald) use GAU-90's on their suits during the final battle. The GAU-90 uses 30mm rounds and has two huge sling hooks notably. It has an attached bayonet despite clearly being a long-distance weapon.

Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) rolls past an AMP suit armed with a GAU-90.
Cpl. Lyle Wainfleet (Matt Gerald) aims his GAU-90 at the charging Na'vi.
The RDA soldiers fire their weapons at the advancing Na'vi.

Gatling Guns

Gatling-style Guns resembling the M61 Vulcan are seen being fired from Col. Quaritch's Dragon gunship.


Multi-rocket launcher

The Dragon Assault Ship, in line with modern-day gunships, is equipped with an unguided rocket pods similar to UB-series launchers fitted to a famous Hind helicopter or a AH-1 Cobra.

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